Netflix documentary explores Roger Stone’s rise to the pinnacle of influence in Washington

By | February 16, 2020

Netflix documentary explores Roger Stone’s rise to the pinnacle of influence in Washington
Netflix documentary explores Roger Stone’s rise to the pinnacle of influence in Washington
Washington and the White House are dealing with a Fallout from President Trump’s intervention in the Rodger Stone case. A longtime friend of mr. Trump is expected to be sentenced next week after he was convicted on charges stemming from the Mueller probe. The justice department is Seeking a lighter set since, after the present president criticize the original recommendation on Tuesday 67 year old has shape American politics over the past few decades. Take a look at this clip win. It all cost mentality, Dylan Bank.

Just now he is a co-director of the documentary, get me Roger Stone politics and what was his role, I guess beginning in the Nixon Administration, political Prodigy. He tells a story about how, before he became a republican when he was in elementary school, how he swung the Nixon Kennedy election and he was going for, does Hair by telling everybody that the kids and are there school action that they’re going to Nixon was going To make him have school on Saturdays in-groups, Rodger was the youngest person in Creek, which was the committee to reelect the President Nixon and they call themselves Creep by the way.

Isn’T a documentary his parents were notified, but he thought it was cool, really fully understand the outside influence that he has had and it just him, but he had to regroup with him on politics in Washington. So can we talk about Herbie on the man? That’S the way he changed the way politics was done, Trump saying he was going to drain the swamp. Is that he’s mean people Paul manafort, Rodger Stone, we’re literally The Architects of the swamp? They were the people in in the 80s who had the Superstar, a political group, black manafort and stone, and they largely created the Super PAC, as we know it now and the the smear campaign.

It was really on the edge of the massive smear campaign. Take a few elements of somebody and pick out them with research and negative ad campaigns, and that was one of the really large things that they added to it. Yet another one was that they come by and campaign with lobbying. That was not officially illegal, but it was considered improper and, as we see now, with Donald Trump, the person who was very much influenced by Rodger Stone in that group of people has taken on that philosophy.

Natural, the President, Donald Trump or president, before anyone is even taking him seriously. They identify somebody and say you should be president. You should run for Congress. You could be all these things and hire me and went to Rogers brilliant stroke, so the right away, seeing the influence, the Donald Trump had really a political genius. Or is he someone who is extremely cynical and through a mix of exploiting our laws, exploiting the fact that people are sometimes not as informed as they should be, an electorate that is not as informed as it should be? On a day person who is running for office, who might have less-than-ideal reasons for doing so humans at the end of the day, and I know what gif and this is what you need to do – to get them and if you’re down for, if you want to Make a deal with me I’ll, get you the present, but isn’t that smart? Is it constantly have five schemes going? One of them will do well and he’ll.

Take credit for it and save the other. Five didn’t exist is incredibly intelligent in the political and the publicity world. Donald Trump is not very well-read, he’s kind of like a cretin, but nothing like that. He is extremely well-read he’s very intelligent studies, advertising and publicity and propaganda, and that’s how we became a real and if you listen to Stones rules, Kate is a more powerful motivator than love. That is what I leave. What was it about those individual? That said, I want to Hitch my wagon to Rogers, don’t even in the early days right from the beginning, Rodgers been attracted to the bad boys of politics.

He has the Nixon tattoo on his back to really exemplify that to everyone and, of course, the piss liberals off, but, as I mentioned earlier, he was really attracted to the nixonian group of people who called themselves creep. His idea is that he does that dirty trick. If he manipulates you, then he he want that he’s smarter than you and he he is the one who is running the show can get a job in the white house. He says he doesn’t, but actually you really caught the ahead of what got him in trouble with the FBI.

I can trunks Grace’s light over playing his connection to WikiLeaks. Wikileaks and Julian Assange largely did not trust him and he tried very hard to getting with her good graces made it no secret. He and Alex Jones held publicity events trying to get everybody to listen to their releases about Hillary’s emails, but they never quite trusted him. But that’s not what he was apparently telling Trump and his group, and he was trying very hard to get back in with them and it backfires cuz you stream of Consciousness, conversations right when you read the transcripts and you saw what he is alleged that he did You know, what did you think, did you think? That’S a Rodger, I know where is kind of first reaction was, I was absolutely shocked.

The Rodger was soaked. Heartless Rodger is from the Nixon era, as we said, he’s supposed to be committing these crimes in a dark basement lit only by the orange glow of your cigarette. He was texting, his lies and then texting. Somebody saying do the lies or I’ll destroy you. What is wrong with that? He just tells one person, but in this case he did all these things wrong, and now I wonder if the fact that the president is ready to essentially burned is this another con by Rodgers and imperiling are democratic institutions.

Absolutely this is the winner-take-all mentality. We won by one vote or we won the Electoral College where in charge will do everyone and just because it’s improper, just because they’ll get criticized that doesn’t matter and now just because it might necessarily be illegal. They even have a get-out-of-jail-free card for the time being and everything on Trump winning again. So until we don’t know what’s going to happen, we know the president would like to see him get a lighter sentence and he certainly has the power to Pardon him.

But if he ends up serving time, his buddy manafort behind bars right now, do you think that will him in terms of his taste, for politics, really want to get out of politics? I think he’s going to come out. I think it’s going to be really hard to keep the fire that drives Rodgers down. He, the fight him going in elementary school. What causes him to flame out and make these phone calls or he’s not thinking cuz he’s so obsessive happen to a multiple times in his career because of things like that, and then, if that same, that drives him to keep going and to get back in the Game and Claw his way back into national attention real quick before I let you go things in their business or in politics and yet are in a wonderful day, because, no matter how many people in common that you like or dislike Rodger, has so many enemies.

You’Ll find an enemy and come in that you share, and he has all these jokes already. People like Rodger and also Donald Trump, that’s part of what allows them to be so evil attitude, it’s all fair in love and politics, wow or whatever. It’S a really fascinating.
Washington is grappling this week with the fallout from President Trump’s comments on the sentencing of his friend and former adviser Roger Stone. The Netflix documentary “Give Me Roger Stone” takes a look at how he’s been able to expand his influence over the past few decades. Dylan Bank, co-director of the film, joins CBSN to discuss Stone and the latest developments in his case.

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