Nightly News Full Broadcast (February 16th)

By | February 17, 2020

Nightly News Full Broadcast (February 16th)
Nightly News Full Broadcast (February 16th)
Breaking news getting out hundreds of Americans finally evacuated from that quarantine, cruise ship off Japan. We know you’ve been through a lot: the new video from inside their flight back to the United States and now an American from another country. . Would you do five hundred hours of community service for free surgery, but still standing Elton John breaks down in tears while he had to cut his concert, shorts and there’s good news today, I’m from Romeo and Juliet still bringing soul mates together, ventrac and conditions on a Cruise ship docked in Japan with passengers under quarantine after an outbreak of the virus.

Today, Americans were finally allowed to leave the ship cruise wearing hazmat suits specially equipped with isolation Chambers, everyone on the flights wearing Matt. They are bound for US Air Force Base and then we’ll spend two more weeks under quarantine. Tonight’S, hundreds of Americans getting off the Diamond Princess honestly you’re much safer, getting off this ship. I would not stay on the ship if I were you leaving their room after nearly two weeks of quarantine, your home, getting a charter flight back to the US on the plane you described as an isolation chamber on board the cruise ship, 355 and all and 2/3 Of passengers have yet to be tested, a mountain concerned about the westerdam, the cruise ship, rejected by five countries before docking in Cambodia and American woman testing positive, but hundreds of passengers were allowed to leave the ship.

The virus could spread those who decided to not take the charter tap return to the us until March 4th at the earliest. According to a letter from the US Embassy, also left behind 46 Americans being treated here, isolation and cut off, I knew ordeal and Janice is with us, know: Janice. You said some American stayed behind. What are they need to do now to get off that ship? Well, they need to stay on the ship until Japanese authorities end the quarantine which would happen on Wednesday, but anyone returning home is going to take a little longer.

There is more breaking news tonight: deadly storm sweeping the South. Millions are on alert for major Flooding at this hour. Evacuations are underway in Mississippi with the governor there warning residents in some areas to leave now blayne Alexander Jackson, Mississippi in Jackson, Mississippi the mighty footprint of the Pearl River is growing. Just like your home street flooded with water across central Mississippi, this is a precarious situation, is expected to Crest at 38 Monday, the third highest level in 100 years get the spot where I was standing Yesterday by the fence, is now about 50 feet back and surrounded By water, 10 million people are currently under flood warning, including parts of Louisiana Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas 18 spent the day searching for sale at least 4 to safety.

Please be diligent in what you’re looking at and if it’s please evacuate, if it has taken time, I’m not going to worry about it. I did the most responsible thing I could do was get me and my family out of this house plans with us in Jackson. The governor said that once the Rivercrest sometime tomorrow that we’re possibly looking at another three to four days, maybe even a week before that water River, that’s another main part of the reason why this river is going to keep Rising until tomorrow morning.

Pay. Since a lot of water blame, thank you late today, search crews in Colorado with them was able to dig out of the snow. Bradley has latest the Colorado Avalanche information center said tonight. The bodies of the two men were recovered beneath the Avalanche 24 hours after 3. Snowmobile drivers triggered an avalanche near Vail. The third driver miraculously able to get out one of them managed to get himself out from underneath the snow was looking for his other partners and was doing something and getting them.

The trip had been risky one President’s Day weekend has the Colorado Avalanche earlier today saying some very large Avalanches are propagating in surprising unpredictable ways we have been seeing lately. The bottom line is we’re worried. Even the rescue effort was a risk with rescue workers telling volunteers to go home late yesterday evening. Who knows there could be an air pocket, there’s always a chance of survival. 16 days so far this year, Matt Bradley NBC News, more severe weather to tell you about this time.

In the UK, one of the strongest Atlantic has seen in years to Hurricane strength, storm Ireland and Wales with winds. Gusting, more than a hundred miles an hour made for a challenging Landing for this playing at London’s Heathrow Airport storm brought massive flooding to covering entire neighborhood, leaving many stranded inside their homes. Early voting has begun in Nevada ahead of this week’s caucus there. It is the next big test for the Democratic candidates and they’re ramping up their critiques of each other.

Garrett haake is on the trail in Las Vegas, who is the Democratic candidates descending on Nevada, mayor Pete buttigieg in Las Vegas, hoping to keep his early stayed hot streak going this morning on Meet the Press, Joe Biden hitting Bernie Sanders on Healthcare, a key issue in The Silver State nothing’s happened across the state. More than 12,000 nevadan cast their ballots this weekend in early voting after I was vote-counting, stumbles campaigns and boaters anxious to avoid a chaotic or confusing caucus process.

Next Saturday, are you high? When did the caucus process will go off without a hitch? Are Michael Bloomberg, the former New York city mayor riding a multimillion-dollar way the bad spending in 2, the races top-tier behind the Airways. He has to answer questions election Bloomberg and that is the American people are sick and tired of billionaires, buying abductions, Tinder won’t be on the ballot in Nevada betting on the super Tuesday States instead, and so far, with a laser focus solely on President Trump Trinity.

This week in Nevada will be that NBC debate. Do we know whether my Bloomberg will be there on stage one more poll of 10 % or better, naturally, to qualified for the debate for their part of the other product candidates want to see him on that stage. They want a chance to critique his record, and all those candidates are looking for some moments. Some opportunity, some small thing – to lift them up and help them get across the finish line here in Nevada come Saturday. Thank you. Watch the democratic debate right here on NBC.

This Wednesday night, 9 p. m. eastern time, Lester Holt, will be reporting from Las Vegas beginning tomorrow, night text, Health alerts, always-reliable also Elton John’s surprising announcement why he broke down in tears on stage a teenage boy says he’s alive today, thanks to his Apple watch, it alerted Him to a potentially deadly heart problem, so how accurate are those high-tech, wearable devices, Erin Mclaughlin report, helping calories condition? An alert is heart rate, skyrocketed to 190 beats per minute.

He texted his mom there’s something wrong he’s healthy. Like he’s an athlete white, why is my child heart rate going up? He was diagnosed with a condition called SVT. It causes rapid heart, beat to 280 in the middle of the night disease, including blood clots, kidney failure and heart arrhythmia, all bi monitoring, heart rate, the Fitbit Inspire monitors your heart 24/7. The Apple watch, 4-series, has a feature that allows you to give yourself an electrocardiogram. How accurate is a smartwatch? It is how you wearing it if you’re sweating, possibly even your skin color doctorsnow, keep tabs on Jocelyn’s heart using an internal monitor more sophisticated than the Smartwatch is future now possible thanks to new technology, ABC News glad for that family up next.

The extreme way people are paying off their medical bills, only some patients, volunteering hundreds of hours in exchange for free surgery, plus No Angel. The inspirational message now giving hope to many we’re back now with your money. Your life by high medical bills are a growing burden for a lot of household around the country and the uncertainty about how to pay is leading. I have Americans to take Extreme Measures to cover the cost and Thompson. Explain is over $ 18,000 for crushing medical bills.

I want to. cry online fundraisers medical campaign on GoFundMe and viral videos, Rising faster than incomes, pushing Americans to extreme Study last year from medical bills led to nearly 60 % of individual bankruptcies. Dr. David Blumenthal heads the Commonwealth fund, a foundation dedicated to improving the economics of healthcare and that he says means lowering cough. Is it a question of people not being insured or is it at turn of people being underinsured? Americans still, black health insurance and many many millions of others have insurance that is not adequate to protect them against the cost of care? Cuz he’s 12 ankle surgery in 6-years pushed to the brink of bankruptcy from past surgeries that we’re still working on that debt, giving patients the option to pay cash Finance the surgery or pay it off in volunteer hours at charities in Norfolk.

Nebraska. Two to be able to get care that they need that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a signed up for volunteer hours bill. I would have had to take out the equivalent of a car loan to do it to me. Thank you for allowing me the Dignity of being able to help take care of myself, some patients finding new ways to afford Better Health without being buried in bills and Thompson. Nbc News, New York, Superstar Elton John, made a surprising and emotional announcement today. She said: that’s it.

His boys forced the singer, stops his New Zealand concert early because he has walking pneumonia. The seventy-two-year-old thanks fans and then broke into tears before being held off stage, is touring his Farewell, yellow brick road tour. For wishing him a speedy recovery carved in the fresh snow outside the Cleveland Clinic, you can see it read, simply be brave. It was written by a woman whose mother was in a room above being treated for brain cancer. The hospital hoping to inspire others going through difficult time when we come back the hopeless romantic and making matches halfway around the world.

There’S good news this Valentine’s Day weekend about finding true love for decades, Letters to Juliet of Romeo and Juliet addressed simply to her hometown, which is write letters to Santa at the North Pole. Until one day, a group of locals decided to write back Verona, Italy, the fictional home of Romeo and Juliet here, Juliet’s Legacy lives on through thousands of letters three’s complicated. Once we try to give a real advice to everyone. Our volunteers reply personally each letter as a service for the love of 1972.

Everyone life, my life romantically, and I just thought about this movie. I saw once about the Juliet club and I started to wonder if that was a real thing. You’Re all Juliet. You found the real and took a risk. I find myself seeking advice from you. Life-Changing advice was for me to not give up on love and to knock you about my hope and SuperSU my interest for to my hobbies and just get out and meet more people. Truelove followed her and I be fell in love. We got married in a friend’s backyard here in Colorado and little over a year later, we were blessed with our son Mari open, your heart riding.

All of these things down in a letter is always a good thing. Talk to people about what those feelings are and don’t give up on love more about where to send the letters on our Facebook page. That is NBC Nightly News for this Sunday on case no, a belated happy Valentine’s Day and for all of us here have a great night. Our YouTube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.
Americans evacuated from quarantined cruise ship off Japan, floodwaters rising in Mississippi as river expected to crest at near-record high and Democratic candidates flock to Nevada ahead of caucuses.

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