Patrick Mahomes on Super Bowl LIV Win, “You dream about this stuff when you’re a kid”

By | February 14, 2020

Patrick Mahomes on Super Bowl LIV Win, “You dream about this stuff when you’re a kid”
Patrick Mahomes on Super Bowl LIV Win, “You dream about this stuff when you’re a kid”
I believe I believe, maximizing every single day. I mean not best thing to me. I take it one day at a time organization, with a lot of great players around me, make my job a lot easier, but I know it’s going to take a long time to consistency. Personal urine compete. Yeah I mean I just compete, compete that mean that’s the biggest thing so take it one day at a time, I believe in the guys I have around me. I believe that we’re going to go down there and find a way to score, and we did nothing. It’S just a credit to all my teammates.

I mean honestly just for them to to believe in me after the how I was planning a third quarter and believe it I’ma go out there and keep fighting matter. What and then gotten those guys making Place yeah. It was amazing, it really was who was the winner Lamar Hunt trophy? I wanted to bring it home the one that has our Founders name name all I want to bring it to this family in this organization in the second, most important thing was to get coat. Read Super Bowl trophy, I mean he’s one of the greatest coaches of all time.

He needed the Lombardi trophy does to prove that. But just to do that I mean it just get put all doubt doubt aside he’s going to be listed as one of the all-time great coaches in history whenever it whenever, whenever he wants me down with the whole prison. , which one was 44 yards, they were playing. This kind of Robert coverage, all game long for the sage, was coming down a kind of Robin Rd cross routes and we had a good flight call on where we had Kelsey do a little like Studdard across and when we had tyreik getting one-on-one with that safety.

With but the biggest thing is that we needed really good for texting and it is a long route and it was actually the same play. We win against New England in the playoffs last year, Skyline until we got good protection by the office. When I gave me enough time and I’ll put it out there, it’s pretty amazing the dynasty or whatever you want to call it. The Patriots have had these last 15 to 20 years, and so for me it’s about taking one year at a time we came up short last year. We understood how hard of a Challenger was the disposition of a way to do it, and we understand next year that we come back and we enjoyed.

I think we take a one-year time one day at a time and try to put together. I was trying to fight security captopril. I had me doing drills next next Tuesday, or something like that. You have to leave you all alone when you’re in the Super Bowl. When I try to do that and I’ll try to stay away from getting talked like that. If I can, as long as we keep the people that we have in this organization on this team, with the coach that we have, I think that we have a chance to be good a year and a year out.

But it’s still like. I said it’s not going to be easy. I mean I’m sitting here right now and I know that sheer play a lot of great football teams, what a great football teams in this weekend. So you understand that, but that was just how the game turned out. I mean those guys were getting upset a lot of trade defense alignment in the recovering downfield until we try to take some shots later in the game until the game short career and said it was amazing to win yeah. I mean, like I said earlier, I mean 8 and he’s one of the best coaches of all time and it any already was before we won this game, but we wanted to get that trophy just cuz.

He deserved it. I mean to work. He puts in day-in-and-day-out. Is there like 3 in the morning, at least at 11, all think he sleeps and I’ll try to beat him in, and he never can then so he’s someone that works harder than anyone I’ve ever known and he deserved it until I’m glad that we were able To go out there and get that there’s several guys I can be the face of the NFL. I mean, I think, that’s just what the NFL and how good the play is. The quarterback played on guys can come in here in and year out and go out there and and and play great football Miramar was the unanimous MVP.

Last night we had one of those the best seasons of all time as a quarterback position, and so there’s guys like that. It seems like every single year, quarterback still a lot of bettering guys that very at a very high level. And so I try to be the best Patrick Mahomes I can be and trying to win football games with the guys at around me. Yeah I mean get this trophy: bring it home to Kansas City and get to enjoy this with them. I mean it is with them every single year of the passion and the love that they have for us to go out there and be the best people to in the best players weekend, bring it to the Kansas City and get to enjoy with everybody.

That was the biggest thing Spanish I mean until the game is over. It’S it’s it’s it’s not over. I mean until even though we had how is Yoga, they never catches. Their attention away is always there, but he went up and got that thing and so he’s he made a great play. The defense played their tail off in the fourth quarter. To get us a ball bag cuz, I’m a good team, a good offense, and I do a lot of great things. Yeah, the first one that was kind of believe is the one also supposed to spread out to the right and when I Sprint out to the right, as I can kind of move that linebacker out of the way and set the edge really hard.

And so I stopped when I stop the linebacker stop tonight. I knew it at right, as I threw the ball, that it was going to be a good thing and so hit him right between the five in the four. So that wasn’t that’s never good, and so then the second one Tyreke was open early. I kind of got to him late. I thought behind them and slow them down to the front but play, and so for me it’s just the mindset. Imma, keep firing at and Country Day tells me that every single time I just keep firing, and so they definitely heard us question is amazing.

It really is, I’m glad you dream about this stuff when you’re a little kid, and I just I just try to go out there and then be the best person. I can be every single day and – and I enjoy this every single day.
Watch Patrick Mahomes’ full post game press conference from Super Bowl LIV.

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