Over 1,100 Former Justice Department Officials Call For Barr To Resign | MSNBC

By | February 17, 2020

Over 1,100 Former Justice Department Officials Call For Barr To Resign | MSNBC
Over 1,100 Former Justice Department Officials Call For Barr To Resign | MSNBC
Attorney general bloombars efforts to intervene, intervene rather in the criminal case against Trump Ally, Rodger Stone to sparking new outrage. Today, in fact, more than 1,100 former Justice Department officials from both parties have signed a statement urging bar to resign as attorney general. Now is one of those former officials who has signed about letter, former Federal prosecutor in assistant, us attorney, Nelson Cunningham, where the welcome to you. Why did you sign this letter and how significant is this? I mean the numbers Nelson are growing by the hour and the right now it’s I think at 1143 signatures.

That’S a lot of the most important Norms we have is that are justice department prosecute based on the evidence. Established policy? This is what, for 200 years, is given the American people, the comfort that we will not prosecute people for political purposes, and we won’t let people off the look for political purposes. There is a strict protocol, that’s been around at least 40 years. They that governs contact than the White House and the Department of Justice precisely to limit White House in floor on the career prosecutors at the Department of Justice who bring these cases.

I was hired by Rudy Giuliani. I served under Ronald Reagan. I served under George HW Bush and the first year of the Clinton administration. We never discuss politics in the office in New York and that’s the way it should be. I’Ve heard a lot of people say, including on this broadcast yesterday, that his reputation is permanently tarnished. What do you think of that? I served under bil-bar the last time when he was attorney. General has a very young man and we all thought that he acquitted himself very, very well in that job, what he was given.

The the appointment of Attorney General last year replace Jeff sessions. I was one of those who applauded it because it because of his reputation for being a fair balance: conservative but mainstream legal figure. He has really disappointed those whose did he would be focused on the on the impartial adjudication that we expect from Attorney General, which are full of quotes. This is the New York Times And The Washington Post and others full of quotes of current and former prosecutors, especially the current prosecutors in offices all around the country who are worried.

The cases they I’m working on will be influenced by the Attorney General Channel and the president. That’S outrageous, these two just please, the president by reviewing cases that he’s personally or politically invested in, do you have any understanding as to why top leadership is associating themselves with this kind of focus. Are you concerned it’s for Retribution? Retribution is certainly a worry after we saw what President Trump did after his acquittal by the Senate. Would he immediately began punishing the career and even medical people that he had appointed, who had testified under oath in the in the impeachment matter? He did not wait more than 48 hours before imposing restrictions.

You know, I fear in a second Trump term, when he no longer worries about the voters and he no longer worried about impeachment for me, send it that has so many Republicans. What limits will there be on the president’s intervention into the war, the Department of Justice? I think that’s a terrible Prospect. Thank you so much just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos.
Following the fallout from handling of Roger Stone’s case, over 1,100 former Department of Justice officials have signed a letter calling for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr. One of those signees, Nelson Cunningham, joins Alex Witt to explain why the letter is condemning Barr’s “interference in the fair administration of justice.”» Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc

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Over 1,100 Former Justice Department Officials Call For Barr To Resign | MSNBC

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