New Hampshire primary exposes rift among Democrats

By | February 14, 2020

New Hampshire primary exposes rift among Democrats
New Hampshire primary exposes rift among Democrats
Call him the front runner. Senator Bernie Sanders lived up to expectations in New Hampshire, but the boat was close split between two factions within the party. The progressive left that rally behind Bernie Sanders and the Centrist largely supporting two candidates for mayor Pete, buttigieg placed second last night. I had top two finishers in the first two states, and the energy surrounding this campaign is phenomenal. Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is known for working across the aisle with Republicans, is strong. She is powerful, she is smart.

I think that alone is going to stump Trump at the City View cafe in the suburban community of Nashua Democrats are surprised by how the field the frontrunners is near. The fourth-place finish for Senator Elizabeth Warren is a devastating blow to her. Campaign is even worse. For former Vice President Joe Biden, the longtime favorite, who finished and embarrassing V, is it time for jovial about that’s, not my decision to make. There is relief. The vote went off without a hitch. Unlike an Iowa, the worries remain about the internal divisions.

This primary exposed. My fear by the Democrats, people won’t be totally on board with innominate and I’m in the imperative. As far as I’m concerned, as is to get rid of Donald Trump. The FrontRunner established here don’t have the luxury of being complacent. Former New York city mayor Bloomberg will be on the ballot next month for super Tuesday, 1:14 States vote with all the money he spent on Advertising.
The New Hampshire primary shows there’s a continued rift in the Democratic Party over whether to choose a left-leaning candidate like Bernie Sanders, or choose someone who’s more moderate.

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