Parent says new online viral challenge left teen injured

By | February 14, 2020

Parent says new online viral challenge left teen injured
Parent says new online viral challenge left teen injured
A new dangerous viral video prank is making the rounds on social media. It’S called the skull breaker Challenge and it involves an unsuspecting victim caught on camera. Ctv’S Christa sharp spoke with a Cambridge mother who says her daughter, victim Krista spell Rosie the mother of a grain. On Preston, Tien is concerned that someone could get seriously hurt a warning that some of the videos will see could be upsetting to some viewers. The prank also could easily live up true to its name and caused a head injury.

Friends convince someone to jump up in the air as a part of a video, but once the unknown victim is off the ground, their feet are kicked out from under forcing them to fall. Joanne steenkamp says her daughter was a victim of this viral video Trent called the skull breaker challenge. She ended up falling. She had hit her hip really hard. She also has a sore shoulder and Brew on her elbow. It was a concrete floor. She could have hit her head and she Chick-fil-A her daughter. A Grade 9 student hero Preston, high school was not seriously injured, but she sharing her story and hopes that no other student will be either and even local elementary students have heard of.

I think it’s dumb people got hurt yourself really bad, I think, but it’s actually kind of dumb butt. Cuz the one person will get hurt. My dad told me not to try it on other parents will do the same, just educate them, educate yourselves, educate them check their phones check The Tick-Tock videos, listen to what they’re talking about and what they find humorous in kids Think Twice the Apparently these videos, these Kids have watched so they know the aftermath of it. So my you know just my comprehension to knowing what the aftermath is.

Why would you do it? The water region District School Board said it will not be commenting on the issue, but Joanna steenkamp says she was told by the school principal at the other.
A Cambridge, Ont. mom says her daughter was a target of a dangerous prank called the Skull Breaker Challenge.

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