Omarosa: Trump Has Failed To Affect Black Lives Since He’s Been President | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

Omarosa: Trump Has Failed To Affect Black Lives Since He’s Been President | MSNBC
Omarosa: Trump Has Failed To Affect Black Lives Since He’s Been President | MSNBC
Donald Trump has continued to Trump at his accomplishments in the black community. He did it in the state of the union. He does it all the time he talks about organizations like blacks for Trump give me a sense of of where African-American sit in terms of their goal, their economic and their social Mobility goals and Donald Trump, and when you say that they’re wondering why I’m here, I Think I need to tell you that, as the national director of this very big challenge, the challenge of getting African American voters for the Republican party as a whole was that they didn’t have policies that African-Americans really thought supported or Advance their agendas.

And so when Donald Trump became the nominee and ultimately became the president, they thought there would be policies at work out and work for their benefit. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has not worked on behalf of African-Americans, and now they know it. They know that the as are just lip service and that he is not follow through on many of the commitments, don’t forget his campaign of what do you have to lose it? So when you look at Donald Trump and his surface-level actions in terms of Outreach, an African-American, they still can’t get past his response to Charlottesville or the fact that he aligned himself with white supremacy.

So he has a lot of work to do and they now know him because he has a track record before we were working with nothing. But what did you these ideas? Did you believe them? Did you believe that for African Americans you got nothing to lose by voting for Donald Trump and then he would actually do meaningful things for African Americans associate director of presidential Personnel at the time when I met Donald Trump, he was a Democrat and so his policies At the time align with my policy, so let’s be very clear about my track record.

In terms of where I stand on certain issues and some of the things that he did after he got into office, we’re not known to African-American voters and he did enjoy it. 8 % turnout for African American votes, 13 % among African-American men, and so if someone asks a question, someone with 20 years of political experience. So let’s talk about Donald Trump, first and foremost, Donald Trump has said and lip service only that he wants African American votes. But we can now examine his policy and regards to education when he talks about recipe for the economy and African-American to make decisions for themselves as to whether or not they’re better off now than when he became president and where they were when he became president.

There are people who seen their wages, increase, not the same way as other wages of increased band members, central significance, contingent of social conservatism in the African American Community candidate Trump. At that time, what we heard from African-Americans is that the the Democratic party had taken them for granted had just assumed that they were going to automatically vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is, and that’s not the case African Americans were showing that they can in fact Move away from someone who they support it wholeheartedly, I think 93 % of African Americans voted for Barack Obama and his last election is so now.

What we’re saying is African-American start taking a close look at Vidant at Bloomberg at Bernie Sanders, because they how to see who, in fact that only supports their agenda, but who can defeat Donald Trump. Most of what I hear from African-Americans are who are? Who is going to be the strongest candidate to defeat the current occupant of the White House? Wasn’T talking about blacks for Trump for a second? What is this group? Is it? Is it the same people who supported Donald Trump last time around them were actors? Some of them were hired.

Some of them bore were paid to be there. Not many of them were sincere holistic, organic supporters of Donald Trump, a lot of the Antics that you see. What these signs and the rally the call our people were strategic strategically placed in his rallies as kind of window dressing. I mean to some of the things that go on behind the scenes of the Trump Campaign, which kind of make your head spin, but I think that we are all now kind of hit to the fact that Donald Trump puts on great production. In terms of reality, TV, we know that he draws degrading, but in terms of effecting African Americans lives, he’s failed to do that in the last three years, as president arose egregious watching MSNBC on YouTube.

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Omarosa: Trump Has Failed To Affect Black Lives Since He’s Been President | MSNBC

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