Patriots forfeit the benefit of the doubt because of 2007 taping – Dan Graziano | Outside The Lines

By | December 11, 2019

Patriots forfeit the benefit of the doubt because of 2007 taping – Dan Graziano | Outside The Lines
Patriots forfeit the benefit of the doubt because of 2007 taping – Dan Graziano | Outside The Lines
I think a lot of people here that and say wait. Why is he still talking about taking it up against the line, but we’re not crossing the line, but we still try to look for the edge that kind of language. I think, for many will sound like: when did the Patriots lose to believe that this wasn’t some sort of spying situation? I think that the question that led to that answer reference the 2007 Spygate situation so he’s speaking in that context, a look, maybe there was where we played a little more fast and loose with a, but we learned our lesson from that and now not only are We not guilty here, but we are very, very super careful to stay away from Intuit specifically did reference 07 and it was on. It will help determine what happened. If your shows they have an advance Scout right, and so they Vance got a family events. I’M sitting here and I’m looking at the field and the video cruise over my shoulder and showing me looking at the field and there’s a background shot of the Bangles that is illegal and then, if you’re, the league, you have to do a further investigation find out. If there was communication between the football staff in the video staff or whether it really is a misunderstanding, as they’re saying so, I think that’ll determine what what actually the video shows will determine what next step the leg feel that does or doesn’t have to take. We talked about was the Patriots talked about how the Patriots back then used to sort of perpetuate the scheme of spine Patriots. Videographers were told to look like media members tape over their team logos with a videographer spider, with excuses for what to tell NFL security. If asked what they were doing, tell them you’re filming the quarterback for the kickers or footage for a teen show. Now this is from back in 2015, but when you hear that what do you make of this as price of perhaps this situation is a situation where everybody goes to their Corner ride, the Patriots fans will say all they’re out to get us again. The non Patriots fans will say all other cheating again and absolutes that doesn’t help. The problem is like in 2007, they were, they were found guilty of doing. They were fine $ 750,000 between coach and team, and they were benefit of the doubt so now, when this comes up the Patriots again, while they’ve done this before, how can we assume they’re not guilty so that they’ve been very aggressive? Obviously they put the statement unusual once you get so there are plenty of reasons to believe that they’re telling the truth and partly because the Browns credentialed only like they were trying to sneak in they were coming and they got licensed and in Prudential to come. So there’s the reason to believe that, but again there there is history and there are people that are going to be suspicious because Austin so we’ll see what the NFL has to pay for it. And thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for more Sports. More analysis download the ESPN app in for live streaming Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN plus we’ll see you there.
Dan Graziano acknowledges that the New England Patriots completed all of the correct steps to film the Bengals vs. Browns matchup, but because of their past discretions, the benefit of the doubt can no longer be given to the organization.

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