President Trump in London for NATO meeting – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

President Trump in London for NATO meeting – BBC News
President Trump in London for NATO meeting – BBC News
Good evening, President Trump has arrived in London for the NATO meeting promising not to get involved in the election campaign. Before doing precisely that say he was a family brexit insulted, Boris Johnson, most very capable he could work with anybody in the botanic. The election is just nine days away. Mr. Trump, also denied by the NHS would be on the table in any future. Trade talks with UK in the moment to a meeting first or chief political correspondent looks X mr. Trump’s impact on the political scene. There are some flashing images coming up general election next week. Two things likely to make Boris Johnson Steam doesn’t tend to play by the rules opinion about Britain’s political leaders to good job, controversial issue we wouldn’t want to. If you handed it to go to silver platter, we want nothing to do with it. Rewind 6 months everything’s on the table so NHS or anything else. You a lot a lot more than that proposition qualities of being suspicious. Ever since the trade talks – and we don’t decide to buy, the government have been done in secret and we do not accept any idea of us. Companies come National Health Service. All the idea of extending the Titans on medicine between increase the cost from Mexico Health Service, but there’s no proof of negotiations about privatizing the Health Service category Loch Ness, monster, Bermuda Triangle, zico, diapers Johnson, saying – would prefer to be controlling event who is easily controlled. Of course he did come hit for a reception tonight, but it was alongside the other NATO leaders and it does feel as if it’s a matter of safety and numbers with Boris Johnson. There are no one’s. One meetings plans that in front of the cameras who plans either for a joint press conference, not because the conservative vote with everyone, I’m sure they’ll be at keeping a very close eye on the president’s Twitter feed in the next 24-hours. You get the sense from the campaign team for the conservatives that they just want to get through this time and get back to days. They come painting religious of being exposed. During the day, President Trump accused, the president of France, Emmanuel macron of being nasty and disrespectful for describing Nature, has brain-dead macaron, defended his comments and highlight the differences, turkey, with your threatening to derail efforts to set up a new missile defense system. The support James Robins test contains and flashing images celebrate that military Alliance and 70 years success, keeping the peace through Collective defense, everyone on best behaviour for the queen, but NATO is a family currently at war with itself. France’S president extremely critical of Donald Trump’s, isolation is droll and cold. Nature is strategically brain-dead earlier in the day he stood by those remarks, even Optimus. The Trump rebuked him publicly is a very, very, very nasty statement to essentially 28, including them 28 countries. I think that unemployment is not doing well economically at all. In fact, the alliance faces another far larger threat to Unity. The military action by nato-member turkey inside Northern Syria, turkey, 100 % supported of his fight against Kurdish troops, Hebron, terrorist, the president macron completely reject the Turkish position. 70 years ago, when NATO was established, a toll felt so much simpler. The american-led alliance faced a single enemy, the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, it was Soviet communism which eventually collapsed, but now struggles to agree future roll able to change it when the world is changing. That’S exactly what you’re doing again, and the fact is that we are doing work together in this Alliance now Daniel Dunford many decades, I’m just now of China to nothing adverse Renee to insist, but it worried. Nevertheless, I’m just concerned about possible future cyber-attacks on satellites in space. How would NATO react to that? President Trump is now cleaning pushing other state to increase the NATO spending and so reduce America’s 70 % share, but a head wound in a few hours tomorrow, James Robins BBC News
US President Donald Trump has arrived in London for a meeting between NATO leaders, promising not to get involved in the UK’s general election campaign, before doing precisely that. He said he was a ‘fan of Brexit’ and thought Boris Johnson was ‘very capable’. He then added he could work ‘with anybody’ in Number Ten. The election is just nine days away. Mr Trump also denied that the NHS would be on the table in any future trade talks with the UK.

Meanwhile divisions between NATO leaders have been exposed during the day. President Trump accused President Macron of France of being ‘nasty’ and ‘disrespectful’ for describing NATO as ‘brain dead’. Mr Macron defended his comments and highlighted differences with Turkey, which are threatening to derail efforts to set up a new missile defence system.

Huw Edwards presents tonight’s BBC News at Ten and unravels the day’s events with the BBC’s chief political correspondent Vicki Young and diplomatic correspondent James Robbins.

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