NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 14th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

By | February 16, 2020

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 14th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 14th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News
Breaking news tonight, The Firestorm inside of a justice department growing tonight Attorney General, William Barr intervening in the criminal case of another Trump associate Michael Flynn. What bar has now ordered and the president rejecting bars cause of death justice department after his explosive comments on Rodger Stone. The president, the Breakthrough in Afghanistan, if itential truce with the Taliban, could this paved the way to end America’s longest war, the surging deaths from the flu 14,000 in the US, 1 breathing mother’s warning to other parents.

I would have made sure she was at the hospital sooner why this season’s flu, with especially deadly for children, the body can videos f****** outrage, police officers taking a six-year-old student to be involuntarily committed after she threw a tantrum without telling her mother. The dramatic video. The Burning roof collapsing, the firefighter trapped underneath seconds later, he crawls out its condition tonight and a five-year-old hailed as a hero. Saving his entire family is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt has President Trump to butt out of justice department cases for the prosecution of the president’s disgraced.

Former National Security adviser Michael Flynn deny heater feared in the sentencing. Decisions regarding another convicted other criminal case personally important to the president, the prosecution of former National Security adviser, Michael Flynn, the justice department recently interview with the FBI, where he lied to investigators and later pleaded guilty for it. The two people familiar with the inquiry bar last month, privately acid, outside prosecutor, to re-examine the Flynn case prison that they had called for.

This is another example of Attorney General Barr politicizing cases involving Close Associates of the president, lesser punishment for stone, a decision announced after President Trump blasted, the original sentencing recommendation 729 years in prison as very unfair and tonight, one day after the president to knock off the Tweets, I think it’s time to stop Department of Justice Criminal Case cases, but for claiming he has the legal to do so. There’S no law that prevents the president from directing, as attorney general, how to proceed in justice department investigations good morning.

Nazi criminal charges against former FBI, deputy director Andrew McCabe, up frequent Target of the presidents is the seek revenge against the president’s perceived political enemies. Laster Mitchell joined us now, Andrea. How unusual is this move sing? The FBI surprised it but prosecutor, saying being surprised, is no excuse for lying to the FBI from six months to probation, raising suspicions that, even though the president has the authority to, he may be trying to make a political case to Pardon Flynn.

Faster Nike prosecutor said avenatti wanted the money to keep silent about evidence. He said he had involving misconduct by Nike employees and recruiting college basketball players and the war in Afghanistan, which could mean American troops coming home. Richard angle, as late to Tales, longest war remains of fragile work-in-progress. First, the Taliban would have to implement a significant and demonstrable reduction of violence for at least a week. The US have the Taliban woodbend sign an agreement.

The u. s. drawing down troops from around 13,000 to about 8,600, possibly with more to follow since 9/11, nearly 2,500 American troops have been killed. Afghanistan, President Trump, as pushed to pull troops out, we are working to finally end America’s longest war, highlighting a soldier’s homecoming at his State of the Union today by the air defense operator, who accidentally shot down that passenger jet play that he thought it was a missile. Coming in airport show that it was going on.

This is one person to find out. We need to investigate this about shooting pain down military officials. In a preliminary investigation, the coronavirus passengers on a cruise ship were finally able to get off, but thousands on another ship are still locked down its pressure to develop a vaccine intensifies relief, Holland, America, cruise ship, after being rejected by 5 countries. Over fears of coronavirus. Finally, allowed to dock in Cambodia put on land here in Yokohama, the Diamond Princess Jill, walk down in Port, including 428 Americans remain on board, with no firm Exit 8.

What we do down across the world business is losing money. Tourism is suffering Beijing set a new rules today for anyone visiting the city for teens piece of self quarantine. Now the law scientists are racing to develop a vaccine NBC’s Richard Engel expect perhaps up to 60 or 67 end of the population to become infected with the world population 60s. Essentially, quarantine is over. Specially for children is Tom, Costello Clinic never even took her home. I would have made sure she was at the hospital sooner and the CDC 92 of them children.

More than most years, most of them have had the influenza B strain influenza B hasn’t been around since 1993. Anybody born put kids more at risk. The warning signs that it’s time to get a child to the ER, a high fever that won’t go down, confusion, chest pain or trouble, breathing muscle, pain and dehydration. They haven’t peed in over 8 hours, their cry, but they’re not making tears their lips and mouth are dry. Their eyes are sunken in the ER. After going into septic shock from the flu, the virus attacking his organs by there Katie norlock when had a flu shot.

This season, it’s not too late to get the flu shot protection. Tom Costello, NBC News, Bethesda Maryland after moving to the Midwest tomorrow, parts of New England would drop to as low as 20 degrees below zero in court. Today prosecutors gave closing arguments in the Harvey Weinstein trial prosecutor Joan illuzzi did not Mentor word Harvey Weinstein once one of the most powerful men in Hollywood she said he’s an abusive rapist illuzzi describe wanting as a master of his universe and the witnesses here merely aunt That you can step on without consequences.

Illuzzi argue that the Hollywood producer used his power and influence to prey on women who are looking for a break in the industry. The defense argued the communication Weinstein had with accusers app. The alleged assault proved. The relationships were consensual, illuzzi, pushback, telling the jury. He made sure he had contact with the people. He was worried about that. The mark of the Predator illuzzi address the years-long relationship that Megaman maintained with Weinstein. Even after she alleges he raped her in a New York Hotel.

She could have been writing him. Love knows every single day and still wouldn’t make a difference. He still would not be allowed to rape her once and pleaded not guilty to all five challenging The accusers credibility. His defense team speaking outside of Court figures, confident – and this is a tough situation for anybody to be in seconds with the outrage after a six-year-old girl – is taken from school to a mental health facility and held for two days and two years after America’s deadliest high School shooting new concerns about active shooter, drills video shows officers taking a six-year-old student without her father’s permission is Miguel.

Almaguer camera footage shows officers escorting a 6 year old girl out of school and to a nearby mental health facility where she would be committed for 2 days. The school says they were following standard protocol, destroying school property, attacking staff and out-of-control the officers transporting little Nadia, who is diagnosed with ADHD and a mood disorder, noting her good behavior. This could be anybody’s child Nadia’s, mother and her attorney shock. The contracted social worker hired by the school district use the Baker Act to have a 6 year old, committed at a mental health facility where they claim who is given an anti-psychotic medication.

It wouldn’t let me out Maumee. They gave me a shot workers in Florida. The power to initiate involuntary hold on children as young as to without the need for parental permission tonight in Jacksonville, outraged and how it was handled. Miguel almaguer ABC News. I saw the Milestone tonight, Two years since the worst high school Mass shooting in US history. Their new questions about whether active shooter drills in schools are doing more harm than good is Kerry, Sanders a moment of silence in Parkland Florida.

Today, 2 years ago, before we walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and opened fire killed 17 students and staff. Sarah Kaufman was a fifteen-year-old sophomore policy change isn’t nearly as difficult as losing a loved one to call for gun control and political action. Now Kaufman questions and trim sweeping Nationwide lockdown active shooter drill. It scares you, it bothers you. You report endorse by two of the nation’s largest teachers union, conclude a 2.7 billion dollar industry that has grown up around the anguish of parents and School staff, but there is extremely limited research available on the drills effective.

I think they can be traumatizing. Two children at least cause anxiety. I think it’s completely unnecessary, accused gunman, twenty-one-year-old Nicolas Cruz is yet to stand trial. Marjory Stoneman Douglas a tragedy survivors wish they could forget, but want everyone to remember, Kerry, Sanders, NBC News, NBC News investigation, a new voting system in Los Angeles County for super Tuesday at 1 county has more voters than many states, and the system cost hundreds of millions. But a Cynthia McFadden tells us are raising questions so 10 years and almost three hundred million dollars later mission accomplished, I think so LA County Registrar has supervised the development of the new voting system.

It is a human, readable paper ballot that you can go back and audit and count like computer science. Professor Richard did Miller, say these machine produced paper. Ballots are fraught with problems that can be hacked technical errors. If you could design the perfect voting system, what would it look like on a piece of paper, except studies? Show most people don’t review their ballots at all, verifying a ballot with 18 ballot choices. ? On the other hand, Logan says there is one thing: ballots filled out by hand cannot do provide accessibility.

This is the first system that allows a voter with a disability completely independently a secret ballot. For the first time we all have to adopt an insecure technology. Put the entire election at risk and that can’t be the price of accessibility, security issues, terrifying, because there are things that that are clear. Security vulnerabilities in the system that are brushed aside – some will not be addressed until just months before November is election very high-stakes. It’S the sort of thing that would keep any clerk-recorder awake at night time in that voters must press a button labeled more to see additional candidates Lotus as a button is now bigger and surrounded by bright, yellow mean, while Plan B, the secretary of state is requiring Voting centers to have backup paper balance on hand blaster.

He was able to crawl to safety through burning debris. He suffered several injuries with the Department says she is expected to be okay and that’s why we call them the bravest up next, how a five-year-old hero saves. His family, a five-year-old boy in Georgia, is being hailed as a hero for saving his entire family is blayne Alexander. You got burned right here. Noah’S family was the Sleep Sunday, his mom Tabitha, awakened by their barking dog. Then she saw smoke coming from Noah’s room, I’m so scared that they were still trapped in there, but no one knew exactly to do.

How did you get your sister out? In the end, the whole family made it out alive turns out. His mom had been teaching him fire safety all along, so your dad make sure he go to the window. Stay low to ground from smoke do not touch the doorknob and one lane Alexander NBC News, Cartersville Georgia weather on this Valentine’s Day. He arrived in a cardigan sneakers Kelly shared his refined taste, Canada, Dry, Ginger, Ale, Rose’s, grenadine, three cherries, environmentally-friendly in a glass with a reusable straw, are drinks like 1 to 10.

But what is your scale possible to get like the perfect, perfect, perfect dinosaur? Are you going to add other drinks? Are you going to just stick with Shirley’s? I think I’ll just stick with Shirley’s, but also going to Copper, New York, and I do that story at 10. Sugar is everybody Happy Valentine’s Day, I’m Lester Holt goodnight a NBC News. Viewers Channel subscribe and click on any of the videos over here to watch.
Attorney General Barr facing new scrutiny for intervening in Michael Flynn case, U.S. and Taliban agree to tentative truce in Afghanistan, official says, and flu is widespread across 44 states, CDC says.

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1:33 Barr Orders outside Prosecutor To Review Flynn Case
3:05 Trump Claims ‘Legal Right’ To Intervene In Criminal Cases
3:30 Investigation Dropped Into Ex-Top FBI Official McCABE
4:42 Michael Avenatti Found Guilty In Nike Extortion Trial
5:09 U.S & Taliban Take Major Step Toward Peace Deal
5:59 NBC News Exclusive With Iran’s Foriegn Minister Javad Zarif
6:51 Cruise Ship Allowed To Dock After Coronavirus Scare
7:49 Health Officials Race To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine
8:35 Flu Deaths Rise To 14,000, Children Especially At Risk
9:57 Dangerous Deep Freeze From Bitter Arctic Blast
10:18 Harvey Weinstein Prosecutors Give Closing Arguments
12:13 6-Year-Old Girl Committed Without Mother’s Permission
13:32 Active Shooter Drill Concerns 2 Years After Parkland
15:19 Los Angeles County’s New Voting System Faces Major Test
18:10 5-Year-Old Honored For Saving Family From House Fire

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 14th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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