Protesters vow to continue disrupting rail lines

By | February 16, 2020

Protesters vow to continue disrupting rail lines
Protesters vow to continue disrupting rail lines
The protesters also set up real Blockheads today, just north of Toronto, the 200 or so what so and support her halted? Train traffic to Hamilton, London, New York and Michigan, the cbc’s exam for Selassie has more side-by-side. They came in droves, taking to the rail tracks, all in the name of wet suits in solidarity and the fight to put a stopped. What pipeline, what Canada is doing is totally unlawful and violating the right to live in the right to survive and that’s Auburn right up to their lands and their culture.

This group started with one blockade right here on this major rail line in Vaughan. We were told that at one point there were about 200 people on the other side, they’re holding up signs and at setting up fire pits on the tracks. Some of those people that move down about a kilometer East to set up a second blockade, organizer train traffic heading as far west as Michigan and Northwest towards DC and even Wisconsin. Last weekend’s blockade at Dupont and Dufferin haunted Freight and passenger trains for several hours.

And this group says it’s only the Beginnings: OB actions popping up all over as long as the wetsu it in people are under Threat by the RCMP CBC News, dozens of protesters gathered outside PE ice legislature in Charlottetown to show their solidarity with the pipeline protesters NBC. The demonstrators included a number of Meatballs people from across the Atlantic region. Many carried signs, critical of police and the environmental impact of the pipeline project know. Catherine Hensel is a toronto-based in his lawyer from the swet, My First Nation we reached her earlier today, while she was in Jamaica.

She says reaching a resolution with protesting. First Nations can still be accomplished, but it will take a great deal of work, including and turn the negative territory is people really putting their bodies on the line and solidarity with the people have wet sweat to express their concern that Canada? I don’t want under play. The significance of the inconvenience, their significant inconvenience, significant financial cost to all of this Tales from the sink from the perspective of many indigenous peoples, compared to what’s at stake for our nation’s for our territories, for ancestors and for children to operate, and stability and prosperity and Peace which candidate job for all that the indigenous folks, you really have to prioritize what people hold sacred and Canada does that for non-indigenous Canadian.

What the people are telling telling Canada and Megan support is that we hold these sings, precious and sacred, and there has to be institutionally systemically culturally, legally some weight placed on the fact that these are inviolable priorities for us. I have to say we to quote somebody. I admire greatly Jesse went he we do not have the luxury of giving up hope it’s not an option for us or for our children. What needs to happen is really indigenous people. In Canada, I’ve been going extending our hands more than halfway.

Canada has to meet us there. He hear what our priorities are and and really need to go back to what is sacred and and play some weight on that some actual weight on that there has been progress made with respect to inherent jurisdiction. Child wellbeing – apologies, but there’s so much for that. We have to go to to make reconciliation a realistic possibility. We are nowhere near bare.
A new blockade in support of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs took place in Vaughan, Ont., on Saturday. Pressure is mounting on the federal government to end the rail disruptions.

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