Officials provide an update on Pensacola naval base shooting

By | December 10, 2019

Officials provide an update on Pensacola naval base shooting
Officials provide an update on Pensacola naval base shooting
Check check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, hahaha Uno setting. Now you have to have this plugged in here. Make sure you set it Whataburger near just for fun play come to an end yea, although picture Facebook. Can you call if you don’t have a wife, that’s good, where’s, Morgan, yeah, there’s more than maybe something to happen now a spot for what been able to get a briefing from the command leadership here at the Navy base. I also spoke with the FBI and spoke with the president, I’m about about the situation and has a Navy veteran anyone. The Navy knows that this is a special place for Flight Training, and so this is a dark day for for a very great great place. I think it is that only strikes at the heart of the community here in Northwest Florida, but throughout the Navy Nationwide and really round the world, because of so many people that have been involved in this base in one way or another. And I know that the president is actively monitor, I’m in the White House and the thoughts and prayers go out at everybody. I we at the State of Florida, I’m have already dispatched support or Department of Emergency Management, a mental health coordinator to talk to any of the witnesses not for whatever support are they can get Department of Children and Families has sent the mobile response team at the Hospital we have fatality who we also have people who are wounded some like the skin surgery, so we’re praying hard for those folks. I think there’s obviously going to be a lot of questions about your this individual being a foreign National being a part of the the Saudi Air Force and then to be here. Training on are similar to do this, and the FBI is working with one of the things that I talked to the president about his given that this was a foreign National in the employ of a foreign service. It’Ll be time to do this by, but obviously the government of Saudi Arabia needs to to make make things better for these victims, and I think that they are going to owe a debt here I’ll give him that this is one of their individuals. What I can tell you is response that we saw from the deputies at Escambia County some of the active-duty Personnel responding to the scene. You’Ll hear more in-depth to some of these stories as the days go on, but I can tell you live save because of the response of people, both in uniform with the Navy and uniform with Escambia, County and Insulin one of the darkest days. I think of the bases history, you still saw some of bravery and grit come out, and even people who had been wounded themselves thinking about others and what could be done to save others. And so those stories are inspiring and keeps us going on a very otherwise very bad day and with I’m going to bring out the base commander very, very difficult day for us for our families, the Navy family. Here all I can tell you is that I am absolutely in awe of the response by our Sailors by ours and a civilian DOD Escambia County Sheriff’s Department. There’S some real heroin today I mean real heroism. It made me I’m devastated. We are. We are in Shock, this is so real, but I couldn’t be prouder to wear the uniform that I wear because of my brothers and sisters and uniform civilian or otherwise, that they, what they did today to save lives and four brothers and sisters here in the State Of Florida and with Escambia County Emergency Management on the sheriff’s department from Ibotta my heart. Thank you. Thank you for support Governor when, when it finally sinks in what has happened here, the most important thing going forward for us to support at the families they are family. There are family Family Care Department of Navy. So that’s where most of our efforts will be going through supporting those families in the people that are been affected by this terrible tragedy, injured, Navy personnel as the governor is Captain kinsella, while A Dark Day. The best of Who We Are one of us needs help. Everybody response: I will tell you this morning: I’ve been more than impressed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US attorney’s office and all of those folks that want to call went out. You didn’t need to look behind you who is following you through that door, because you knew they were all standing behind you and they were there together and so we’re in a recovery mode right now this is going to be a lengthy investigation. Do not expect quick answers, there’s going to be some parts of this investigation, not only that we are part of with the FBI in the 80s and the state of thority that you may never have access to. Just because of the fact of of again the nature of the case and who were dealing with that will be extremely frustrating for you. This is something I talk about in your government in your elected officials today that no one speaks when it’s called trust. You going to have to trust us we’re going to tell you what you need to know to keep our communities and our state in our nation. Safe and I want to also assure you that, from the men and women of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, who are more than proud to serve we day that you will hear the truth from us as best we can tell you pray for the Navy personnel they’re Grieving mothers and fathers today who will never recover from this day. If you don’t believe me, let me give you a David Morgan test. Remember the names of who was wounded and killed here today and you won’t you won’t, but if today was a member of your family that was Wonder to kill today this day will be etched in your for the rest of your life. That’S what the families of the Navy personnel are dealing with today. They need your prayers, they need your comfort and that’s why. This morning I asked for your assistance in helping us deal with this case. We’Re going to get there give us a little bit of time and we’ll provide all of the answers that we can for you. You can be proud of your community. You can be proud of your Navy, thank God for the United States of America. Thank you Governor. Thank you so much for being here in as part of that too, and I just want to say out to all of our skinny County, resin City Pensacola. How grateful we are that you your here. We certainly gotten calls from a congressman or senator oh, and even the White House in certainly they’ve expressed anything that they can do for our community. They are willing to do, and so we very much appreciate that this is a tragic day for Philly Pensacola again, I think the world of our car base commander here, Captain kinsella, who always says that, as goes the base so goes to town and, as goes to Town so goes the bass, there’s a deep affinity and relationship between pencil in a s in the City of Pensacola, and certainly the men and women that work here in and serve our country every day. This is a sad day, but I think some of the things that were said there that you’ve heard of this is also a community of great resiliency, and I am confident that both in a s in the City of Pensacola will bounce back from this day and Be stronger as we go through, but again, I’m certainly in support of everyone, and certainly want to thank all of our First Responders, especially does Escambia County sheriff’s deputies that got here and took care of neutralizing the threat, in certainly all of our Pensacola police officers that Were here assisting a we had Mass from Escambia County as well as fire and rescue from both Escambia Canon City Pensacola, we certainly all of our First Responders and what they do everyday to keep us protected. You never know when you’re going to have a day like December 6th. So again, thank you to all those individuals who service everyday and take care of us that switched the professionalism you can expect from the city Pensacola Escambia County, and we certainly appreciate all of all those who become the governor everyone else. The State of Florida has reached out to us all State and I we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.. Please continue to keep thinking about Pensacola in a s and the people there and we will bounce back from this. Thank you. I think the FBI probably going to brief you guys and do time and I think they’re they’re leading for it. But when you have a foreign National involved in that part of the world that he gave, then if it were just somebody from a local community and – and I think you’ll see that as things go on – maybe help people understand the background nature of what the training Program is why someone from Saudi Arabia was stranger at the captain. If he wants to international trading, which we have students from from several different countries that come here, they learn Aviation they become Naval aviators, weather here is something we’ve been doing for quite a while and see what our partner Nations it’s it’s important., Cross-pollination., Cross-train that we Do with her is. This is something that’s been for a long time I mean World War II. We had Royal Air Force folks, they were training here, there’s always been International students training here cuz, it’s a good place to train, is good quality training. I can speak to the exact number of international students at the time of the shooting suspect was a member of the Saudi Arabian airport. I don’t want to. I don’t want to get into that. That’S that’s! Up to the FBI took a picture investigation to to see exactly it would be speculation on my part 2 again, I’m not going to speak to where he was in the pipeline, or it were his exact training right now that sell weapons are not authorized. That’S for me to speak and hear because our security measures, while they’re there we can for sales for recently fired. If I talk to you about ask you to measure, but I will say that we practice to this. This is part of our training master-at-arms and their civilian DOD, along with Escambia County and and the sheriff department on West Pensacola Police Department. We trained to active shooter scenarios regularly. We just did one recently, so this is we never expected, but we train for it, and we remain ever vigilant for respect how to confident that he was acting alone. I’M not going to speculate on the particulars of the investigation or exactly what happened. How do I appreciate that instube kind of reinforced what Captain kinsella just said? We do active shooter training, it’s both on-site training and also a computer simulations that we trained with the dod police in the master Don’s program in the Navy, and so this was an actual exam. And how do we react to this and how do we communicate with each other, and so, unfortunately, that training was put to the test today, I’ll tell you it’s hard to speak to that without tearing up, I could not be prouder of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. They ran to the fight not from the fight and even though they knew there was an active shooter and again the chances of putting your life in danger or great guess where they went they went inside. So let me tell you, the best of our community was on scene today and that’s why I turned out the way it did. The call came in we had officers that were available. It was about a 3 to 5 minute response to call came in at 10 minutes to 7 this morning. I won’t get into a lot of specifics on that because of the FBI investigation in here. Let me explain why we don’t do that folks. The whole lot of witnesses out there that are listening to these programs that are on social media texting each other. The worst thing in law enforcement that can happen to you is for me to get a second third and fourth and story from an eyewitness from someone who was there. Who has it understanding of what occurred this morning, but now they’re reading all the texts that they sent? People and people have sent back to them and what they see on the television tonight, and so that memory, which is very distinct right, now becomes clouded. And now we’ve begun to tell a when did story. Was it really what I observed, What You observe people, so we want to be very careful with that. That’S why I really think is: Captain can sell his told you unfortunately many times we don’t want to get into that, because if you were a witness, I would want where you at in the building. What time you were there, when did you hear the first shot? You know what did you do with your actions? There? Did you ever get eyes on the shooter Etc? Did you help evacuate the building for developing timelines even to the point of angle of trajectory for students coming from the facts established that we have unfortunately, now 4 Dead, 8 injured? It was a handgun shooter. I am not answering or confirming it not because I’m something to beat right, it’s, because I’m not the cognizant Authority for this investigation. What that means is the FBI. The ATF to NCIS on base are the lead agencies on this. We are a support element in so while I have the answer to your I’m, not at Liberty to answer them wait, we now have an additional person. We can come out later everybody. Thank you very much for your time. Thank you. @ fbi, Jacksonville Sunday,
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