One person dead after massive 30-car pileup on Ontario highway

By | December 10, 2019

One person dead after massive 30-car pileup on Ontario highway
One person dead after massive 30-car pileup on Ontario highway
Good evening we begin with breaking news: one person is dead after a massive 30 car pile-up that shut down part of Highway 401 in Kingston, westbound 401 near Highway 15. All lanes are now shut down and cars are being routed off the highway 401 at the Joyce Phil exit, Kingston General Hospital about 15 to 20 patients injuries. The Code Orange has since been lifted, and this is what the highway looks like this afternoon in Kingston. This view is near the Sir Johnny McDonald Boulevard exit, which is about 8 km west of the highway 15 exit. Where the road is closed, you can see drivers were forced to deal with increasingly snowy conditions. Southern Ontario, a 24 old woman from st. Catharines, was killed in a collision this morning on the Queen Elizabeth way, just west of the city, the woman’s car struck, a transport truck roads were closed for several hours in police in the area. Safe for conditions will continue overnight, we’re dealing with Collision all across other region. As we speak right now, it’s going to continue to be a day of driving all across the GTA through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning as well. Drivers. Beware: roads in Southern Ontario are expected to rain slippery through the 9th
One person is dead after a massive 30-car pileup on Highway 401 near Kingston following a heavy dose of winter weather impacting roads.

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