No end in sight for strike

By | December 11, 2019

No end in sight for strike
No end in sight for strike
Watch now and James created through the transport strikes in the gridlock should be here in the studio and it’s pretty bad out there. Isn’T it one of the many hoping this? This is what Suburban train, it’s, not the Metro, new deficit coming. They took the days off this week with the public transportation of Harrison. U of M today’s moon. The massive amounts of people in the streets that sang at mainstream media will never show you this video, what wife to the police – and this one is expected to go on and on during the events were unhappy about this as well as currently in several were injured. So that you will. Association, the 5th of December, the last Thursday and they’re talking about very very nice pics of heavy-handed policing to the piece in the New York Times, went up on mine at night. What they’re saying is that Michael has really taken a big risk. Intern in tackling pensions and retirement, which is such a touchy issue with the tide, language, France and upper over pensions Michael may need one early I remain quite quite belligerent. Could it it could be at the decimal of many aspects of his presidency Apple. Today’S basically, in his Declaration of transparency to the government, has failed to mention that he was on the board and insurance tonight’s took down from another Ford where he was earning some $ 5,000 month of the Nephron. Taking to put, I thought, far sold at reforms. 12 alarm people angry that there has been no response from the government since authorized user very well. Thank you very much catastrophic paper Shuffle Workshop or something like that, but anyways
Another day of strike action – we take a look at some online buzz. Meanwhile, paper shuffling at the end of TV bulletins: a classic that sometimes goes awry. 

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