Pope Francis declines to allow Amazon region priests to marry

By | February 16, 2020

Pope Francis declines to allow Amazon region priests to marry
Pope Francis declines to allow Amazon region priests to marry
Pope Francis this week decided against allowing priests in the Amazon region to marry. You proposal from Progressive Bishop same to address the shortage of clergy there on Wednesday. The decision comes months after a meeting of Bishops at the Vatican in October to discuss the Amazon region. Candida Moss joins me now. She, the Cadbury professor, at the school of philosophy, Theology and religion at the University of Birmingham, so Canada, I was Pope Francis originally considering lifting the celibacy requirements, as he know, from Latin America himself in this meeting of Bishops, actually, all Latin American Bishops who would deeply Concerned because they there is a global shortage of priests in the Catholic church, but in Latin America in particular.

That means that there are regions as big as Oregon. The only have one priest available to stop them and what this means is that people aren’t getting actually on able to baptize their children to get married with a priest that or even to have priests perform funerals. I know that a lot of people were thinking that he was going to let this restriction, at least in this area, that he was very much against this through that that book that was published with a little bit of Scandal attached to it, as well as any Influence in Pope francis’s decision backlash from Conservative Catholics who live in the church, who look to Benedict so Champion that cools around the publication of it was published, but not what he said.

That’S right and it’s clear that Benedict is opposed to the idea of married priests. In the tub, so I think that that does playing to francis’s decision-making, but also he’s a very practical. When you look at the document that he released, he was talking about the biggest threat to the Amazon, big, the defenestration and the destruction of the rainforests and poverty. In the region – and I think ultimately, he realizes what’s the point of her married priests, if there’s no one there for them to minister to so how we know, then, basically, how conservatives are are responding to this within the Catholic religion, but how or more Progressive Catholics Responding clothes stores that quite disappointed, but some Bishops in Central America have spoken out about this Apostolic exhortation and said.

They really appreciate Pope Francis drawing attention to the problems in the area I’m putting the global lighthouse on Latin America and Central America. What does ulcer isn’t completely closed yet so, and we visited attitude more opportune time and there is, there is some information within the Catholic religion for married priests does absolutely right. This is considered to be something that is done by tradition rather than by Doctrine. The first pope stpeach I was married, for example, and that all currently married priests in the Catholic Church who who played various roles.

So this isn’t unprecedented, and I know a lot of people were thinking that the way Francis respond in terms of this call for for the celibacy requirements to be lifted in the Amazon. And it might pretend what could happen in terms of his openness to allowing females to be ordained as priest. Any word on that, or does that really just that? That door is too far to even consider at this time very sensitive? He listens, he’s very emotional, caring Pope and how to listen to Kohl’s for the ordination of women as deacons, but that’s far has been opposed to that means.

That said, is it possible that down the line he might change his opinion about this? I think we should stop my look for married first before we expect Francis to make changes about women’s ordination, so this obviously has big implications for Catholics for non-catholics and the rest of the world. Trying to do here is to get people’s attention focused on the environment. On ecological issues and on poverty, and that has really been a whole lot of his ministries from the very beginning trying to say instead of looking at the institutional structure at the Catholic Church, let’s look at the issues that actually affect the world, candida Moss.

Thank you. Thank you.
Pope Francis has rejected a proposal from progressive bishops to allow priests in the Amazon region to marry. The plan aimed to address the shortage of clergy in remote areas. Candida Moss, Cadbury professor of Theology at the Univeristy of Birmingham, joins CBSN to discuss the pope’s decision and the response within the Catholic Church.

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