Pelosi Announces New North American Trade Pact Agreement | TIME

By | December 11, 2019

Pelosi Announces New North American Trade Pact Agreement | TIME
Pelosi Announces New North American Trade Pact Agreement | TIME
This is the day we’ve all been working to and working for on the past. Yes, we were in range for a while, but until we could cross a certain threshold of enforcement are workers rights for environment and for the prescription drug issue. As you know, they were three of the areas of that we had put out there. There’S no question, of course, that this is much better than that, but in terms of our work here it is infinitely better than what was initially about a proposed by the Administration. Has more than a Triumph for organized labor workers everywhere Across America? In terms of the working group members, I want to say that they strengthen the Labour standards they strength of the environmental chapters. They enhance the verification mechanisms for environment of trade with the unflinching leadership Baker. We also secured important changes and usmca to preserve congress’s ability to change US law to address the crisis we are facing with respect to high prescription drug prices. These were intense, argumentative angry negotiations. I mean just got really hot on a number of occasions. I think we set a world record for hanging up on each other myself in the trade rep. At the same time, we also knew that this was an opportunity that we couldn’t let get away from us, and we did that.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced agreement on a modified North American trade pact, handing President Donald Trump a major Capitol Hill win on the same day that Democrats announced their impeachment charges against him.
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Pelosi Announces New North American Trade Pact Agreement | TIME

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