Pete Buttigieg rising as a presidential candidate, but will it last?

By | February 14, 2020

Pete Buttigieg rising as a presidential candidate, but will it last?
Pete Buttigieg rising as a presidential candidate, but will it last?
Well, New Hampshire is the next Battle Ground for the Democratic presidential hopefuls, and it’s a radically different field. Newcomer Pete buttigieg egg has emerged as an unexpected front-runner after taking the lead in the Iowa caucuses. That is put a big Target on his back. He was Richard, Madden is a New Hampshire tonight with the details. What is a good guy is a great mare, but guess what he was a mayor from somebody who gets a lot of money from the sea. Videos of the pharmaceutical industry pushed back at both of them. The idea that you’ve either got to be for a revolution or you got to be for the status quo, leaves most of us out.

We need a politics that brings all of us again, because all of us need a new and better president. As the former mayor surges and pulls the former vice president is in free-fall Joe Biden forced to adjust his strategy. No attacking Buddha judges thin resume on this new app Joe Biden helping lead the passage of the Affordable Care hours called on Pete buttigieg. He installed decorative lights under bridges before New Hampshire Democrats make their choice, pull suggested showdown between Centrist buttigieg and self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders with Elizabeth Warren losing Steam big fight, hard and win.

Thank you. Now some of her supporters found a new hole servile anymore. I think he has some new ideas that were looking for, so I generational change, surprise on the eve of their primary President. Trump will hold a rally here tomorrow, night to steal their Thunder and remind them who they’re up against send. Thank you.
South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is pushing back after becoming a target due to his rise in the democratic leadership race.



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