Nato summit: The rifts behind its 70th birthday bash – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

Nato summit: The rifts behind its 70th birthday bash – BBC News
Nato summit: The rifts behind its 70th birthday bash – BBC News
70Th birthday party, the whole family is invited, it’s a big one, but just like it’s all about money and the family’s most vocal member full front 4.3 %, when Germany is playing one to one 2 % as Max 1.2 % of it much smaller. For the first time it was founded after World War II as a defensive military alliance against the threat of the Soviet Union. It was a small and strong UniFirst does now nearly doubled in size. Trump is question what the u.s. gets out of the alliance given its pending burden. It’S a fact that the u.s. spend about 3.4 % of its GDP on defense in 2019, 5 % plant now then put in place to get members like Germany to me. Spending Target Trump’s, tweet suggesting, might be classified for now, someone whose entrance into the party might, if you had its Frances Emmanuel macron, he said, he’s tired of Defending talk, brain dead, social Windows, lock is mistreated and neither is Trump consulate remember tension service area. This is where the countries really Clash speaks out of Syria. Turkey invaded Syria attack, accused France of being too friendly with his enemies and just when you thought the family Rift couldn’t get any deeper Russia, the very country, unless a will be a real nuisance to the NATO family in the next few decades. Quite a party
World leaders are in London to mark the Nato military alliance’s 70th anniversary. It’s not just a celebration, relations between some of the leaders are strained – here’s why.

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US President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron have set out opposing views ahead of a Nato summit.

In an occasionally tense press conference, the two politicians sparred over Nato’s role, Turkey, and Islamic State group (IS) fighters.

Mr Trump had described Mr Macron’s comments about Nato as “nasty”, but Mr Macron said he stood by his words.

World leaders are in London to mark the Western military alliance’s 70th anniversary.

The summit has already been marked by strained relations between Turkey and other member states.

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