Question Period: NATO summit, climate change and jobs – December 6, 2019

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Question Period: NATO summit, climate change and jobs – December 6, 2019
Question Period: NATO summit, climate change and jobs – December 6, 2019
Mr. speaker, this morning we learned that 71000 jobs have been lost in Canada last month, Alberta and BC. Last 18045 thousand jobs lost in Quebec. This is a serious economic crisis from Coast-to-Coast. Why did the government not mention that in the throne speech? On the contrary? Mr. speaker, we take very seriously these job losses. We will always work hard to support the middle class to help Canadians prosper in an uncertain world. That’S what we’ll continue to do the plan we say Forest yesterday would help the middle class, strengthen it, fight climate change and create new job opportunities for Canadians, while protecting Canadians and keeping them in-house all across the country. That is precisely what we will keep doing. We will also take take into consideration. Canadians have lost their jobs, isn’t working. His plan is leading two jobs leaving this country back under this. Prime minister, foreign investors are rushing for the exits foreign direct investment is down 56 % on his watch since the 2008 financial Texas to again, with all signs pointing to a economic downturn. Why did this? Prime minister failed to mention any of that in his speech from the throne facing workers in our resource sector with the lower prices on International commodity. There have been some very difficult time for workers, particularly in the prairie. That is why, after many years of trying and fail my previous government, we are moving forward on building the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. There are shovels in the ground. There are thousands of Canadians newly-hired to make sure that we can get our energy resources to Newmarket responsibly and sustainably. The Honorable leader of the opposition to the prime minister is going to spend the next few weeks in months trying to blame everything else, except for his failure for the challenges facing this economy’s other countries are increasing their investments in resource development. In fact, United States has gone from a net consumer to a net exporter of energy, so there’s clearly countries around the world that are getting it right, he’s getting it wrong, safe place to invest in natural resources, it’s seen as a very hostile environment. Now, why is the prime minister continue with his failed approach, choosing to do less to fight climate change, choosing to do left to listen to indigenous communities and work with other communities to get things done? Stat approach of blaming for an activist didn’t get pipeline built during their time in office. What we’re doing now is actually getting our resources to New Markets with shovel in the ground. Right now, we also Drew in the largest private-sector investment in Canadian history with a 40 billion dollar LNG Canada. We’Re going to keep working on, bringing in investment to create good jobs for Canadian right across the country, and the Prime Minister has divided his country like it has never been, but he has managed to unite provincial premiers around one thing if their opposition to his failed Approach on bill c-69, so will the Prime Minister listen to the voices of our premiers? Are all regions of this country and commit to Polly his approach adopted many of the proposals put forward by industry by very parties to improve and amend. Proposition? We are looking forward to working with all concerned Partners on ensuring its proper implementation and making improvements, if necessary, is not working. If you look at the Springbank damp in Calgary, if you look at the Lake Winnipeg outlet that are delayed under the previous protests, c69 will help in moving forward completely leader of the opposition. Liberal government voted for an anti-israel resolution at the United Nations. The prime minister’s handpicked ambassador to the UN even went so far as to brag, but the vote showed quote. Canada has found its Voice by opposing the only democracy in the Middle East opposition to the singling out of Israel unfairly at the United Nations voted against. The vast majority of these is real. Related votes. Candidate is committed to the goal: comprehensive, just and Lasting peace in the Middle East, including the creation of a Palestinian State living side-by-side in peace and security with Israel, in keeping with Canada’s long-standing position. It’S important this time to restate our commitment. It was two State solution and the Equal Rights and self-determination of peoples, premier of Quebec and provincial premiers met and unanimously called for an increase in house transfers by 5.2 %, and it’s not the government of Canada that hires nurses and doctors is the government of Quebec. That does that, and yet, a few days later in the throne speech, there’s this still very deeply ingrained Quebec’s jurisdiction. The Prime Minister hear the unanimous call from the premiers say. Honorable prime minister, mr. speaker, transfers have been negotiated with the princess over the years and we’ve signed a deal with all provinces, including Quebec, to promise a bright future for our Healthcare System in Canada. In the last election, we propose 6 billion dollars more to be invested house priorities, priorities and to mental health support services. That’S well they’ll, remember for Betty somebody shouldn’t working together start with respecting their jurisdiction, in the same sense that on the environment, the premier’s called for environmental Assessments in Quebec and the province has to take precedence over Federal assessments. So that respect the priorities of Quebec and the provinces, will the Prime Minister also turn a deaf ear on that file? The right? Honourable prime minister? Mr. speaker, we’ve often heard this concern about overlapping jurisdictions when it comes to environmental assessments and that that will slow down project c-69, which will make it easier to work together to ensure greater 34 investors and promoters for major projects and a better partnership on the environment. And an understanding of the concerns are various communities, including indigenous ones, across Canada. Keep on making difficult choices everyday about cutting their pills in half or going without the life-saving medication that they need. Leaders who the guts to stand up to the major Pharmaceuticals and to fight for pharmacare for the prime minister to keep his word and to deliver pharmacare the covers all Canadians choose between putting food on the table or paying for their essential medication. That’S why we’ve done more than any drug prices, and I move forward towards at National University pharmacare that there is an issue with provincial jurisdiction. That’S why we are going to sit down with the provinces and with them as we move forward on insurance. The Canadiens can afford the medications they need. That is the future of healthcare, and it is something we will do and Ashley doing this human rights tribunal declared that your government has deliberately discriminated against indigenous children, these kids to court. What kind of prime minister does that? The honorable we agree, indigenous children who suffered need to be compensated, and that is exactly what we will do just as we have done in the situation and 60s group. We will be compensating those those children. Now adults for the harm they suffered. We will be working with all parties and partners to ensure that we are compensating them justly and adequately as we have done in past situations. I just want to remind The Honorable members that we place our questions through the chair. I know some of us have had experiences in some provincial legislatures where you go directly across, but I just want to remind everyone. You go directly through Earth, go through the chair to place any questions or any statements. Thank you. Next week we mark one year since Canadian citizens, Michael corporate and Michael’s favor, were in prison by the Chinese state in an act of retaliation against the lawful arrest of a Chinese citizen. Two ministers ambassadors zero progress. What is the prime minister’s plan to get our citizens home absolute Authority? Is the well-being and safety of the Canadiens which are detained in China. The Prime Minister raise these cases with President XI and president Prodigy 20 and more recently at the NATO Summit on my third day as foreign minister of Canada, mr. speaker, on November 23rd, I raised these cases directly with my Chinese counterpart. We have rallies president, that number of Partners around the world and support of candidates position and will continue to raise these cases at every opportunity around the world. Remember for salad! Thank you. Mr. speaker. Another thing the foreign affairs minister said to Chinese media. Why is that? In an uncertain world predictability, rule of law and an inclusive Society, we know the Chinese Communist Regime has illegally detained to Canadians, and the Chinese Ambassador dare suggest that this in Chinese domestic affairs minister tell us if the Chinese Communist Regime is still such an inspiration to Him a minister I’d like to thank my colleague for his question. Canadians know that one country that inspires those values is, can people elsewhere in the world, recognize if my colleague misunderstood what I said in an interview several years ago remind him that the rest of the world Mister speaker, sex Canada, has stood on principle against the annual Israel bashing at the UN this year, the Liberals supported a hateful motion by North Korea, the pillow and other we’re still. Our ambassador, the Canada had quote, found its voice. Mister speaker. What exactly did the ambassador mean when he said that calling for the question Canadians know we are a strong friend of Israel. We maintain our opposition to the single ounce of Israel down fairly at the UN, and I voted against the vast majority of these Israel related Bose speaker to goal of comprehensive, just and Lasting peace in the Middle East, including the creation of Galveston state living side-by-side in Peace and security with Israel does lone standing position which have been expressed power of government. It is important at this time to restate our commitment to a two-state solution and will always stand for Israel simply a matter of another liberal foreign policy train right to be Shrugged off broken face with the only democracy in the Middle East, Canadian, Jewish Community. After offering election campaign, Promises of Solitaire, liberal Canadian foreign policy merely and Reckless pursuit of Tainted Security Council votes calling for the question, Indie Nursery speaker, our records pay for itself, and I would say mister speaker. I just want to remind you, honorable members, to place their questions through the chair not directly across when it’s not their turn to speak answer. I’M sure we all want to hear the answer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continue now. Please addition to the stinger out of Israel on failure, the US and, as they know well and as the world know where we are voted against the vast majority of the Israeli related vote. We will stand with Israel mystery speaker in Canadian snow. I just want to remind honorable members on both sides of the respect is a two-way street and it has to go both ways so play me, someone for something that really isn’t right when you’re doing it yourself over well, more and more Canadians have stopped believing the Prime Minister, when he says Canada is back, every single trip abroad ends in disaster. Exam abound just think of his ill-fated trip to India. It was a fiasco. His most recent appearance at the NATO Summit is further proof of his undiplomatic conduct. Is the prime minister finally going to get the message and quit embarrassing Canada abroad? Speaker, I’d like to assure my honourable colleagues and all Canadians that the prime minister is an excellent representative of our country abroad, especially especially when it comes to our crucial relations with the United States. And I like to reassure all Canadians that we have a very constructive relationship with the United States today the Prime Minister has a very constructive bilateral relationship with the presidents of the United States and just this morning and I’ll be speaking with him right after question. Richmond Hill to defend our interests abroad, diplomatic disasters continue to mount. His trip to India was a failure. He angered our partners in asia-pacific. Our ties with Saudi Arabia are frozen and our relationships with China are at an all-time low directions. This week is further evidence of his undiplomatic behavior. When will this prime minister stop embarrassing? Canada just stay home? Mr. speaker, I would like to take this opportunity. She was sure, honourable members, in this house, but above all, all Canadians that our prime minister is an excellent representative. Show me silly because this is something and crucially because this is something that Canadians care about, because it affects their daily lives that we have an excellent relationship with the United States led by the relationship. The Prime Minister has the excellent working relationship he has with President Trump. Thank you speaker since the throne speech the government, let off with a call for Unity in the pursuit of common goals, and that’s precisely what Quebec and the provinces did. Last week, at the Council of the Federation, Premier has called for a 5.2 % increase in health transfers. Funding health care for our loved ones is the number one priority of all of our constituents. Will the administer respect this Unity between Quebec and increase health transfers would like to thank the members of the constituents of Thunder Bay scary North for sending me here to be able to do this phenomenal job on their behalf. It has access to health services that will meet the needs of our country and the changing needs of our country, and, of course, we will work closely with our provincial and territorial Partners to make sure that those Services reflect the needs of the residents. Thank you very much. Mr. speaker, everyone agrees house transfers, need increasing. The government says it wants everyone to have a family, dr. Weil transfer the money to call back. They want better Mental Health Care while give us the means to do it. Mister speaker, the expertise. Will the government listen and meet Animas demand from Quebec in the provinces for an increase in health transfers, the price for Canadians, whether they travel abroad, weather people visit Canada and, of course, we’re to work incredibly hard with provinces and territories to protect this institution to grow? The institution to meet the changing I didn’t do much about Beck’s demands in the last Parliament, demands about a single tax return about the third link and about illegal border crossings in Quebec. Just to mention a few, I have a simple question for the Prime Minister. Today. Can he stay clearly if Quebec will be able to have a single tax return like everywhere else in Canada, yes or no? The honourable minister of national Revenue places like shawinigan and Sean Cav. Unlike the conservatives in the Bloc quebecois, we will not jeopardize those jobs. We are willing, however, to work with revenu Quebec to facilitate the the tax filing requirements for quebecers. The conservatives in the block should be ashamed, but I’m not surprised that they will propose policies that would jeopardize Regional workers remember for Richmond arthabaska. I like to remind my honorable colleague, that this request came from the National Assembly. It was clearly the liberals do not want to address specific demands from Quebec. There was nothing in the throne speech about those demand, so I repeat, might have another simple question: can the Prime Minister tell us clearly if he will commit to supporting Quebec City’s third link project, yes or no infrastructure? Mister speaker, on this day, where we’re celebrating the loss of fourteen young women’s lives. I would encourage everyone here to think not of rhetoric but of action, and we are 5.2 billion dollars in transportation in public transit infrastructure in the Quebec City area over the next 10 years. We link project is important for people on the South Shore of Quebec City. Can you to monitor this file and we are open to proposals? The speech from the throne yesterday failed to mention that they will not even acknowledge a crisis exists. This government failed to negotiate a softwood lumber agreement and the prime minister’s Antics and NATO may have destroyed any opportunity to get a deal done to get forestry workers in BC back to work. I would like to thank the member opposite for the very important question. The forestry industry is an absolutely essential industry for Canada and won that all of us are deeply concerned about. I have been working hard with the forestry industry and with our provincial College, to support support your industry and when it comes to the softwood lumber tariff, we are taking cases at NAFTA WTO. We have preserved chapter 19 at NAFTA that allows us to fight for our Canadian industry and we are prepared to talk to the Americans when they’re ready to come to the table. Mr. speaker, the Prime Minister said he heard western Canada and look quote for card bring our country together, but Canada is more divided than ever because of him, and he refuses to overhaul Community crisis in this country, wants major changes to Bill C 16 ice resource markers Made in 2015 to fix a broken environmental assessment process that was Harper, conservatives will put in place better rules that will ensure that we address issues early in the process. Sucks projects will move forward and be built in this country. It is an enormous step forward for the environment and for the economy for being trusted by Canadians in our world. Here in the house. I’M honored to be representing just as is a crisis, continue to fight for basic human rights, a safe place to live being able to afford to feed ourselves and clean drinking water. The Prime Minister gives billions to oil and gas companies and delays. I’M at auction for 20 year is 2050 is a Target. Now these companies are being put ahead of people, our people, our Canadian government government, calling for the question climate change is the crisis. Clearly Canadian told us in the election that they want governments and all members of this house to address climate change on an urgent basis. There is no change the north win in 2050. I look forward to working with you in the north. We can already see the impacts of climate change, the ice Road season is getting shorter and our infrastructures are in danger in this. Ending oils of these would have been a good start or not, but they were suggesting. I wonder what the member for Lilia sent this as he is finally starting to discover the true face of the liberal party. Why are the Liberals refusing to act? Minister for the environment? Mister speaker, two-thirds of Canadians voted for serious action against climate change. This means that we need to cooperate in order to find the best listen to fight climate change. We already have a credible and affordable plan that involves over 50 different measures developed for and by Canadians that we need to do more. We want to work together with our colleagues in this house to do more to fight climate change. 30 years ago today, arrowsic act of violence against women was committed. The worst such event in our history, 14 young women were murdered in a shooting at a technique. In Montreal, simply because they were women, apology tell this house what our government is doing to ensure a safe for future for women and girls in Canada. Thank you. The question is a 14 women will X1 this chamber and across the Country Tonite Parliament Hill will be lit up with 14 rays of purple light one representing each of the lives needlessly taken 30 years ago and every day the further I implemented gender-based violence effort. We’Ve already begun, we will respond to the calls for Justice from the mmiwg inquiry. We will work to prohibit the type of assault weapon that was used by the technique. Shooter. We will work to pay women’s fairly and stand up against misogyny so that our daughters can reach their full potential last month. Just went home and look their families in the eye. Instead, I lost my job. Half of Canadians are $ 200 away from install disk Old Wrecker jobs down up. When will they reverse course get off the backs of Canadian workers and businesses attract The Honorable Minister of Finance to recognize it as the economy goes through changes that we need to continue? Actually have more money in their pockets of Carleton voting for miniature just congratulated himself, but he should have spoken directly to the people who lost their jobs over 71,000. It’S been in a decade when will the Minister of Finance stop living in this dream reality in face actual reality, Melody is the we need to consider how we can improve our economy, how we can improve things for Canadians, that’s our job. That’S our approach to making investments in the future and Investments and Families, it’s very important that we continue with that approach. We have had successes and recent years, but it’s true. There is still a lot of challenges that we need to consider. That’S why we are thinking about how we can reduce Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes for the Prime Minister was found guilty by the ethics Commissioner of politically interfering in the criminal prosecution of his friends at snc-lavalin. Again at the Ethics Committee. Now the prime minister is continuing to block the RCMP by refusing to cooperate with their investigation. The Honorable government house, leader, we’re taking full responsibility and we have already begun to implement the recommendations made by former General and McLaren. Maybe the speaker is getting old. Ask him to maybe you continued, so I can maybe hear it. Thank you. Thank you very much. Mr. speaker, I’m back before of minority government and this government is being very closely watched. Mr. speaker, prime minister of the RCMP, is to the documents RCMP access to those documents. Canadiens want the truth, mr. figure something don’t change. When my colleague said that the government was being closely watched well, being closely watched by Canadians and Canadian send a message on October 21st, they want us to work together. They want us to try to or together on common issues, it’s the responsibility of any prime minister to defend jobs across the countries across the country while respecting the role of lost, we except recommendations of animal con, and it’s something that we were calling for throat. The election campaign has been clear and I want to give the government a chance to clarify it. Does it increase old age pensions starting at age of 62 classes of seniors, the audible Minister for seniors, and I want to thank the people of kingvon for electing me again set them here in this house. I also want to thank the Prime Minister for giving me this opportunity to serve a very important demographic in our country, seniors and being the minister for seniors, the member with the question that our government has been working since its first day’s. First days we were elected on behalf of seniors and we will be as you are where, from our platform looking at increasing on us – and we are looking at how we will we do that. But we have committed are platform and we are going to be working forward on 10 % increase at 75. That’S what that’s! What we have promised in our platform. I’M talked about a lot of singers, but not all seniors. The Liberals made commitments to seniors age 75 and up for the spiral of poverty doesn’t affect only those over the age of 75 and it starts as soon as people retire. Will the government commit to increasing old-age pensions for all Cydia, starting at the age of 65, or really create two classes of seniors? I did answer the question, so I wanted to make sure that I reiterate the work that we have been doing on behalf of seniors and we were focusing earlier and remanded on the more vulnerable seniors. But we have, as you know, restore the age of elebits, a gerbil for old age security and guaranteed income supplement to 65, and that kept a hundred thousand seniors out of poverty. More recently, we supported low-income seniors who work by increasing their earnings exemption for the gis. From 300 3502 5000m supplement for single Seniors, Helping 900. Why should we be surprised by minister is responsible for Canadian farmers losing their most important canola Market? Liberal failures are crippling Canadian Farm families and it’s only getting worse. 3 million Acres of canola are buried under the snow because of liberal carbon tax. The cost of drying green is skyrocketing, simple, minister of Agriculture, ranchers and Farmers. This is very important. We are working with them through a working comedy with the provinces with the industrial. We are doing just things to support them in to reopen the market in China. We are start a timer station through the WTO. We are having technical discussions with Chinese officials, we have our ambassador Barton who’s working hard him to field and we keep working. What DM does Street here in Canada as well? Middlesex farmers are hurting in Ontario dispute between the cfia and three specific Beef Processing Plant in Ontario for speaker. What is the immediate action minister is going to take to help these Farmers impacted by the closures? The closing of writing Regency, as on the Beast actor Indian pontus, can I have on Farmers income. I can assure you that we are working with the industry and to find other ways to support the industrial food safety is obviously a top priority for our government and for CFI, and we have different programs ongoing and we are supporting the industrial. Thank you. Thank you. Mister speaker, for a number of reasons: Dairy and poultry producers. I’Ve been fully compensated. China is still interfering with the import of Western Panola and there’s been a shortage of propane, which is which nearly caused a catastrophe in Ontario and Quebec. Women do to finally stand up for our farmers and we are working with all stakeholders, for example, with Supply management. We committed to give 1.75 million it to our Dairy Farmers and the first checked I’ve already been received. The system is working and I invite all farmers who haven’t yet filled out the necessary paperwork to make their requests as soon as possible so that they can receive their money. We are continuing discussions with China about Canal as well praetorians to stay in the province and find good well-paying jobs for the creation of new technologies and Innovation. With recent news of annex take an exploration activity, including multibillion-dollar Investments, 10th Amendment natural resources – please inform the house on these priorities for Newfoundland, Labrador, offshore industry. I appreciate the question for the member from Bonavista Buren Trinity. Offshore industry has created economic benefits, families and communities right across the country through sustainable and responsible development, regulatory stability and meaningful relationships with stakeholders. Mr. speaker, we are ensuring the Newfoundland and Labrador is offshore, remain and create good jobs. Number for Calgary knows: he’ll pay the same amount for 5 gigabytes of data as an American size for 12 GB struggling to make ends meet and it makes up on competitive over four years. The Liberals have always put Canada’s big wireless companies first, as opposed to lowering cost for Canadians with Innovative Spectrum licence design for other ways of getting low-cost Wireless. The four Canadian minister for innovation, 25 % in this, is above and beyond the actions we have taken to help consumers. We brought forward a policy directive that makes it very clear for crtc to make affordable for debility front-and-center. We’Ve also dealt with consumer-related issues when it comes high pressure sales tactics, which is led to a new wireless code of conduct, internet code of conduct as well mister speaker and we’re going to remain committed to making sure that we Spectrum in a strategic way to help Consumers, u.s. Customs and Border Patrol Canada, post mail going to Campobello Island email search for us officials in his is an invasion of our privacy right. It also challenges Canada, sovereignty. It is unacceptable. What is the federal government Surfer Foreign Affairs like to thank a member for the very important question to ask? This is something obviously that he brought to my attention yesterday. We will be this matter and will have further things to say in the future. On that mister speaker, things Eastman this liberal government secretly leaving them it helped. The most of these liberal Cuts in Ontario. Hospitals are out-of-pocket by over 10 million dollars and may start screen away military personnel seeking treatment straight and simple answer right across this country and reverse cut, or no no members in this house that the health and well-being of our forces members of top priority. Every member who is need of medical service will get the top priority and the full support that’s required. While we are in discussions with the province when it comes to how members are chargeable, evil work with the province. The one thing will make sure mr. speaker, that every single member, if there’s a need for any type of healthcare serviced, it will be to the top priority and that top plastic is the speaker. I’D like to take the opportunity to thank for your residents of Fisher Conestoga for allowing me the privilege to serve here in Ottawa, free education, more affordable working, so that more Canadians can afford higher education and Ministry of employment, Workforce Development and disability inclusion share with the House what progress we have made for his question is vital to reach their full potential eligibility for student loans and grants. We introduced to six months interest-free and payment free Grace., And we lower the interest rate on student loans and that’s not all in our flat. For me committed to further increasing Canada $ 1,200 and extending the gray. This is how we’re making sure that every Canadian has the opportunity to fix. Ede action is needed to ensure Fair access to education, based on your desire to learn, not your ability to pay tuition fees and the government to have has happily written operations. Why is it government still gouging students and charging interest on federal government loans? Auburn student loans? Put on Canadian soon as they enter the workforce and we’re taking stuff to make sure that we lessen that burn. That’S why we’re increasing the grace. For repayment, making a payment from 25000, which was an increase in our pasta to 35000 this year. Thank you very much. Mr. speaker,
Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons.

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