Photojournalist Tommaso Protti captures deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon

By | December 10, 2019

Photojournalist Tommaso Protti captures deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon
Photojournalist Tommaso Protti captures deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon
Hello and welcome to the France 24 interview, I’m Ray Dundas portrait of crisis in the Amazon rainforest. That’S just one of the descriptions of a striking series of images taken by telling and photojournalist too much soap or tea during his six-month journey across the Brazilian Amazon recipient of the 2019 neach photojournalism. Thank you thank you for inviting me about the photos. The complex story that you’re hoping to tell through these stories, kids, I tried to develop like a portrait of mother Amazon. So, like my work, combines documents like the older taking place in the region, so is it is a combination of intersecting, crazy, combining together and the idea was to tell about the destruction of the forest or the problem issue related to tomatoes so explore and tell something About the social fabric of the region itself, it’s a member of the forest garden, what’s described as a moment of sad silence at the site of a topo tree, cut down by suspected logas in an indigenous Reserve. Can you tell us a little bit about how you came to take this photo? Yes, I am. I start following this group of indigenous voices Autumn from describing their maranhao state is one of the most depressed state in the Amazon and they have Sarah guising dispatch. Reading inside the reservists and eventually the ending up like a funding like it, I did try like to kind of full War connecting and I’ll react to this way replace a camp Southern Tier one of the one of them, because they called themselves the Guardians of the Forest came close to the tree, Tod King just closed today at the tree and any remaining that position for for a while, and I just record like the the moment. So I just I put in the capsule deposit amount, silencing a kind of a bigger than he was moved by by that. I need to explain me like this picture, of course, as well as a specific about how we are of the different station happens nowadays because display me that a lot of loggers cutting down trees together, but did you respond the big ones, and then they moved to Another one so satellite because of one the area that the cat in there is no biggest difficult for the sunlight to start it. How does just staying with the Forest guide at shows? A member of this group violent place, I would say, like it’s a new kind of a forest that is really complex because hotels about you know different the indigents fighting together and on one side we have. We have this group that is, that their aim, their goal, is to protect their Lands End something more complex said that has to do the tree and the bad conditions of living, because I also like it another of the people in the Amazon. Like you said, this is the Paradox is a really reach natural Treasure by the same time as the population are, is really poor and in this case, did you say, other indigenous passenger and sending you that he was collaborating with a person inside and actually we were Doing like a part for him, they were doing a password in and when we win frostbite when he passed by, you was with these motorbike and they started screaming. I guess they’re the loggers circling them in with bad names, so that was like in the mall at the moment, All Star to do a certain way and then that the the release him and Emily we came out from the reserve the day after we receiver, some Shootings people should I got to stop by the we do we don’t know from where and probably what the Garden to me that probably this this meant that the beat went to what kind of regulator, and this is really sad, that what they do is Israel, dangerous Ufo in September, luckily Bhatia Forest destruction. Amazon. Did the Amazon is eventually open to business. This message has a lot of people. Barac team illegally inside the forest. Well are saying that, so you know that the levels of different station have increase this year and this was kind of predictable. Yes, I started because, starting in on the 10th of January 10th of August specific day, one many farmers from specifics in the State of Florida, the DD connect together with a WhatsApp group that then, like the media, renamed. I, like the fog on the day of the fire and they and they decide to put out fire in the day in the front that they like. So you know they know they’re, all the forests alike are the regions. The drinking address to the United Nations in September. Actually, prison bolsonaro said that the Amazon remains pristine and virtually untouched. In that time, Brazil is one of the countries that protects its environment, the most. What do you feel when you he would like that forcible like it’s, a it’s a huge place and it’s real difficult to control, and what happened? Is you that many resources call Monday different station recorded by the government agencies like a bee balm emergency, the Tacoma. Cat mother to 30 % or 20 %, I’m not sure about this day, spa underground? You can perceive a like a absence of the stator like the lack of control and he’s a huge treasure, but left open and throw away no sense, hard way. History of colonization, in certain way, so, like can 651 Milaca DMT, imagine, was considered like a risk for the for the country before the serenity, so they always like this since people to colonize it and the result now is this complex social fabric that did Amazon? Has my first idea was to create it like a portrait of the mother in the world, exploring the absolite in the social Fabric, and you can find like a thousand of stories of a really interesting people stories of resistance? And you know I explore investigated. What’S the religion on how the religion that Evangelical, open Thracians inside the day did Moses the latest part of the old Forester or just like it daily life of the people like a place like I swore with people like a date, each other’s hanging out. You know mid-February. Thank you very much for joining us in the studio and congratulations again on the wall.
“A haunting portrait of crisis in the Amazon rainforest” is just one of the descriptions of a striking series of images taken by Italian photojournalist Tommaso Protti. They were taken during his sixth-month journey across the Brazilian Amazon. Protti, winner of the 2019 Carmignac Photojournalism award, tells us more about his photos, which depict the deforestation of the rainforest. 

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