Ont. family angry at Punta Cana resort over sick son’s treatment

By | December 10, 2019

Ont. family angry at Punta Cana resort over sick son’s treatment
Ont. family angry at Punta Cana resort over sick son’s treatment
Dial to see videos exclusive, the vacation nightmare for an Ontario family with a young son, fell ill in the Dominican Republic. He’S a ride home and joined us with the details and zorayda. They also claim a deposit was demanded to give him an MRI. The family says, while they were concerned for their son’s Health, they will be coming increasingly concerned about whether his care was being prioritized. It was their first family trip together a vacation to Punta Canta, to celebrate a birthday stair and Burleigh says the first few days were going well at the Fantasia Bahia put on the 5th day. Something went wrong. All the sudden have convulsions and became unconscious. It was the scariest moment of my wife’s. In my life side, we need to rush your son to the hospital cuz we’re concerned and he needs to undergo an MRI and some additional testing longer than 10 minutes. I saw a hospital that we passed, so I would ask like why aren’t we there? Yet? Why haven’t we stopped and there was no response the hospital and run more tests. They wouldn’t accept his medical travel insurance instead asking for a deposit of $ 3,000 us after an argument or an armed guard was present Eliza. My son, I was demanded to pay $ 1,000 us before I left for the consultation they gave him and one antibiotic staying was just a few kilometers away, but they were taken instead to a hospital more than 22 km away stare and says he questioned the resort Manager, the next day, the hospital. So if an incident happens, they transport them to that hospital, regardless of distance, are at their Resort. The Burleigh family says they are speaking out wanting families to do their homework before they leave for vacation. When you go on vacation, I like to think that I trust the hotel I’m staying at and if something in Annette happens to a child while they’re in not Resort. The least. I expect is that they’re guided in the right direction to the proper Healthcare who told the Burley that Hunter had either a viral or bacterial infection which caused the high fever and the seizure. He now has a clean bill of health on the right. All my Michelle back to you
After his son became sick while at a resort in Punta Cana, Darren Burley said that staff sent them to a hospital 35 minutes away.

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