RCMP arrest 2 alleged Canadians tied to scam calls from India

By | February 16, 2020

RCMP arrest 2 alleged Canadians tied to scam calls from India
RCMP arrest 2 alleged Canadians tied to scam calls from India
Idkjeffery to draw upon a purple effect on colonies after the storm Familia de Narciso occupied to set Tire the doctor turn it up. Just a tad Hachi wander around a Holden. The Shoney before we are first Speaker comes to talk to you. I would like to introduce you to the panel of speakers as well as partner agency’s we’re here to represent their agencies. Ivanka Connect app limit on hotels yet. . He saw his people that are for a financial crime for federal policing super Peter Pan, Peter Pan, DSL that I sex donkey so keep that Community safety officer in charge of greater Toronto area with Toronto.

West attachment Financial crime, Ogden Ogden, Las posadas de Toronto, Taraji dress or Toronto, so you can adapt Corporal samish mail on officer to India, Ana cuita from the Canadian, Canada Border Services Agency and hydrolysis Elvis from here to Canada. Paul Murphy from the Canada Revenue Agency, Arizona Avenue, Canada stop directions team Commander for project Octavia, so I was going to tell my job come out now, I’d like to call upon superintendent Peter Pan to the podium to speak to the RCMP efforts to combat the crn other scam, Gemini methanol found iPad will probably Did that fall that I shall say pecan by toilet, let’s go candy Turlock, it don’t trust company.

Thank you for your presence here today with an important announcement regarding recent developments and significant disruption, efforts resulting from investigation into the infamous Canada Revenue Agency, telemarketing tax. Anyone on her we’re just particular scam, occurs over the phone by email or my text message or call or send her calmly from India, posing as an agent from the CRA attempts to gather personal animation or intimidate a victim into providing financial payment too. Many of our fellow Canadians have fallen victim to scam and, of course, he lost to her dirndl plenty.

More have been affected, not too much. Bothered and arrest is true. This incessant trickery excavated too long, but we continue to fight back and we’re making progress. The RCMP takes threats or economic Integrity very seriously, Cajun ongoing complex investigation, since reports of the CRA scam have increased and financial losses began, we built the collaborative efforts and working relationships with Indian authorities and other International partners. I’M a smirking fraud call centers that perpetuate the scam and others in 2008.

As reports, the financial losses starts to spike, we recognize is harmful, scam was affecting everyone a candidate with a cell phone, the landline or internet connection. Something more had to be done under the project name Octavia and my buddy RCP greater Toronto area Financial crime section. We grew our investigative capacity, International scope with the recipe investigator points of contact and every RCMP Division and connections to police wrote Ontario for RCMP liaison officer in India became more heavily engaged and Rec Indian authorities, us authorities are we sensing successes in disruption and take down Of a legal call centers in India and arrest and charges in our own country report, a lost CRA scam in 2019 went down significantly most likely thinks these efforts will get into the specifics and details of recent disruption and enforcement efforts shortly.

But first I’d like the empress. Public awareness is key strategy in preventing the victimization of Canadians and combating fraud. The RCMP Works closely with government and domestic and international law enforcement Partners to raise awareness of these types of crimes. We are joint operator of the Canadian anti-fraud Centre who routinely issues education, bulletins, provide scam alerts and, as the bell Partnerships with financial institutions, telephone company enter your company’s. We and our partners are working hard to help increase awareness and vigilance and need you to help spread.

The word to no one is immune to fraud, but you can protect yourself and others by how to recognize, reject reported remember if someone on the phone is asking for your personal or banking information hang up and Report directly to the Canadian anti-fraud Center. If the caller threatening you or your family hang up and contact the local police, if you receive an email or text message, making suspicious tax claims, energy to click on a link to submit information, interact and Report the occurrence of Canaan Enterprise Center I’ll now turn the Mic back order, Sgt! Thank you.

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I can’t find that salsabila, just don’t you. As associate the novel maledictus, you don’t know what kind of game it International. . Oh lapatrick example to combat addiction. Seafood to Canada. Keep people like real Molly butane. It is allowed aloud whole class. Please dim Massage Envy New Paltz New pots on now and no Pasa Jose news about Bills. Win allowed to read rock hard male precipitation, nothing in my past, so no ball cap I’ll tell a fun alternative to Canada. Let’S sit outside her on the phone you, Canada.

Now, I’d like to inspector Gym Ogden to share information on arrest that took place this past Wednesday, Gemini men turn off. good afternoon. Everyone. Thank you. So much searching Herman in October 2018, the RCMP greater Toronto area, Financial crime section commenced an investigation named project Octavia. The focus of the investigation was to combat the Canada Revenue, Regency telemarketing tax scam, better known as the CRA scam. The scam involves callers identifying themselves as CRA RCMP or other federal government agencies intimidating victims into paying non-existent, finds rataxes.

The CRA scam, which is operating out of India, has been targeting the Canadian public since 2014 and, despite a number police raids on illegal call centers in India, it continues to victimize Canadiens, cumulatively. Between 2014 and 2019. The CRA scam has resulted repeated reported victim losses, totaling over 17.2 million dollars. This cam has caused fear due to the threat of arrest by the fraudster, who claimed to be from various government Canadian government agencies. This is meant that Canadians are weary and suspicious, even when CRA is attempting legitimate contact with them.

Rcmp and vests Gators have uncovered money, mules or money. Mula managers operating in Canada who assist with laundering of funds obtained through see the CRA, scam and other scams. This money, mule Network, operate across various provinces in Canada, with connections to Illegal call centers in India who are receiving the proceeds of the scams on Wednesday February 12th project tibia investigators arrested and charged to people in connection to these transnational scams, including the CRA scam. The bank, investigator scam and the tech support, scam, gurinder, preet, dhaliwal I’ll spell the last name: dhaliwal 37 years of age, from Brampton Ontario and inderpreet Dali.

Well, I’ll spell the last name: again. a l. I w a l, 36 years of age, also from Brampton, are charged with the following criminal offenses, one count of fraud over $ 5,000, one cow of laundering, the proceeds of crime and one count of property obtained by crime. In addition to this, a canada-wide arrest warrant has been issued to Santa new manic. I’Ll spell the last name m: a n. I k 26 years of age, who is a foreign National believed to be in India. Further arrests and charges may result from this investigation.

We remain steadfast in our Pursuit. The rest of canadian-based co-conspirators is significant. We have disrupted the necessary flow of money from Canada to end, which will have a big impact on the operation and the bottom, the bottom line of the scammers. We know that are the efforts of the RCMP. The efforts that we put into combating the scam has had an impact in 2018 reported losses to the scam to a 6.4 million dollars since October 2018. When project Octavia efforts began, including a robust public awareness and prevention campaign, the takedown of 39 legal call centers in Noida and New Delhi areas within India and enforcement activities.

Here these arrests and charges that was reported losses to the CRA scam in 2019 were down significantly to 1.4 million dollars as a result of our investigational efforts. I would like to thank the following for their assistance in the successful outcome of project Octavia, the Canadian anti-fraud Center RCMP criminal intelligence analyst, the RCMP liaison officer in India also investigational points of contact in all divisions for the RCMP. I’D also like to thank Federal age Partners, including Canada, Revenue Agency and Canada, Border Services Agency.

That also includes fintrac before and authorities, including the in Central Bureau of Investigation and US authorities that are based in India also receiver receiver thinks provincial and Municipal Police agencies throat. Canada also deserve our thanks. Finally, we would like to thank all Canadians who were unfortunate victims in this scam and who took the initiative to report it to the Canadian anti-fraud Center. It is only through reporting that we can determine the extent of the scams and gain important information and intelligence that helps us identify and arrest these fraudsters.

I can assure you that the RCMP will continue to fulfill its Mandate of pursuing criminality that threatens Canada’s economic Integrity with our Resorts is focused on Opera missions. Were there is a Nexus to transnational organized crime. Thank you enough. Chocolate images with the sexy on the criminality of peanuts, Octavia call sonali the same pole as genital male play, folie a lock as a failed pastel telephone for dinner, place, downtown Turlock that I shall say medieval RPG amount of tax and fees acordes it if the phone Is an account of what is the place on Sundays, although it take an urgent manner.

Elizabeth Walmart fuel cost at Batavia, lock kit on Sunday contacting mules, California, La adultera Anna Ali benefits, male OC, deferred, Alcatel vocal technique, Lewa IL the Brampton Ontario inderpreet dhaliwal day, a R e l, l, o c the branch until I actually could clean LG Volt. I shut that cuz. That’S not what you could actually called you that I community that kids are still being manic: aneeka versus ATV, Untamed, Canada, milk at una Casa pot at 10. I love you, Canada, Bell and the top, so there’s activity benefits.

Today’S a fall. Can a diploid political telephone, Layla Edition Tavia. I did not say on October Jimmy Jazz with any of the sensibilities. That’S the only the play. Bastille left no. Nevada in New Delhi on and is that TV analog, Canada, Foley Al Acosta, Pasha Octavia, the salt erotophobia Canada, is that at least I say they pointed compact cassette on cat. I’ll, say: DiSalvo’s 8rj nakamura’s Central Bureau of Investigations Durland. It is a pleasant Asia. Is the police police do a mean, except Municipal, the to La Canada, just in LA or salty food to Canada, processing animal Embassy of the Karnataka Road pharmacy on YouTube.

Geniality Jimenez economic agents are concentrated us. Whilst we will now open the floor for some Quest element na Paseo Castillo interested, are they related at all the two people that I spoke about, they’re, both from Brampton, her husband and wife? What was what was the role of the will, specifically, that you’re alleging the roles of the mules was to receive packages of the contained cash Canadian cash and then forward that the contents of that package, as instruct to do so and thereby money-laundering and send the funds Sending the funds somewhere else arrest warrant for a third are there in fact more meals out there, and if so, why why you want to down project Octavia? At this juncture, let me be clear: we’re not winding down project Octavia.

We still have there’s that we are pursuing and in those that have come forward as money mules in some cases, what we have done is we’ve taken statements from them. If they have been here, can student visas or something like that, then we also refer them their names to Canada, Border Services Agency for their action, which may mean pulling the student visas and putting them back to whatever country they had him from last mission report last Month that the arson po division is rolling up his financial crimes unit, I’m just wondering if that’s true, if your jobs are changing and if so, what does that mean for the prosecution in the bed? Crime such as he’s good afternoon? I can assure you that we are not stopping Financial crime investigations with in Ontario what has been reported.

To clarify. It is we’re actually restructuring structure within the RCMP, with in Ontario to merge our financial crime investigators with our serious organized crime, investigators looking for efficiencies looking for mechanisms to improve our way of doing business, especially as it relates to transnational organized crime, doing Financial crime. If anything, we hope to become better at doing it for either the superintendent or the inspector you’re announcing to arrest. What kind of Advent are you saying that these arrests are going to put into what is a significant multimillion-dollar problem? Is this it, or is this a significant part of it? Could you clarify that please it’s not in it is.

What we’ve done to be clearer is significant in that when we started our investigation, we we had intended on educating the public public awareness prevention, those sorts of things, as well as utilizing information and intelligence from the Canadian anti-fraud Center, and then informing are hello in India To allow him to work Indian authorities, the Central Bureau of Investigation they’re, as well as us authorities that are based in India to disrupt and take down some of these illegal call centers.

What we hope to do was be able to stop anything. It was happening here in Canada, and this is a big step that we’ve been able to take to actually find Canadiens that are involved as money mules for a money, mule managers and forwarding the scheme. And if so, to be clear when I had said earlier that in 2018 it was 6.4 million in the CRA scam. I believe that we’ve made in because that a number went down to 1.4 million for 2019. Certainly, they have all the scam and try other ones, but it’s through that education, peace and one of the things that superintendent paint it spoken about.

We are hope that we can continue of to inform Canadians and educate Canadians so that they don’t fall victim to to these scams. What percentage are you alleging that this husband-and-wife in Brampton were responsible for when it comes to the CRA scam? You also would lose to the bank inspector scam. That’S like repair scam. I don’t have that information to to provide you with me to find supplementary or Canadian still going to get these phone calls as a result of your arrest in your actions. So far, I would like to say that they would not get those phone calls, but I expect that they will continue.

As I just said earlier, they continually to continue to evolve the scam you’re, certainly if you’ve got a cell phone or landline you’re. Getting calls essentially related to the Service, Canada, scam and the sin number scam we’re doing our best to do whatever we can to just stop it, and our efforts will continue. It seems as though. . I think there were five charges each to each person arrested. The number of victims: can you clarify why so certain that you could choose to charge each individual with separate counts? These are Global counts.

Are Global charges to cover off everything that we’re alleging that they have done? Asked you at CDC investigation into the CRA scam and found that they were about 60,000? Canadians who complained a lot of these actually gave money, and you said that it was 17.2 million dollars over a course of five years. What is the RCMP doing to recoup that money cuz it? My understanding is a lot of people gave away life savings correct. Unfortunately, we were not in we’re not able to recruit recoup those funds.

I can tell you, though, in some cases I had spoken earlier about money mules that we’re here in Canada that were either willing or intentional or unintentional participants. With some of those, we were actually able to get some victims, money back and repay them. That is doesn’t happen. That’S not a high percentage, of course, but I go back to what I said earlier and just educating the public as best as we can to stop by to hang up to do. It. Said earlier, recognized reject, hang up and then report have any of those money.

Mules been arrested or charged, and if not, how come some money mules have not been charged. The reason for that would be to further whether or not we had enough evidence to actually charge them, but also we gain valuable information from them that we were able to to use after investigation. In those cases, some of those cases Haverford their names to cbsa so that they may be, you know, deported or student visas, cancel things like that ground and how they were sort of running. This network will do as much as I can without affecting the the charges that are that we played on those particular.

But essentially, what was happening was victims were receiving phone calls from the Indian call center and they would be directed to send money in envelopes and have it careered to a particular address and a name that they had been given. Those names and addresses ended up being those that have been charged, and so that’s essential. The process that they’ve they’ve utilised. I was going to do this later, but you can see there’s a chart over to my right up against the wall that shows essentially project Octavia scam, the flowchart of the money, as well as the information that goes back and forth from the call centers to the Victim and then onward to the money meals.

Could you talk a little bit of boats status of the arrest here? How did you bring these people down? We we essentially attended at their locations and and then made a rest as soon as safely as we could with. Certainly with officer safety and mine, although there is no concerns we, we also want to make sure they were protecting our officers when arrests are made. So it was that a particular work site for the mr. dhaliwal for Mrs dhaliwal. We we called her and asked her to turn it into at our Detachment here across the street, and she did that are all the items that are off to the side here.

With these all seized correct is that the people being scammed were sending. Was it just to their home, or did they have like so to drop points? Were they all the same address? In some cases, it’s dropped another another cases. It’S directly to the resonance you describe this as a sophisticated system that they were using, or was it fairly rudimentary? I think it’s fairly rudimentary, although the sophistication is essentially from all of the technology that that has been created to voice-over-internet-protocol the number spoofing.

All of those things have certainly helped the calling all of that helps and provide some level of legitimacy to them, calling a victims and making them think that they’re either CRA or the RCMP or other federal government agencies does this relate to a prosecution. It’S included in Texas, individual named Patel, who is led to run these things in Indiana has been prosecuted by the US Department of Justice. It does not directly relate, but the scam is simmer. Molina Shake CityNews. What was the total value of funds and good taken from the couple charged table? There was $ 26,000 in Canadian cash that was seized.

There was also a money counting machine that was seized. There were also packages of that were used to received is money that we have on the table over there. You’Ll also notice, on the left hand, side, there’s a jewelry, that’s on the table within an appraised value of $ 114,000. So these are not the kingpins, but they would they would get a cut, basically that you’re alleging of of of what the network in India we get. We believe that too, the case were not entirely sure just what those percentages, Maybe birthday.

Sophisticated or are these just you know a few people sort of sitting around from some of those call centers and it’s from some of the same things that Canadians obscene on on The CBC Marketplace, episodes that have been aired, but they can be as small as 6 to 12 and individuals that are working out of these particular call. Centers, we’ve done a lot of Stories on this issue and could you Common Pleas from your perspective on the kinds of victims were falling picked a lot of people say I never fall for that.

How could somebody be so fill in the blank? What did you find through your investigation on the kind of victims Who Fallen to this particular scam, as well as the bank, dr. scam and the detectives skin one of the things that was a bit of a surprise? To me, I expected that it wouldn’t be a cross-section of all Canadians. I expected it might be senior new immigrants things like that, but we have certainly seen evidence of from the stats that we’ve received from the Canadian anti-fraud Center is that it goes across the board.

So, let’s say you’re a person who just has a paid their r s e r, a debt that they may have incurred, or they haven’t filed taxes. Then, if they got a call from an Indian call center, they may think that that is a legitimate call. So it could be anyone from whether or not they be. You know young or old. You said earlier that the total amount lost was sort of 12.7 million dollars over. Since are you alleging that this couple is responsible for that entire amount, or are there other people out there who are doing the same sort of scams? Certainly not.

I think the number that I gave you for this CRA scam from 2014 onward was 17.2 Million. When we look at the bank investigator scam, as well as the text scam, it was numbers climb from 2014 2:30 $ 1000000. Yes, there’s many others that are are doing this. Do the current criminal penalties that apply here provide enough of a disincentive to organized crime that undertake exactly what we’re talking about here is, I certainly hope, so. The penalty for fraud over $ 5,000 is is 14 years imprisonment for the other.

Two charges that I had mentioned it’s 10 years imprisonment do either the accused have a criminal record. Not to my knowledge likelihood do you have any expectation that that person might be brought to Justice one day. That would happen. One of the things that we can do is his request: a red notice, which is essentially an International arrest warrant and then provide that information to the Indian authorities and asked them to locate arrest and – and we would then extradite to this person back to Canada – to Face the charges, one of its own people, to Canada, 4X traditions.

We would pay the cost for the word for those things, so it would, it would depend on whether or not there was a red notice and whether whether we would go ahead with that. It’S not our decision, it would be. The decision to the crown are interviews for now when we watch the one-on-one interviews. Messi, that’s revenue is that a country have if they don’t win.
The RCMP announce the arrests of a Toronto-area husband and wife accused of being Canadian accomplices to an enormous global scam involving overseas call centres, including the so-called CRA tax scam.

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