Protesters rally outside B.C. government building

By | February 16, 2020

Protesters rally outside B.C. government building
Protesters rally outside B.C. government building
Good afternoon, thanks for joining us, we begin with breaking news on those protests happening in spite of an injunction issued to stop demonstrators blocking doorways and driveways at government offices, see if he’s allowed to Kelly joins us, live from Victoria Elana. What’S going on where you are right now exactly what you care about Hines me there’s over 500 of protesters spread out and it’s a very different than what we saw in front of the BC legislature building a couple days ago. We can hear lots of people honking.

A lot of support for these protesters are out today through word-of-mouth. I’Ve heard about this event today, just by talking to other people, as you can see behind me, a lot of these protesters are so going. They’Ve been going since 7 a. m. so it’s been a long day for a lot of them in this is the 9th of day that they’ve been protesting and actually join 1 organizer. Who I’m going to talk to right now about how sad a is a going? Thank you for joining me. I know it’s kind of loud behind us, which is great.

How has the response been today, City and there’s a lot of people who have studied the facts? They look at the history of the contacts and they understand that what’s happening on. What’S owed and territories such a dangerous precedent for indigenous relations in this country, Bridges, I need the BC legislature. Building these buildings today for making is that we have the power to shut candidate down if they insist on running roughshod over the rights and title of indigenous people, there’s so much planned all the all.

Across this country we see people shutting down Railways, we see people shutting down ports, we see people occupying offices, financial institutions, all to make the point that Canada needs to be accountable. The people and also the investors and shareholders, a postal gosselink April wash a grassy Narrows. No burnt Church all over this country, so what we’re seeing now is that people are starting to understand the ramifications of a militarized invasion of India turn Tory’s legislature building. Are you planning anything else they are or are you staying away from the BC, Lions building a definite time frame and it affects everybody.

So I think, there’s going to be challenges to the the legality and morality of that, especially because we’re demonstrating peacefully holding a toad in law or opposing indigenous law and we’re holding the gutter account for its actions of North without their consent. Progressive voices.
Protesters are gathering outside government offices Friday in a show of solidarity with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs.

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