NATO 70th Anniversary: Trump and Trudeau clash over ‘two-faced’ comments- BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

NATO 70th Anniversary: Trump and Trudeau clash over ‘two-faced’ comments- BBC News
NATO 70th Anniversary: Trump and Trudeau clash over ‘two-faced’ comments- BBC News
Good evening a show of unity of NATO, 70th Anniversary gathering in boarded in the traditional end of meeting statement, Donald Trump, the president responded in a press conference by calling mr. Trudeau two-faced. It came off the test exchanges yesterday between the US leader and France’s president switch on the line. Tension 780 future Direction he puts on his report contains some flash photography turns out that way. He needs careful handling and everyone knows it includes his host who’s. Fighting a campaign foul of NATO allies and straight into the election, but it came to the UK’s most powerful. I like putting very carefully today. The president of the United States has spoken of his admiration for you. Do you believe that, as a leader and as a man that Donald Trump is good for the west and good for Britain and, if so well, I certainly think that the United States is the guarantor of his and we decided. I would point you back to what happened in the case of the poisonings in Salisbury. America stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us, then a has done at the decades and is an invaluable Ally and continues to be so mr. Trump himself under the current US Administration and date with shoulder-to-shoulder with us, he’s sharing a joke.. How stuff is at mr. Trump’s off-the-cuff diplomacy this week, Britain’s p.m. top that you wanted nothing else in the world weigh discuss too many people, and I want to see a reduction in tensions around the world cuz. We cannot go on developing in the concepts of an ounce rice that has to be a process of recognizing the real threats in this world are actually terrorism, cybersecurity and, of course, the climate crisis that affects all of us, and I think we can all side Carson Dating those issues together on offer to become economically political future up for grabs in an election which could come to shape or reshape the country of the lives of everyone, it is Boris Johnson, 2/10 Gathering Gathering. I think it bad tempered one given the rest of central disagreements about NATO’s future purpose, its priorities, its abilities, but it’s fine to today’s formal session 229 leaders. There was some successes to their version of major crisis heading off a threat from Turkey to block a plan to boost the defense’s. The Baltic states against the Russians Record Exchange got some language on terrorism that I wasn’t enough for him at least satisfied him. For the moment they made some moves to declare a space, a new operational Domaine for NATO to try meeting challenge that they buried some of that disagreements, but they made progress with others. They declared China a potential challenge, a worry, but I think behind all this Donald Trump was, as he so often castigated members not paying enough as he sees it for the defense he pointedly invited to lunch. Those who met the spending criteria that Nate ever said, and I think it was very typical, this meeting of the sort of international lyrics We Come To Expect in the Trump era. Democracy is falling out with him and, frankly, any sort of world order. Under a great deal of pressure,
A show of unity at NATO’s 70th anniversary gathering – embodied in the traditional end of meeting statement – has been overshadowed by footage of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in conversation with other leaders, apparently mocking Donald Trump.

The President responded in a press conference by calling Mr Trudeau “two-faced.” It came after testy exchanges yesterday between the US leader and France’s President – which underlined tensions over NATO’s future direction.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents tonight’s BBC News at Ten and hears from the BBC’s deputy political editor John Pienaar and diplomatic correspondent James Robbins.

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