Myles Garrett’s brawl with Mason Rudolph will follow him his whole career – Adam Schefter | OTL

By | February 16, 2020

Myles Garrett’s brawl with Mason Rudolph will follow him his whole career – Adam Schefter | OTL
Myles Garrett’s brawl with Mason Rudolph will follow him his whole career – Adam Schefter | OTL
Let’S welcome in ESPN NFL Insider Adam schefter Adam. What was your reaction to hearing Myles Garrett? There will never know the full truth, because Mason Rudolph in the NFL did not it. You heard what Myles Garrett had to say. They’Re each side has its own stance and it becomes a he said he said and unless there’s actual evidence will never know the actual truth in this particular case. But I think people can listen to Myles Garrett right Ryan and make their own judgements seems to be referencing that there might be audio out there that that, in some ways is not coming out fully.

Do you think there could be a further investigation into this and a possible investor set of Mason Rudolph? Based on what he’s saying here, I don’t think so. I would doubt that I think the league would like to leave this alone and move forward, not backward at the league launched an investigation and there enough Investigations out there already what is looking to uncover its going to prolong a chapter where the darkest chapters that the Liga seen in a game and League wants to move forward, it doesn’t want to move backward, and so there’s no outward evidence that corroborates what mile already saying, even though we can listen to his words and decide for ourselves at that point in time.

What is the league going to do it? So I think at this point time I would be very surprised if the league move forward with another investigation, its heard what Myles Garrett has had to say if that was them at the league office. It knows his feelings. We know what he said right so unless something shows up actual audio of Mason Rudolph saying that then we’ll always be where we are today, with what Myles Garrett he’s saying in with what the league and Mason Rudolph have denied career, that no matter what the people Will always remember Myles Garrett, as the guy who could have killed a football player on the field by taking his helmet and swing it like a weapon after seeing what he said there.

Do you think that people will still feel the same way? But let me see this that if we go back to 2006 and Albert Haynesworth, if I were to say the name Albert Haynesworth, you today will you think of The Stomping incident again. Saundra garad that left him suspended for five games live on, Drew garabo stitches on his face. You would remember that and part of Albert Haynesworth career and his body of work, and you will remember this with Myles Garrett career and his body of work. Now he’s young he’s one of the best young defensive players in the league and he’s got a chance to compliment and offset an add-on to his resume and his pedigree and give people enough fodder that this would just be one part of their memory of Myles Garrett.

But I don’t think that you could be involved in an incident like this and not have people record at some level, no matter how successful he is. Thank you so much. Thank you. Rhyme Sports and premium content make sure you subscribe to. Espn plus will see you there.
Adam Schefter reacts to the Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett accusing Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph of calling him a racial slur during a brawl in week 11 of the 2019 NFL season.
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