Permafrost | AFP Animé

By | February 14, 2020

Permafrost | AFP Animé
Permafrost | AFP Animé
Deep layers of Frozen Earth or permafrost lifepac beneath the Arctic and Siberia represents 25 % of the northern hemisphere is land mass effect. You could have a devastating effect on climate. The temperature of this land, which has been frozen for tens of thousands of years, has increased faster than the average global rate. By 2100, 90 % of permafrost disappeared releases greenhouse gases. It contains an estimated 1700 billion tons of carbon twice as much as atmospheric levels.

The warmer it becomes, the more carbon and meat seep out into the air and Aslan temperature is increased. Vegetation is able to spread intern. Speeding up the melting process sewing permafrost can have serious consequences for the stability of the foundations of buildings, of run pipelines and Industry built on land. Most sort would remain permanently Frozen.
Videographic on permafrost. Last month was the hottest January on record, surpassing a previous high recorded in 2016, the US climate service said Thursday.VIDEOGRAPHICS

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