Protesters target Ottawa in provincial pipeline fight

By | February 14, 2020

Protesters target Ottawa in provincial pipeline fight
Protesters target Ottawa in provincial pipeline fight
Outside that door, you can see the Deputy Prime Minister, a wall of protesters blocking Krista Freeland from entering Halifax City Hall security guard the door. A protester stops her freely leave to find another way. . The protesters follow, but she squeezes in tried to prevent me from doing something. We recognize the important Democratic right and we will always defend it. A peaceful protest in Africa NDP leader jagmeet Singh, who says the situation is escalating. Justin, Trudeau must return to Canada and meet with the Chiefs.

I am encouraging all parties to dialogue to resolve this as quickly the problem is. There are many parties with many different points of view, though it’s so it’s in first nation is deeply divided number in just a few thousand. They are represented by 13 hereditary Chiefs, who opposed the Pipeline and five elected been counseled who supported the Justin Trudeau. This is why reconciliation is hereditary Chiefs, but if Trudeau does that he insta 5 elected, what’s so attuned Chiefs and cheese from other First Nations who want the benefits and jobs from the pipeline, do you need to let soltan people’s to come together in their Longhouse and Their big house and they’re feasting ceremonies to resolve their in conflicts as what’s open people’s and internal issue.

That’S also a provincial issue. The pipeline at the heart of this dispute is entirely within the jurisdiction of the British Columbia government, so the federal government is staying out of it.
Anti-pipeline protesters targeted Ottawa in the ongoing fight over the pipeline dispute in B.C. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged a quick resolution, but largely stayed out of the provincial issue.

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