Reacting to the Astros apologizing for sign-stealing scandal | Get Up

By | February 14, 2020

Reacting to the Astros apologizing for sign-stealing scandal | Get Up
Reacting to the Astros apologizing for sign-stealing scandal | Get Up
What’S your reaction to what you just heard from these Astros, my first reaction that it’s incomplete and I certainly when you’re watching that you hear what happened and people want to know what what did happen. What is the specificity was omitted and I’m sure that’s by Design, or we have to recognize that behind the scenes, there’s a for a picture and they might both injure, who is suing the Astros there LLC certainly trying to see if that will end up in court. I also that brings another element of how much they can actually reveal, because it may well be used against them.

So you also have a legal cloud and then you have, of course, this court of public opinion, but they they don’t seem to be in the position or certainly willing to divulge more about how this actually went down. I’M sure they’ll be more questions to come, but that leaves it incompleteness and it begs the question how much they’re going to reveal and how much we’re going to be able to glean from them, which is why investigations continue to dig in and find more information. As we continue forward, she specifically about what you heard from the players from Alex bregman and Jose Altuve, because so much of this from the leadership side of the Astros has been about them.

Taking ownership of it saying we fired our G and we fired our manager and it’s their fault and it taking responsibility and trying to take some of that blame off the players. But people have been intrigued to hear from these players. What was your reaction from what bregman and Altuve said? So what did happen? What are you? What do you use? The word happen. It sounds like an accident. It doesn’t sound like intent. There was a choice. There was a Machinery. There was a mechanism there is a design put in place to basically steal signs using technology.

Again. It’S probably it’s been proven, it’s very straightforward, so I didn’t hear anything that indicated that this was other than anything other than some sort of happenstance. We fell into them and choices is interesting because what are those choices? Yes, they might have been limited, but I don’t think that Advance the ball in any particular direction in terms of accountability or anything that they are Contrition and Sewer. There could be things in private meetings and all these things, but this has had an impact Beyond Houston.

That’S the point that needs to be underscored. This is not just a Houston issue. This became a credibility issue for the game. This became an Integrity issue for the game. Everybody is getting indicted through the game, whether you’re, innocent or nah, because of their decision and their approach to the self more is going to have to come. The Dodgers are watching this, the teams that they beat, while using the system, there’s pictures that are concerned about how they tipped the scales to favor hitters.

I mean the list goes on, so until they address all these things, it’s going to be in complete and people will continue to ask questions and the sort of quote-unquote distraction will not go away following this sign stealing Scandal. Of course, the Ripple effects continue to go on and Dusty Baker’s in the middle of all this. To with a guy that just came in and all of a sudden is, is there to try to rehab this whole thing, we’re so glad you’re watching ESPN on YouTube. Download the ESPN app in for live streaming Sports and premium content make sure you subscribe to ESPN plus we’ll see you there.

ESPN baseball analyst Doug Glanville reacts to Houston Astros owner Jim Crane and players Alex Bregman, Jose Atluve and newly hired manager Dusty Bakers’ latest press conference addressing the sign-stealing scandal.
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