Poll: Bernie Sanders leads in Nevada with 25%

By | February 16, 2020

Poll: Bernie Sanders leads in Nevada with 25%
Poll: Bernie Sanders leads in Nevada with 25%
For the first time in a month we’re getting a look at these state of the race in Nevada. It is the next contest in the competition for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. It shows Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with a 7-point lead over former. Vice president Joe Biden, Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren is sitting in third with support from 13 % of respondents on CBS. This Morning, today, Senator Sanders predicted victory in the South Carolina primary the week later, the popular vote in the primary in the Hampshire and that we have to have a mass political movement of working people and low-income people and young people to do that.

Michael Starr Hopkins and Joseph pinion join me now with more in the state of a 2020 race, Michael Democratic strategist and Joseph is a Republican strategist. Welcome to you both my phone. Let me start with you: the first to contest Iowa and New Hampshire state that are 90 % right Nevada, on the other hand, is much more representative, the Democratic voter beso. How should we expect the race to evolve as we get into more diverse States? Georgia going to win a state like Iowa at this point, but I think if we had the super Tuesday, the real question is about donut in fundraising, really expensive day.

I think unless you have a strong base and a strong donor base have a real problem. Today’S morning, consult National poll shows Sanders with a huge lead among Hispanic voters. He has 48 % support. Bloomberg is closest behind with 17 %. Do you think that that could be what is driving him Nevada, a state that is 29 % Hispanic or Latino and tackling in a quality? I think that’s something a lot of Americans, especially somewhere weather, like hourly wage workers, and so I think that something is really resonating with people, but I think over the Long Haul.

The question is going to be: is Sanders able to grow his base and so far that hasn’t been something he’s really been able to do about the candidates. Wait upon the moderate end of the democratic lineup. You know Joe Biden, Buddha Judge, Amy Klobuchar, moderate Republicans, but when you look at the base of support for someone like sander and his anti-establishment message, you can argue there’s some Crossover with some of President Trump’s support. Yeah. I think when we talk about the State of Affairs in American politics right now, I’m one thing goes without question: that absolutism and populism the fires are burning like never before, and I think that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in many ways are two sides of the Same coin, about saying that I understand your pain and I know who to blame: that’s why you had closed to 10 % of Bernie Sanders supporters in 2016.

I think we have to remember that in some cases, Donald Trump with many voters. Second: choice: no more talking about an election decided by 78,000 voters across three states on Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Michigan Bernie Sanders, and that means his ideologies. In the end of the day, Joseph Trump re-election campaign has repeatedly told CBS news that they don’t care, which Democrat gets. The nomination, but as a Republican, be kind of jump between President Trump and socialism I’m on paper. That looks great.

Yet. I think that you got to be visited with somebody like Bernie Sanders, because he does have a movement in a way that somebody like Elizabeth Warren does not have a movement. But I think that when you look at somebody like that, look at somebody like Pete buttigieg with a Democrat is all it is likely that former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, will qualify for next week’s debate in Las Vegas. Now that those rules have been changed. A bit, but some have raised the idea that he may not want to attend, given that up this Barclays been able to shape his own message through advertising and surrogate.

So do you think it’s beneficial for Michael Bloomberg to participate in the debate, or is it better to keep himself at a remove on the debate stage is going to be a real problem for him. Your Amy Klobuchar campaign already telegraphed that she wants him on the stage so that she can go after him and kind of hold him accountable for his record. And so I think he’s been fortunate fortunate kind of interesting word to use, because I think he and to not be on the debate stage. , Because he knew that people would be going after him and the higher he goes up in the polls.

. The more other campaigns are going to go after him, but Joseph the President Trump will also be heading to Nevada next week for a for 2 days before the Democratic caucus is it was so. What is behind this habit of visiting the states right before the caucuses? For the primary is America, a great snapshot on this is what’s going on our side of y’all play for reasons, passing understanding decided they wanted to completely up, and the process used to make people feel good places like Nevada in South Carolina where black voters are starting To try to hit the buy-it-now button on our new candidates on because they don’t no longer believe that he is the person that can go toe-to-toe, that he has that winning patina about him.

It’S a smart strategy and I think about far it seems like a servant. Well, if you look at the turnout in New Hampshire to win, let you know in a contest against Trump, or did it go deeper than that haven’t been the vice president for our country’s first African-American president, but I do think it support among African-American communities is salt And we’re saying that now with the polling numbers were Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg support among African-American Community has doubled in the last two weeks and that’s why I’ll being attacked for stop-and-frisk and some of the red line and policies that they’ve been talking about this week.

So I think Biden’s big problem is when you submit your pain on electability, while when you start losing primaries, it’s no longer able to have that same argument and he’s having those cracks turn Democratic. Presidential candidate is being criticized for the expansion of stop-and-frisk police program that this poor disproportionately targeted Black and Hispanic New Yorkers as well as some recently is redlining for the 2008 housing crash. So Michael, it’s been six years since Bloomberg left the mayor’s office.

How is his record holding up under a national spotlight during some of the stop-and-frisk years, so I uniquely understand the effect that it had on the African-American community and I think that’s something that Michael Bloomberg is going to have to atone for over the next month. So or so, but you know, Bloomberg has been very intentional in the fact that he has donated fathers like Moms Demand Action he’s donated the climate change different groups. He’S made sure that Democrats retain the House Majority.

So you know Bloomberg’s records complicated and it’s something he’s going to have to explain and atone for, but I think Democrats need to be buried. Pull in this kind of circular firing squad they’re using against him, because at the end of the day he is the safety valve for Democrats, and so we need to be able to have a kid at. We can put up against Trump and I’ve been pretty confident that Michael Bloomberg could be President Trump Joseph keeping with the theme with Michael Bloomberg. Change party is a couple of times it started out as a Republican.

We are a deeply divided nation. We are in deep Sleep, Artisan Nation, but I think the view Candace do a partisan, prison-like Bloomberg for President Trump Republican, many many hours of footage of Republicans trying to remind people that Donald Trump is giving the Democratic who was clearly cemented on his Democratic Bona fides. When it talk about Moms Demand, Action for gun from gun, violence me start talking about climate change and all these other issues how’s it going to really move the needle with the people who are looking for a Republican or independent, actually make him more attractive.

Again by democrats had the opposite intended the factory, so I think what they were trying to do with a weakened President Trump, a few everything they had him for three years and only made him stronger. There is some type of independent, Maverick appeal to somebody like Bloomberg, but when it comes down to your better off today – and they were four years ago and tana just suppose that with the type of income fracture Democratic Coalition, I don’t think it’s going to work.
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leads the first Nevada Democratic Caucus poll since mid-January. Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins and Republican strategist Joseph Pinion spoke to CBSN’s Tanya Rivero about the state of the 2020 campaign.

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