President Trump Twists Idea of Justice to Serve His Interests – Day That Was | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

President Trump Twists Idea of Justice to Serve His Interests – Day That Was | MSNBC
President Trump Twists Idea of Justice to Serve His Interests – Day That Was | MSNBC
In this current Scandal this week, we are not only learning what general bar has been up to this week, as it has become a gigantic Scandal, and it was all started falling apart. We are now learning, as of this part of the week, from reporting in from sources starting to squawk about it when they learning. What exactly is William Barr has been up to that he has been on the job Happy Valentine’s Day. It is just amazing that the FBI involved entire criminal justice system situations, but instead the president likes his buddy Giuliani and it’s not working any other way and they don’t, like the prosecutor, said they’ve had in the past.

That is that, there’s nothing to any of this, and so bar has gon Forum Shopping. He not only is looking for a needs to come into work with Giuliani, but now he’s also bringing in special groups Overlook the flinty and he’s trying to get do-overs on anything that the president’s not happy with Andrew McCabe. Today they couldn’t get an indictment on the cave and so said that he wasn’t going to be prosecuted. Meanwhile, we find out they’re, bringing in other lawyers to relook at the whole situation is a bait-and-switch.

So it’s so sad for those of us who entire generation of children of Millennials and and the new generation are reared in a world in which the Department of Justice is a political weapon and not a place where Justice is administered fairly and impartially. Paige you’re. One of full disclosure you’re one of to Susan’s wearied with regularity around here, the other is Glasser who writes for the New Yorker. I quote from her to get your reaction, although the president himself is unchanged. The contest around him is very much altered in the history of the Trump presidency.

There will be a day before impeachment and an after your view of that text of the impeachment process. We were sure that President Trump was going to be acquitted by the Scent of a Woman effect on him, and there were some, including Susan Collins, who suggested he might be chasing. They might have learned a lesson that is clearly not been. The case is President Trump is clearly been involved in in the past week, since he was acquitted by the Senate. We see that everyday. We see that in his trees we seeing his in what he’s doing now in these criminal cases, I think will continue to see that.

. Do you think that Roger’s phone is going to spend a day in jail the justice department actions in the presidential pardon? I would be if I had a farm, I would not bet it on the idea that Rodger Stone will actually spend the night in jail. The Attorney General of the United States, reaching in to a single criminal case to weigh in on the sentencing commission. That would be zero. Inner tube was hidden making it sound like fun places normal. This is something that happens normally. The question I would have for him is tell me one other time other than for Flynn and stone and actually for Paul manafort when, if you ever reach Dan at the Attorney General to any other case, obvious pocket, what’s happening, I’m just at the attorney general.

An emboldened President Donald Trump is leaning on the Department of Justice to help his friends and pursue his enemies. Just this week, the DOJ overruled federal prosecutors who had recommended a seven- to nine-year prison sentence for Trump confidant Roger Stone, and has opened an inquiry into the FBI interview at the heart of Trump ally Michael Flynn’s guilty plea. The DOJ also finally dropped an investigation into former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, after finding no evidence to support charges against him.

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