New Hampshire Democratic debate highlights | USA TODAY

By | February 14, 2020

New Hampshire Democratic debate highlights | USA TODAY
New Hampshire Democratic debate highlights | USA TODAY
But what you said Pete as you are campaigning through Iowa and three of us were jurors in that impeachment hearing. You said it was exhausting to watch and he wanted to turn the channel and watch cartoons we’re in the important thing for the American people. Who remembers? This is 20/20 it’s an election year and if the Senate was the jury before you are the jury now, I’m so excited. I want to give every American $ 1,000 a month and still got abortions. Three out of every four people in America believe right now that the rule of Roe versus Wade should be the law.

That means we should be pushing for a congressional solution as well. It is time to have a national log protects the right of a woman’s choice of the first assault. Weapons ban in fact got a pass. I’M the only guy that beats the NRA twice, I’m the guy that set up drug courts, the guy who’s already begun to make a down payment. I put in 1 billion dollars to fight opiate addiction stupid. Well. If you look at mr. Trump is saying he’s saying those words: it’s the economy stupid.

I trust every one of these people a million times more, but we’re going to have to take mr.
The debate between the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary had some Democratic candidates landing blows, and some making strides.
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On the debate stage in Manchester, N.H. the pace was faster and the attacks were harsher than in the previous debates. It was more obvious that the stakes are higher as states begin to vote. Not all seven candidates are likely to make it to the debate stage next time.

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