New Zealand volcano too volatile for recovery, investigation

By | December 11, 2019

New Zealand volcano too volatile for recovery, investigation
New Zealand volcano too volatile for recovery, investigation
Demon smoke continue to rise into the clear blue sky above Island on the ground. A blanket of Ash covers part of the landscape. As a helicopter team searched for signs of Life, Newlyweds honeymoon tour in the volcano before it erupted. They survived and Matthew left his mother. A voicemail that shook her emotion, he was at the hospital, but his hands were severely burned. He really couldn’t use the phone in the immediate aftermath of eruption. Helicopter Pilots, rush back to save dozens of people. New Zealand’s prime minister praise their efforts acreage in Deer, immediate effects to get people off the island, always Pilots made and Incredibly Brave decision under extremely dangerous circumstances. Recovery teams can’t land until the island is deemed safe. We can other people in the entire world. Tremors have increased since this morning and another option is a possibility. The Prime Minister says the priority. Now is the survivors who, with a tangent as a result of eruption, those killed or injured in the eruption, came from Europe, the US china-malaysia, New Zealand and Australia most where passengers on this cruise ship Escape. Torturing, the chaos and left today just wanted to see the love and compassion a criminal investigation is underway. That’S why twists were allowed to visit such a dangerous site. Steven D’Souza, CBC News New York,
New Zealand officials say White Island isn’t yet safe enough for crews to recover bodies of eight people believed to still be at the eruption site.

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