Officials hold a news conference on Pensacola shooting

By | December 10, 2019

Officials hold a news conference on Pensacola shooting
Officials hold a news conference on Pensacola shooting
Everybody everybody Pensacola this morning, active shooter incident, approximately 6:30 a.m. we got two colors and active shooter in one of our buildings. The base is currently shut down. The active shooter has been neutralized. We are working with local law enforcement and with the FBI in our afterwards. They said the base is shut down, will be shut down until further notice until we can really understand the situation. But the important thing is that the is no longer an active shooter situation. We do have several deceased and several wounded. My heart goes out to those families of the deceased and other wounded they’re part of the Navy family. They are they’re part of us, and our heart goes out to those of you who may be affected by this tragedy. I just never working with local law enforcement and federal entities right now, I’d like to pass over to the Mirror an important part of our community for 200 years. This has been a part of the City of Pensacola and are heartless were military town. Our hearts and prayers are connected to all those that serve us everyday, and certainly the expectation that this would happen here at home was unexpected. But I can tell you that all of our sympathies are with the men and women who are out here on the space, and we are we are currently in a support role. We will continue to do that. We are certainly thinking about all those individuals who are still hospitalized and our thoughts and prayers are with. I will say this is a resilient community community. We will overcome this, but today this is certainly a tragic day and I thoughts and prayers are with all of them. Let me say for those of you locally, if you have no business over on this part of Washington, please do not come over here. Everything is, we will continue to have our police officers with the sheriff’s officers at keeping people from over here at this particular time. So, if you don’t have business over here, please do not come over to this side of town. But again, thank you very much for the opportunity. You’Re just Express how our condolences and our sorrows for those here at the at the Naval Air Station. The call went out to to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office central dispatch that there was an active shooter on the Naval Air Station Pensacola. We had two units immediately respond to come behind the course. While we would have do a full disclosure with you this morning about everything that we are aware of, quite obviously, we cannot do that. There are things that we are now in the investigative process that are required to be held back by not just the Escambia County. Sheriff’S Office, but are leave Federal, the FBI and the ATF, and the associated Federal partners that we have in the US attorney’s office is also present. Is the mayor said. I want to assure our community that the the threat has been negated. Our community is secure at this time. We have no reason to believe or or are we looking for any additional scooters with in Escambia County, not just within the parameters of NES Pensacola. I will tell you this strikes home particularly hard for me. Retired military member walking through the crime scene, was like being on the set of a movie and is the mayor. Eloquently put you just don’t expect this to happen at home? This doesn’t happen, Escambia County, it doesn’t happen in Pensacola it doesn’t he into our friends and neighbors, who are members of the United States Navy, but it did and it has and so for now we’re here to pick up the pieces. We have two officers at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in the initial response that negated the threat now in a local hospital. We expect him to fully recover. It was a member of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office that didn’t negate the threat. I will share that with you. It was one of our officers that did that is the captain said we have today or excuse me as of right now we do have for deceased and approximately eight total. That includes the ones that have deceased by the way there that are injured the crime scene processing continues under the auspices of the FBI and the ATF. We are landing all local assistance that we have to this effort, everything from command buses to Reno crime scene techs. If they are so needed, we ask for the prayers to the other community and we asked for the assistance of the press. Please be patient. These things are ever-evolving. You may hear a Miss statement from one of us at this juncture. Why? Because we got a lot of moving Parts in this machine and we’re all trying to get it in sync, and so, if something comes back later that we have to cry, I would ask that you not be overly critical. The reason why I say that is this, as we have grieving families at this moment, that the Navy, now with her grief, counselors and with Aris at the Escambia County Sheriff’s office, or going out to handle the human side of a police action. We need your assistance with that. We need your partnership at this point and we have enough critics in our community and we ask that you assist us. So if we reach out to you as a member of the press and ask for that assistance, I asked that you come forward with it. If that’s at this juncture, I will stop and I believe Captain kinsella wants to open it for questions. I will answer any questions that we can afford open for questions. I just want to say publicly how grateful we are of the assistance from the sheriff’s department. As the sheriff said, I wish I had a couple of his deputies that neutralized the the active shooter. It could have been a lot worse if we didn’t have the response that we did for my local Partners so shorts. Thank you. Thank you for your support and thank you for the candy for your support. Also, this is like this is a community effort and sewed any questions. I don’t want you to talk about the issue at this time we talked about where on-base it happened. Yes, it happens in one of our classroom buildings at this time. Don’T know if it wasn’t were there people working on. I don’t necessarily worry folks time. I’D appreciate a question, but where we’re working toward is best, we can to make sure that the right people know what the right time and we don’t do it through the media. But thank you. Yeah they’re, the two deputies that initially engaged the suspect was shot in the arm and woman shot in the knee. The one that shot in the arm is being treated at a local hospital and the one that was shot in the knee is currently in surgery both expected. What was the response time from when the shots first rang out to you know when, when the deputies engage, doesn’t I can tell you, we have a Precinct nearby, we got the was that sheriff Morgan mentioned about nine minutes before 7, and we had officers here within. Just a couple of minutes, they quickly went to the location, as the captain said, the building in which the active shooter was hitting it covered a couple different floor. This is a rather large building the deputies and those are assisting agencies from the Pensacola Police Department. Fhp FDLE, and in all that you see around here, I worked in conjunction to neutralize the threat and that’s why there was not more loss of life chip, Simmons Simmons on the chief Deputy from Sheriff’s Office Building, as Sheriff mentioned, when you get into the seem like That it is a bit like a movie because you have spent shell casings all over, but the first thing you want to do is to make sure that the threat is no longer a threat to neutralize that threat and then, secondarily, what you want to do with You present a to the to the and that’s why what we have is we had eight individuals that were transported to a local hospital, one of those later succumb to the injuries, and then we have three others that remain at the building, and that is part of The active crime scene like I, don’t even want to speculate on that, but this time I preach the question, but it’s it’s nothing. We want to speculate right, it’s just what we need to take care of and again that would be more appropriate. Coming from our federal agency, some when they’re prepared to give you an update on the on the conduct of the investigation and those sorts of questions, they’ll release that information 8 people affected by this, how many victims there are 4 people right now, when is the shooter And there are eight people currently at Baptist Hospital. One of them have had deceased and in their r33 room at the crime scene was a total of four of which have deceased. One of those four is the is the active shooter two deputies are included in the Wind. We we work with our local law enforcement party. To do that, we trained on this regularly. I can shoot her something that’s very in the front of our minds for secure department when they trained. So yes, yes, we do. We train where we do joint training and also part of that in my ways that we are a Response Unit to assist in ASM course. That’S what was put in place this morning was our that’s creative forces. There still the First Responders there and then the sheriff. Can you tell us what kind of weapon the shoot so be hard for something like this to happen at not being enough ever environment, but I don’t want to say which building it was. Jesus sensitivity still of releasing information. Notifications have not been completed. So if I heard the captain speak any more specific and you’re a mother father that has a son or a daughter, that’s in the Navy and their signs in the navy base and their assigned to this particular training area. Families know that, and so now you’re going to create again Panic within these families and that notification needs to be measured. It needs to come from us at the appropriate agency. I should say at that time, so we’re not trying to be evasive. There’S a point to that: it’s far families to that building or classroom going forward a movie with look at lessons learned from this and, if necessary, we will we’re not a organization. Stasis mean we’d, learn from events like this to ensure that we do it better. But I will say that I’m very, very proud of department head at the sheriff’s department with faded, so it could have been a lot worse. If we didn’t, we don’t train the way we do to try and minimize couch. I want to say that much about the shooter, but did he have business being on the base? Was he supposed to do this afternoon, and I will also tell you this is part of our protocol stepping outside the Navy side of it. We have a governor and elected officials that we need to also brief to ensure that they’re aware of what occurred in NES Pensacola. So there’s again there’s a moving Parts in this machine that you will get the information. That’S just you won’t get all that information right. Now., Have you heard from any of that I’ve heard from multiple issues with calls to opposed to governmental, state and local to offer their support in any way they can suspend very comforting to have all levels of government reaching out to us well for both comfort and Support given to the victims and their families, we have procedures in place. We have things that we do to ensure that it is, and I’m not going to get too far into that, but we have procedures in place. We wear the military tradition, fortunately more often than you’d like or whatever maybe she’ll work, Asia sistance officers will be following insert protocols to ensure that we take care of those people within American update that question to say that the governor’s office and the White House have Contacted us, the City of Pensacola, another contact, Escambia County as well and said any assets that they have would be available to us at this particular time. I think they we are., We told him we’re all assessing we’re supporting and we will. We will inform them as soon as we know what those requests would be, but they haven’t been in touch with us, and I know I talked with commissioner Bender. He said they’ve also been in touch with Escambia County as well. Two calls from Senator Scott’s office this morning. So no trust me. The relationship runs deep here, and this is one of those times anything. We need we’re going to get three-month-old trying to get what information do you have for when people people allowed back on base and again the base is secure. The number of people that have been injured transported have been reported to the community now not named specifically, but I would assure everyone that if you had a fan, remember this directly involved with this – that is local you’re going to be notified very quickly and again, I Want that’s why we want to delay most of those fears, those again who have suffered. You know the deceased. If you will end in the victim’s that will take a little bit low, but I’d like to Captain kinsella speak Russian in the bases I were working at. Getting them off base in an in an orderly manner. They are going to stay in place or remain in place until we can get them off the base in an orderly and safe Manner, and will be notifying those people building by building using the appropriate unit command. To ensure we have an orderly evacuation of the base of the close Personnel that that we need to get off. I need to get home to their loved ones time shots were exchanged, I think then rushed relationship. The question you asked about the deputies being shot is: is horrendous at this event has been in as much as our thoughts and prayers goes out to his victims. I think it is also important to note the heroism that took place this morning and that was from the the Navy police., The dod police, the Escambia County Sheriff deputies again, two of which got shot doing doing this. This response, but also are partners with a Florida Highway Patrol Pensacola Police Department, obviously I’ll state and federal Partners. So we can Auto snooze lose sight of the fact that they got here in short order. They neutralize the threat and again, as I mentioned before, so that there’s no for the loss of life. So, let’s just keep that the back of her mind as well as the thoughts that, if to those that are injured and certainly to the family, those who lost their lives are questions. I think you are very much. Ok.
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