Paul Bissonnette on Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, success after NHL

By | February 17, 2020

Paul Bissonnette on Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, success after NHL
Paul Bissonnette on Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, success after NHL
The face off in Phoenix is just a few minutes away and Paul bissonnette is getting his game face on transition, my game from defense, the forward and and carve out a five-year NHL career, where I spent a lot of time with Moshe fighting and sitting on the Bench and most of time actually in the Press Box, the camera follow me around here. I don’t even know where I’m supposed to be sitting up here tonight, the hometown radio broadcast for the Arizona Coyotes play. I miss the atmosphere in a locked room and I got the podcast.

That’S the only thing I really miss. I never even got the play when I was playing during games and when he did get on the ice. He was off and doing this. If you search for videos of Bissonnet playing hockey its fights, not goals that you’ll find it’s how he got his nickname, biznasty and while his career might have been unremarkable, his self-made multimedia success since then, including a Twitter following, am more than a million people. Isn’T just unusual in hockey it may be unique to use his charm. He is humor and well anything else to build his post hockey career, but not last offseason.

I got left knee surgery, ACL and MCL, and before I even really healed up that film Project called Biz does BC. Now it wasn’t anything earth-shattering. It was very silly where I implemented other NHL Oilers and had them acting in this silly script, that they knew nothing about it and it kind of all came together. Just one more, can you please stop wearing a speedo man, disgusting? No one will see that, but it taught me how to get comfortable in front of the camera and even just throw that in process of filming that my acting I mean on the list actors content.

I got better and there’s not a lot of guys who transitioned out of hockey to kind of do their own thing in their own silly videos and Implement their own humor wear. I was so nervous and anxious that I was like I need to. I just need to move. I need to do all these different things figure out what I’m good at and it’s it’s letting to what is happening right now. How is that a lot of control their own fate? They still got three more games against Vancouver, along with radio, some local television for the coyotes.

What he says this isn’t the best fit for you. I soon found out that it is so hard to be a Polish broadcaster where I’m delivering everything and because how I talk, as I swear – listen to podcasts right. So I’m able to to now do what I love on the podcast, because I don’t need that extra II filter John Lennon of the crew, what’s going on, the podcast is called spittin Chiclets hockey slang for losing your teeth in a game twice a week Bissonnet and His to Cohoes talk hockey and all pretty well anything else. My dog bark.

Extremely polished, while we’re fairly opinionated, were a little vulgar. We talk about some stuff that needs some people wouldn’t be down with, but all in all, but I’m not extremely polished, but extraordinary popular eats regularly one of the top 5 podcasts in Canada and even in the huge u. s. Market, it’s in the top 150. You started 18th. The other night leave the team still the best bargain off of an entry-level contract in the entire league sports interviews from current Starz to former minor-leaguers, and you won’t hear any cliches, no taking it one game at a time and he steroid use.

I have no problem talking about when some people in Edmonton harassed him and his parents to see them in the restaurant. The following us and they’re saying a bunch of stuff, I’m walking my bicep he’s fuming was a turnaround like not at all like. Let’S get out of here, like you, doesn’t realize that. , They all have their phones out locker room in, and maybe the mental state that some of these players are in when making decisions on and off the ice. You know we’re very sympathetic to them. I think that they appreciate that and that’s why they come on and feel comfortable, Maybe rating on stories from behind the scenes or even situations that happened out on the ice.

I would say our main objective is to grow the game and show people these guys, personalities, they’re, just like you and I and all it’s it’s pretty cool living the dream. So it on, like I said it to his coach Mark Crawford head, kicked him Crawford being suspended. Something simple said: he never intended and just 4 days ago, hall-of-famer Jeremy Roenick was fired from NBC after he joked on the podcast about sex with a co-worker, but Bisson sits down in his Phoenix apartment to record the podcast. He may feel like he’s back in the locker room, but realizes what he says here could make headlines.

I personally don’t like the added pressure of maybe now some people hanging on her turn word. I know I said I’m just some clown who has an opinion and I think that the fighting aspect of it, the coaching issue at the start of the Season there are some in pet subject that we do have to chime in on, and you know I guess It’S hard, maybe seeing some of the replies with the people that disagree with you, but all in all, as I mentioned before, we just kind of want to fly under the radar and just do our thing answer. Bissonnet doing his thing means: do we building his brand? He’S secured deals with American Express and McDonald’s the professional lacrosse team in Vancouver the Warriors brought him in to boost their profile, making a business to video on the counter.

. We’Re fans gave him a rockstar reception struggles with anxiety in the lingering effects of head trauma from all those fights and so before, taping the podcast a little cannabis self-medication to settle his nerves and get into the the unfiltered unpredictable biznasty. That’S made the podcast so popular. That was a certain style and it’s my style. If you ain’t down with it, I don’t really give a f*** cuz. Most of the guys tripping me on there are there still ones wearing those in Affliction jeans with a white lace in it, and he braces himself for a little blow back on social media, specifically in Canada.

A lot of my audience is that enjoy that they don’t want to be shamed for liking, that type of humor. I don’t think we’re bad people we just in all week. We flirt with that line a little bit.
Former NHL player Paul Bissonnette has found success off the ice thanks to an unfiltered and sometimes controversial hockey podcast, Spittin’ Chiclets.

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