Protesters should “check their privilege” says Scheer | Power & Politics

By | February 16, 2020

Protesters should “check their privilege” says Scheer | Power & Politics
Protesters should “check their privilege” says Scheer | Power & Politics
As prime minister, as I said, I would address the RCMP to enforce the law to ensure that our Railway system. Can operate any. We have a situation we have ideologically motivated protesters and activist who have, in many cases, have no connect at all with the First Nations community and they are threatening the jobs of thousands with these protesters. These activists may have the luxury of spending days at a time and a blockade, but they need to check privilege. I need to check their privilege and let people whose job depends on the railway system, small business farmers do their jobs project and the resulting protest and blockade.

So welcome back on that point to Power & politics and the power panel Kelly, Crider, minigun, Sinclair Marie Patrick and Aaron. Where can you go right away? What do you make of Andrews comments? The idea that people who are standing at a block, heater privileged, is probably most ignorant idea. I’Ve heard in quite a long time and I’ve heard a lot of anger and ideas, but it is kind of this ongoing demonization of indigenous peoples and activist standing up for indigenous rights and somehow not getting with the program or problems to the country or their.

Ultimately, the ones who are the illegals and it’s an ongoing just throw the tendency within kind of a long-standing conservative movement to demonize indigenous peoples, and we stand up for is really the rule of law. As we spoke about the last segment right here, Brian pallister here in Manitoba, issued a fundraising letter promising that any any future actions by indigenous activist will be met immediately with an injunction and that you should fund the conservative party here in a minute quickly as possible.

In order to ensure that to happen on going on going on going, indigenous peoples are being demonized by Peoples within movements that are generally completely ignorant, have no knowledge of what indigenous right to what people are doing. Ultimately, the first place. What they are doing is they’re standing up for him and while we are dealing right now with it with suits in people, this is a large-scale ending national issue involving the theft of indigenous lands, the denial of indigenous governments and the ongoing denial of them to have Any presidents been in the country and so did those people to pursuing lawful means and in many cases lawful means going to the Supreme Court and when that doesn’t work, then pursuing Civil Disobedience Kelly.

I want to bring you in here I mean parsing and Andres Year’s comments during that scrum. I think the check your privilege, my understanding is, that is aimed at non-indigenous protesters, who are part of this defensible position for federal party leader, makes political weed weigh when he talks about the economic impacts of this blockade. When he talks about nuance and Indigenous communities that there are some who support projects are some that don’t heat, that those are what a lot of Canadians with Bolivar FairPoint me starts talkin about privilege.

I think he loses the thread on that’s where that’s where he lost me frankly and the other the other talk about asking the federal government to get police to move in right away on any other issue. I doubt the conservatives would like the Liberals to ask the police to to take a specific action, so I think the problem is Andrew. Scheer is stepping up a little preemptively. I think there are a lot of people. There will be a lot of Canadians worried about the economic impacts. Will people who aren’t able to get two things and the effects over a number of days will be start to be felt more? I think the list Mission BC is more complicated.

Not every protester understand that I’ve heard protesters talk about blocking oil. Of course we’re talking about a natural gas pipeline and be safe. I think it’s complicated and I don’t think boiling it down to Andrews talking about privilege, really help the situation just like broadside anybody who’s involved with this protest. He also said that the public safety minister to direct the RCMP to settle this when you, when you attach that sort of request. First of all, my favorite part of what he said was as prime minister Stickman, that ship sailed.

I can’t imagine why you’d be elected attached to the idea that is red meat words Check Your Privilege, doesn’t do anything for anyone. You know you are delegitimizing that the indigenous protestors by suggesting that they’re nothing, but that that that the people, but there are NEC Shoppers, communist or whatever. . That’S a problem like what is the purpose of coming out and saying something like that. We are all the escalator situation situation Check. Your Privilege in says: go and get the cops out there at at 2 to get them off the picket line where Mike Harris premier of Ontario came out and said, get those effing Indians out of the park.

What happened? The day and a half later. Dudley, George was shot in. All I got to say is he said, as I’m as prime minister, I say thank God that guy’s on prime minister are know. What are your thoughts on these things? What is this conversation’s about? The rule of law there a few things that would be more dangerous to the rule of law in Canada than then political actors ordering and demanding police actions that would set pretty troubling presidents, fear and, and many of his colleagues spent much of the past year.

Talking about prosecutorial Independence in the rule of law, as I came to snc-lavalin, so they should understand the need to keep these things separate and the importance of keeping those things separate. It’S very easy to understand the frustration on all sides and and even to understand that opposition politicians need to challenge the government to do things. But I think the the underlying Point here is that we’re dealing with issues that are they go back to home Sears and they are not easily solved and they’re not necessarily quickly solved.

That doesn’t absolve the prime minister of responsibility to solve this. But the idea that this can be sort of easily quickly solved by either police action or the Prime Minister coming back in and giving a speech. I think his is naive in this call for the police to enforce the rule of law Andrew’s here today, but we also seem to stay away from the Ontario Provincial Police essentially saying do not confuse the exercising of discretion as a lack of action is almost like. The police are calling for everyone to calm down and, let’s be moderate here.

I think it’s really interesting, because what I’ve often said is that the front lines of a hundred fifty years of power and domination depression is left at the feet of police paramedics, social workers and are they really equipped to deal with that situation? That’S why you? No training and in the RC it directly talked about healthcare worker social workers. Paramedics, police officers at the training of individuals is crucial in it, and the particular importance of dealing with police as police are off and put in these situations would predate them and, and the fact is that you’re not trained adequately, but the problem is, if you train Them adequately, then they’ll realize that the just the laws of Canada are built on very racist premises and they’re, based on the premises that indigenous governments don’t matter indigenous voices, don’t matter indigenous laws, don’t matter, and so that’s the real here is that when police officers, I Think I exercise that discretion.

I think people see, that is lawlessness, but generally I see that is kind of a moment where police officers are really understanding with what constitutes Canada I mean locate. It is, I think, it’s awesome, personified to be in a me. What it means is. We have to deal with indigenous peoples fairly, and we have to actually go in and have conversations around tree with the commit to that process. We can just say it and then have a bunch of tears at a big Gathering, but for the prime minister littlest gift that make it happen.

We saw it with no one was that look like. We saw it with Paul Martin to clone a quarterback 2005 and where the largest gathering and in history you’ve seen at different times throughout history, in terms of like the Nunavut land claim, for example, when you see it, but it takes a lot of time.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said protesters “need to check their privilege” and called on the prime minister to direct the RCMP to clear blockades that are crippling Canada’s rail network.
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