Remembering Canadian journalist and author Christie Blatchford

By | February 14, 2020

Remembering Canadian journalist and author Christie Blatchford
Remembering Canadian journalist and author Christie Blatchford
We have breaking news, though, to start this morning where the journalism world has lost a huge Talent, calmness Christie, blatchford has died there, her nearly five decade, long career Blast for became one of Canada’s prominent colonist and award-winning correspondent. She was also a Trailblazer for women in sports. Writing. She’S been diagnosed with lung cancer in November, a cancer that spread to her spine. She died in a Toronto hospital this morning, Ashford with 68 joining me now on.

The line is Adria Bachelor, she’s, the editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun Adrian good morning. Thank you for being with us. First of all, our condolences for the loss of a Collie and a friend. What are you thinking today about Christie blatchford? What are your favorite memories of her? Thank you for having me on who is Blac eyed the pleasure of being her editor at the Sun when she would hear that perhaps her front-page story, but she told story with compassion. She had compassion yet the first sports columnist for the Globe and Mail in 1973.

If she worked at every single newspaper in Canada that supposed to start no significant in our world, is it okay to publish this, but probably the best daily colonists we ever had? You talked and see her in the front row at a court hearing I’ll cry when we would be her calling the next day but and she as a colonist and outspoken colonist. She was divisive, people loved her, they hated her, but they still wanted to read what she had to say and to her credit she never back down Adrian.

She spoke her truth. She did and she wrote books about that. She wrote telling the stories of Arcadian soldiers and their families. She was award-winning journalist. You know who Governor General’s award Meijer in our industry. She was tremendously because she didn’t an often writes she didn’t have a. She loves her dog oldie who passed before her. She never had any children, the she had. A couple of divorces get an extraordinary sense of humor as well, while she, while she told stories of Canadians and and so we had a huge loss in in Canada and journalism.

I remember seeing her when I was a really young reporter out on location, and you know you looked up to her, but at the same time I was a little scared of her. I do want to ask you Adrian. You know she wrote, as you say about so many different things, Sports politics, crime and she had a way of bringing people’s / no stories to light in a way again that we hadn’t seen before. How do you think Christie blatchford would want to be remembered by all of us today? I think she would want to be remembered by in those voices in this country.

that she did, that. I remember you with the dogs and then she had such a such a great compassion for that, and so I think that’s how she would want to be remembered and little stamps.
Toronto Sun editor-in-chief Adrienne Batra reflects on Christie Blatchford’s career and her impact across Canada.

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