Prosecutors make closing arguments in Harvey Weinstein trial

By | February 16, 2020

Prosecutors make closing arguments in Harvey Weinstein trial
Prosecutors make closing arguments in Harvey Weinstein trial
Prosecutors made their closing arguments Friday and the Harvey Weinstein trial prosecutor, Joan and Lucy argued the disgraced Hollywood Mogul thought he was so powerful. He could get away with treating actresses, as quote complete disposable, seeing as charged with raping a woman and a hotel room in March 2013 and forcibly performing a sex act on another woman in 2006. He could face life in prison if convicted Nikki battiste has the latest on the trial is closing argument. Today, Hollywood Tycoon Harvey Weinstein appeared agitated and his universe, who viewed as victims as ants.

He could step on. She reminded jewelry that star witness Annabella Sciorra testified, Weinstein raped her, even if she was punching him kicking him just trying to get him away from her alleged victim, Maryann Haley says she told the media mobile, no, no, no oral sex on her in 2006. During the defense closing argument, lawyer, Donna rotunno argue that prosecutor has created an alternate universe, that strips adult women of common-sense autonomy and responsibility. They continued to make choices. Illuzzi firebat today to somebody else’s hotel room is the only reason they’re going up there for a sexual encounter.

There are no Blurred Lines here: the crime and a wanton disregard of other people. Now it’s up to the jury. The prosecution needs 12 to convict the defense. Only needs one for a hung, jury and that’s definitely a defense victory. The jury of seven men and five women will begin deliberating Tuesday. If convicted Harvey Weinstein faces life in prison, he will have a second trial, in Los Angeles, where he’s also charged with rape. Nikki battiste New York for more on this attorney and host of The Law & crime Network Jesse Weber.

Doing this now just be great to see you, so you were in the courtroom when the prosecution gave its closing argument. Can you describe the atmosphere? It was just like it was yesterday with the defense of closing extremely tense, packed courtroom. Everybody was waiting and she delivered the prosecutor losing a fiery closing argument where she basically said that this is a guy and surprises to isolate these women and assault them, and tricks and surprises can never be concerned. What stuck out for me more than anything, was the ability to defend these women’s action, because that’s what being which being put in a spotlight here is in contact with him.

Why did they go to his hotel? Room in the first place was very powerful and I think, and just because I have a drink with him. Just because you go to his apartment doesn’t mean you’re looking for sex, and it doesn’t mean that you’re asking be sexually assaulted. Two, a lot of today was responding to what happened yesterday with Donna rotunno closing argument, and I think that, obviously an advantage for the prosecution closing argument – counterpoint’s I song Jake – is headed to point. I just really didn’t want to acknowledge what was being said about how many he was there for about 2 and 1/2 hours to three hours, I’m just a Beatdown of him being called a violent rapist.

So there was not much you could have done to be in that the dryer schools. First, then, the prosecution after this long weekend remember the last thing that they’re going to hear before going into this long weekend is the prosecution, prosecution pet advantage to respond to the defense. Defense didn’t have that option, so you have to think it’s in the van for the prosecution. What did you think of the defense’s closing argument that you hurt are Thursday and did the prosecution prove their case Beyond A Reasonable Doubt? The Jessica Mann account is Ramaya pinion.

The weaker of the charges for the prosecution, whether it’s her behavior email relationship, very clear that, even if you accept what version of events and in that hotel room, it doesn’t even rise to the level of a rape. Given the fact that you could have left, there was no physical Force Miriam holiday, which I believe is a stronger case of Defence. Did she really went to his hotel room events with him alone at night to mend a professional relationship, Annabella Sciorra who’s? This additional count your talk about something from 27 years ago.

There are tons of gaps, and today, prosecutor Lucy had to fill in those gaps, assumptions and guesses and theories about what happened to. I think she did a fantastic job and really raised that down from Jared. We were waiting to see what was going to happen. He goes into this side room. We thought that he might take offense Storyteller. This is a guy who definitely wants to give his opinion. Tell his side of the story because he’s being hit from in the media by prosecution he chose not to do it. Do to a PR person says that he wants to tell the story hymn comical rooted points for the looking at the jury.

I think the six women that testified were absolutely incredible. They gave this really detailed horrific accounts of what happened, but the defense and offense, with their memory expert, really stood out about how something can feel like a memory. Someone might feel that they were sexually assaulted, her something bad happen, but memories get distorted. Memories get contaminated overtime by what they hear from the media. Therapist friend, you can read label an event that you think is a memory, but it’s not act.

How old does that square against the victim, told friends and family about the event? At the time majority of these accusers kept the stories to themselves. They didn’t speak out and maybe they didn’t give the full story. I mean Annabella Sciorra said at the time. She didn’t feel that it was a rape but Rosie Perez, who she allegedly told this to put two and two together a lot of these women. The reason of being put under a skeptical life is there came out after 2017 didn’t come out at the time and should that be used against them, or should I not be used against them? What’S a rape myth? What’S not, you know what you want to hold against them that they didn’t report immediately, that it tell their story that might have forgotten details.

It’S not for me to decide for the jury to decide what the right thing is.
Prosecutors made closing arguments in the Harvey Weinstein trial on Friday. Attorney Jesse Weber was in court. He joined CBSN to discuss what he observed.

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