New Zealand island shows no signs of life after volcano erupts

By | December 10, 2019

New Zealand island shows no signs of life after volcano erupts
New Zealand island shows no signs of life after volcano erupts
Story of the very latest now out of New Zealand, where authorities are ruling out finding any survivors on a volcanic island that was hit by deadly erection now you’re looking at video taken by Taurus. As that a ruption happened. At least five people are confirmed dead, an unknown number of people were stranded on the island, but authorities put that number. The double-digit New Zealand Police now saying Rescue helicopters. Another aircraft have flown over the island and have spotted no signs of Life. Police to the volcano is still too unstable for ground Crews to go onto the island itself, possibilities of further eruptions that actually the physical environment is unsafe for us to return to the island, Thailand in the aftermath of the eruption. 5. In that group. – Authorities also saying others some of them critically. The island is a popular spot for tourist groups. At a number two has had left the island least. One is a Canadian and right now it is dark on the island. New Zealand be about eighteen hours ahead so early morning, Tuesday, there police force light I’ll, take a look at this map now because it shows you where all this happened. Why Thailand about 50km off New Zealand’s East Coast? The island is about 2 km wide and privately owned. Official say that the eruption happened just after 2 in the afternoon, music Funtime, the last eruption. There wasn’t 2016, but researchers Ward earlier this month that volcanic activity was increasing while it’s bring in Lauren Bacall when she leaves off our coverage at this hour. Obviously, we’ve been tracking through the early morning hours for viewers here in Ghana. What is the latest at the point that 23 people were rescued at five of them had died as many as 50 people on the island at the time between 27 was stranded out to 27 and unaccounted-for. Now they say that is too too dangerous to try and get to the island at the point. But as you mentioned, they will be sending resources at first light ship and drawings. We getting there to stay when it might be safe to look for any bodies that maybe on the island, please still working to establish exactly who and how many people were on the islands, but no signs of life from those flyers in the evening in New Zealand. Now they also said that they establishing a police disaster, identification, tame on Mainland New Zealand, they’re, really putting all resources into this and f***** on a which is where they’re at the city, where they’re coordinating the prime minister is now that she’s with officials from the district Council there, an ulcer from government agencies who are coordinating all of that response, but that said news coming through from police. They do not believe there any survivors Elisa. What do we know about the Taurus that were on the island on the island is some confirmation out of New Zealand. At least one local man from Pakistani on the mainland? Did Diana dates of the others not confirmed at the point, making things a little hotter? Is that there were a number of tourists from a cruise ship who the Ovation of the Seas who are on the island at the time of just received a statement from Royal Caribbean New Zealand, which runs ship? They say that the ship is going to remain Imports that they devastated by what has happened because suddenly some of their passengers Court off unless they said it, working with local authorities and moving medical resources and counseling for the staff and for the passengers. There was going to be bringing an extra stuff from New Zealand and Australia to help with this out the department of conservation and using which manages the islands is. It did not have any staff there at that point in time, so insanely videos on social media, Michael these people who made a very lucky Escape. I want man who posted to see the hate being at the Crater Rim, 20 minutes before the eruption and it just look normal. You see that smoking, the steam coming out of the ground, but it’s an active volcano. So that’s pretty standard but terrifying stuff that everyone who experience something like that and of course tragic with police now saying, potential output between two people could have gotten Us in New Zealand, so we’re tracking it for people here at home. So I we will talk again. Laura, but for now thank you also have for you another eyewitness account of the eruption from a person by the name of Tristan Webb. Now Tristan is the director with a skydiving company and he tells CBC news that he and his group has just jumped out of their plane. They saw the eruption today when we exit the aircraft pretty much immediately. We could see the room almost getting turned on, and so off referral would last for about 40 45 seconds and then from a relatively smooth playlist smoke, covering a fair amount of the all. Until you know, I shoot a shoot area that was pretty much more on this story throughout the morning right here on CBC News Network. So do you stay with us for every development in this breaking story?
New Zealand police say a helicopter surveyed White Island after a volcanic eruption and found no signs of life. “We do not believe there are any survivors on the island,” police said in a statement.

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