Republicans defend Barr as Klobuchar looks forward to testimony

By | February 17, 2020

Republicans defend Barr as Klobuchar looks forward to testimony
Republicans defend Barr as Klobuchar looks forward to testimony
9 of your Democratic colleagues, including Senators Warren and Sanders, have called for the Attorney General to resign. Do you think you should resign? I’M sure I’d be glad if he resigned. I just don’t think that is realistic. He is now going to testify in front of the house Judiciary, Committee, I’d also like him to come to the Senate and, along with my colleagues, I’ve asked him to do that. So we can probe him on the role of the president in trying to influence decisions in the department of Ja, in particular the stone descent.

What is most important here, two things one is the president: knighted states has not asked her directed his attorney general privately. To do anything at any phone number to he worked hand-in-glove with the attorney general, as we all are privileged to do that affect this country and president is constantly tweeting out different request of the justice department, and I I’m here where you’ve got career prosecutors that made Difficult decisions about how to handle this case, they got a conviction they put their all into it, and then they get undermined on the sentencing and they one of them leaves a Justice apartment.

The other ones get transferred off the case. That is not normal at all. I think the mainstream media has really pass this incorrectly. They would suggest that bill bar has infected the Frontline prosecution teams with politics. When the reality is they were engaging in. I think political retribution against Rodger Stone, Michael Flynn and maybe to some extent, George Papadopoulos as well. I think bar – has reoriented those Frontline prosecutors to the overall goals of the administration and that’s entirely appropriate.

What Democrat try to Showcase some White House connection to the decisions being made, but if anything, the decision not to prosecute Andrew McCabe would exonerate the White House from any type of involvement in those investigative decisions about a case. Of course, just because you can sing, though, doesn’t mean you should should sing. This is my experience with Bill. Maher he’s, mature, he’s serious. He exercises power fairly and intelligently, he’s cursed with the rational mind and he’s tough as a boot, and he is giving the president.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said Feb. 16 she would like the chance to ask Attorney General William P. Barr about his interactions with President Trump, as Republicans argued Trump’s tweets about the Justice Department were allowable. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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