“Political activism should not be criminalized”: National chief on anti-pipeline protests

By | February 17, 2020

“Political activism should not be criminalized”: National chief on anti-pipeline protests
“Political activism should not be criminalized”: National chief on anti-pipeline protests
Indigenous rights activists have been out in full force across the country this week. Stopping trains, darling traffic and preventing some politicians and government officials from getting to work at the protests are all in support of the wet sweat in hereditary Chiefs are some of them in British Columbia. They were not properly consulted about this multibillion-dollar natural gas pipeline that crosses through their territory. The NDP government and PC supports the project all of the elected Chiefs along the pipeline route, but not all of the hereditary chief tensions, escalate questions are mounting about who should get the final approval and what is the way forward, let’s find out joining and out of The national chief of the Assembly of First Nations Perry bellegarde 9 hour meeting with them shift on the program.

Not a lot of progress. Do you support the use of blockades to to engender meetings, the Nations and tribes, and so it’s modest progress going forward? He’S got to come back to the Prime Minister and Cabinet in and make you know the full report back, so it’s starting to move in the right direction because we want to see respectful, peaceful dialogue to get the resolved into this. Is I’m here going forward. So I will lift up the crowd cuz. They have the obligation to do that. The minister Mark Miller’s gone out to the Holden the Shoney Minister Ben’s gone out to meet with the Chiefs in northern BC.

You have to keep those process he’s going enforce the law. Get the trains movie when Andrew Scheer says Check Your Privilege protesters call in the RCMP. What’S your response to them, I would say the proper exercise of police discretion should not be viewed as lack of enforcement, and so you have to look lift up and respect the opp noted for using proper discretion. It’S not the politicians to direct get this done. They have operation wise, they have to use proper discretion and you’re going to resolve this through peaceful dialogue.

That’S what’s got to happen, no question, so you have to be careful on what the inflammatory statements are being made and as far as privilege, let’s clarify we have to clarify the statement. Is it the privilege of 1200 missing murdered these women girls that matures referring to or is it the 40,000 children in foster care, or is it the homelessness and poverty facing First Nations? People are the caps on on on on education, Malcolm the privileged piece like we. Basically, you, you can’t make statements at Pitt groups of people against groups of people.

I think this is really a time when it is leader should be looking at ways to bring people weather processes that that unites people rather than divide 2 by call Dad. But you know the pressure is enormous on the government, because, when VIA Rail closes down it’s a 9 passenger Network when CN closes its eastern Network, the economic pressure is massive and it is growing you time for dialogue. The clock is ticking. How long till dialogs? How long is their patient? What, if his last another week or a month? What happened? We totally get the inconvenience to go to school, trying to go to work, trying to get home totally get that and then yet.

On the other side, these are long-standing issues. You know dealing with proper, for I wouldn’t call them. Land claims, land, restoration, restoration of land back to the original owners and inhabitants. These have been going on for hundreds of years. There has to be because it hasn’t been dealt with, and so that’s enough time to get the block forward to begin a resolution on those issues without blockade and holding up the economy. That’S the big question by all dialogue to all sides got to come together for dialogue.

That’S what’s got to happen. You know one thing I always say to people on being human beings. We can’t give up on kindness and respect and working together to build this country. We can’t give up on reconciliation, we can’t give up on treaties and peaceful coexistence and mutually benefiting from showing the land resource. Well, we can’t give up on that. What about the rule of law when there’s a court order a court injunction when the economy is being held at it? This way back, then, you start finding out, though, there’s elements of colonialism here, who’s law like right now, it’s sad, but in 2020 the RCMP and the opp.

Now the police forces they’re sworn to uphold only two forms of law, common law and civil law laws in place that have been in place for far long before those ones which is created all natural First Nations, because that’s until you deal with another government in jurisdiction. In other forms of Law & government structure in Canada, you’re going to keep her conflict, so there has to be processed cheese and we’ve won tons of Court Supreme Court decisions. But the legislative in the executive branch of government have not kept up with proper policies to respect title ricin, jurisdiction, blockade and send shutdown realized that I guess the question is: is this for what’s going to happen, National chief on Transmountain, even when you use the word Blockade and protests – inflammatory words, I use political activism, you know, and you want to bring about change its political activist and people should not be criminalized for defending their rights in Thailand, jurisdiction.

What is obligation to protect land and water stats? First Nations obligations criminalized. You know Gathering should not be criminalized, and so I’m going to keep coming back to that space and I’m going to always people for standing up for the rights, Thailand, jurisdiction and I’m going to come back to this point about we’re human beings. Let’S not give up on each other kindness respect, dialogue moving forward is the best way to resolve this, and we can’t give up on reconciliation, and we can a better country together, for all people can benefit from Atlantic resources.

What we have to do that we’ll see where this goes critical moment of your voice very important. Thank you so much for joining us to appreciate it.
Who should have final approval when it comes to building a pipeline on Wet’suwet’en land? National Chief Perry Bellegarde weighs in.

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