New fallout from Astros’ sign-stealing scandal l ABC News

By | February 14, 2020

New fallout from Astros’ sign-stealing scandal l ABC News
New fallout from Astros’ sign-stealing scandal l ABC News
New Fallout from the Astros cheating scandal, with some Astros players taking heat for how their apologizing for cheating that’s very good morning. Well, but by most accounts those attributes were absent from yesterday’s press conference and left in its wake. Only backlash this morning, a swing-and-a-miss for the Houston Astros. This will never happen again on my watch. The team holding a press conference to address its role in this sign stealing Scandal that has rocked baseball. The Astros accused of using a sophisticated video system and a more primitive code of trash can bags were coming organization in the teen feels bad about what happened.

Star players Jose Altuve and Alex bregman at the podium in an attempt to apologize. I’M really sorry about the choices that were made by my team by the organization and buy me that apology, muddled by Defiance and contradiction asked if his team cheating tainted the Astros 2017 world title crane. First responded: this didn’t impact the game, but when pressed gave a different answer. , I didn’t say it didn’t impact the game reaction online was Swift and harsh media and fans criticizing the organization for what many Saw as an inch, senior and inadequate response to baseball’s biggest Scandal.

Since the steroid epidemic, this Scandal infuriating other teams, former Astros pitcher and current New York. Yankee, Gerrit Cole, sees the Scandal as a dark cloud over baseball and it doesn’t look very good. The Fallout from this Scandal has been widespread. Now-Former Blue Jays pitcher, Mike bolsinger, is suing the Astros saying the sign. Stealing Scandal cost him economic harm in 20, something he gave up. Four runs in one inning against Houston. He never pitched in the majors again after that in World Series. This is not done yet.

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The Astros are facing criticism for what many saw as an insincere and inadequate response to baseball’s biggest scandal since the steroid epidemic.


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