Myles Powell is confident Seton Hall will win the NCAA tournament | SC with SVP

By | February 16, 2020

Myles Powell is confident Seton Hall will win the NCAA tournament | SC with SVP
Myles Powell is confident Seton Hall will win the NCAA tournament | SC with SVP
For about a month now, in this unusually tumultuous college basketball season, I’ve been telling you that I think Seton Hall can be a final 14 over the weekend. They wanted Villanova for the first time since PJ carlesimo was coach in his final season with the powers back in 94. How was not born, then? He was born to get Buckets in the Pirates leading scorer as an unbeaten on the road and Conference play, which is an insane achieve a particular this year, they’re also first in the biggies and top 10, and the country is, do I research top 10 for the First time since December of 2000, thanks for some impressive resume wins over Maryland, that was at home in Butler Andover.

Those both came on the road Holland, Ohio State of the only other teams with three top 10 epicenter of Seton Hall 6. Does the preseason All-American Myles Powell could go into the league he’s averaging nearly 20 to a game this season? Second, most in the Big East, behind only the ones leading scorer from Mark at Marcus house called also shine, as you might guess, in the biggest pause averaged. Nearly twenty-five a game against ranked teams over the past couple of Seasons, snooze for the hall.

As for their final seven games are against either Creighton Butler, Noble Seton Hall’s top ten one of the reasons. Why is one of my favorite players in the country? I’M happy to get a chance to talk to Myles Powell, who, who came back for a few more home games left in in Miles when you came back. If you had kind of a wish list of what you hoped this year would be, what was the most important things on that list? One win a National Championship to to get back to the Big East Championship: 3 win Player of the Year in the Big East and Danforth Quizlet National player of the year turn that game, and then you weren’t able to play against my Terps.

This is back in December, but you guys wanted home, even though you aren’t available in that game, and I wonder what that victory for your team without you, their leader, did too kind of create below what you guys had was enough to be with. You become a kind of medicine is all you I feel like me. Getting a concussion was the best thing to happen to this team and the reason why I say that is because I feel, like everybody just stepped up and did what they had to do. They realize that they couldn’t count on me and I’m, like I said, everybody played a role, everybody bought Into The Scouting Report and, and they were, we have to do that’s the final four team.

What do you believe you have to do and your team has to do to be one of those final four teams left standing pretty much just keep playing our basketball. I feel like we’re we’re defensive team. First, we get a lot of stops, get out and run. Can we have a group of guys that just want to. Just want to win we’re going to just keep playing our basketball, listen to coach wheeler? I feel like it’s a lot of guys in the country that I try to go against their coach, but we have something special over here.

We are family, we never hang our heads, we stick together and my dad’s going to take us a long way. It’S taking you on the road where it’s so hard in college basketball to win, and you win and Hinkle Fieldhouse against Butler. I want to say they were top five of the time you win this weekend in Philly, you weren’t even born the last time they did. Seton Hall win open one. Was that mean for you and your guys to be able to take that short trip home with a win, and I mean I meant a lot coach being here at ten years – never be another win their first to just keep taking getting chunks of history.

I mean we will remember these times for the rest of our life last big pictures. Miles as you think about these last few home games, you got a decision to make last spring could have gone pro. You decide to stay as this time is winding down, and you guys in the middle of wood feels like it could be a special season most want to soak in about these final moments as a Seton Hall. Pirate just spending these last couple moments with my brothers that I know you’re going to be my brother’s for the rest of my life, my coaching staff just going to class A few more times and the people here.

. Let me to University of show me so much love. I mean I kind of don’t want it to end, but I know the story is going to keep continuing. I just want to say thank you to all my fans. We envied those that are still in those moments and you just. I hope that you can file the way special memories that you can carry with you for the rest, your life mile miles, I’m sure you will keep doing your thing. Man continued good luck and good health.
Seton Hall’s Myles Powell joins Scott Van Pelt to share how special he believes this year’s team can be. He also shares why he decided not to go pro last year and how he plans to go as far as he can with the Pirates in the NCAA tournament.

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