Nova Scotia man creates bond with duckling he saved

By | December 10, 2019

Nova Scotia man creates bond with duckling he saved
Nova Scotia man creates bond with duckling he saved
There’S a store: that’s definitely going to make you smile, Ted, Daigle, rescued his pet duck Chuck as a duckling Nao Stickley small, in abandoned by his mother Chuck didn’t have much hope, but Chuck survived all thanks to Ted growing, healthy and becoming a state in the neighborhood. Even receiving a visit from a wildlife officer who commanded Ted on his work, Ted and Chuck join me now from their home in Antigonish. Today, hello, both of you and there she is. She is absolutely beautiful, nearest farm and across this farmer who had what I thought was a check in her shoulder turned out to be Chuck and she came up and said he said she found shot down by the river. She was abandoned by her. She wasn’t eating. She was quite and she’s like well, she might not make it, but if you want to come back and get her and razor feel free, so I ended up going home that night and I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I picked her up and she’s been with me ever since, so she like what is her personality like me to three times a week to stay clean. She runs around, but she always comes back to me at all times, so we can walk around. I can go out in the backyard I can go in the backyard and sit down and she’ll wander around the backyard, but you’ll never she’ll never go anywhere. She always stays close to me and officers came over to check on you and check and whatnot, and that turned out to be quite an experience because you got connected with her. I got a funny question: do you have a job and I was like well yeah? I do he’s like is it a mallard was like no Lakeshore feelfree, so he came out and he took pictures and he was like yeah. This is fantastic. This is totally fine, no problem here and he left no issues whatsoever. We have to pay cycle, it’s usually a hard Newsday. There isn’t a lot to celebrate, but you and Chuck a certain put a smile on our faces and we think to our RV spaces as well. Thank you. So much for your time. Youtube.
Nova Scotian man Ted Daigle explains how he saved a sick duckling from her untimely demise and creating a bond like no other.

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