Myles Garrett opens up about the brawl with Mason Rudolph | OTL

By | February 16, 2020

Myles Garrett opens up about the brawl with Mason Rudolph | OTL
Myles Garrett opens up about the brawl with Mason Rudolph | OTL
You haven’t done any interviews over the last few months. What made you want to do one today, good time for me to share not only what I’ve been doing but know what I’m doing to take a step forward and leave all that behind me. So try thinking speaking into existence, but they never nothing today and whatever decision is punches, I mean come out the Edge by like 10 letters less than 15 seconds. I remember that, and I I didn’t want to be on the field, but I’ll sit out there and they were still throwing the ball make a Play-Doh.

He saw the ball back to throw I’m going to strike zone. I’M not trying to do anything illegal to go to take him down. He says somewhere, that’s we’re going down, may call me the n-word and call me a stupid n-word. I don’t like I don’t say the N word, whether it’s an ER to me personally, just shouldn’t be said, and whether it’s known by family friends, anyone and I don’t want to use it, because I don’t want to find that appropriate around me for anyone to use. So long when he said it, never kinda spark something, but I still try to let it go.

I’M still walk away once he came back and kind of Kyrie ignited the situation because I’ve been reaching for justification at the time. While he said this and this what happened, I want you to take the NFL. This is what happened, and this is all about happened as well as the physical altercation part of the week said they didn’t find evidence of a racial slur. What was your reaction to that? Most quarterbacks wear mics in their helmets somehow lost his helmet and had to get another one without a mic.

There were guys were my cup near me near us, then that time who didn’t hear anything and my phone I’ve heard they’re been audio then I gained that could have heard something or cannot hurt something, but they don’t want to say so. Something was said. I know something was said: that’s up to them, but I don’t want to make it a racial thing. I see it’s over with for me and I’m pretty sure it’s over with for from Mason, so we just move past and keep on playing. Football would like to talk to the Steelers opportunity to say to Mason Rudolph and those idiotic foolish.

It was childish on both parts, but it was childish of me and I apologize for attempting to enter home cuz. No, I would never am I right mind ever try to do something like that and hope he’s. Well, there was so much, but what could have happened? Yeah I mean it could have been a lot worse. You know the hammer was turned a different way. If I, if I hit him in any different spot, things could be a lot worse, but I also think it wasn’t. If you can think about the hypothetical situation of know what could have happened arrested.

I wish snow tomorrow with his kids upside the head with a helmet. I only have kids if she’s not go out as you wish down anybody I mean there was. There was only things that people wished upon me for one people make mistakes and allies, but never get called out for it. But mine was no public in front of many of the people, so it gives people the idea or the the confidence to speak and say whatever they like over social media. You got an indefinite suspension, that’s hard to answer without getting in trouble cuz.

I know they’re a lot of people were talking about the suspensions that you get from marijuana use sore from domestic violence, know all these no specific cases. I can’t speak on them. I wouldn’t mind to talk on so I know that know what I did was wrong and what I got, what I deserved and what it was and don’t. Maybe there should be a little bit more clarity on what you get for, for what you do and think the best domestic violence is so be a little bit higher than what you doing the football field cuz something in there to the violin came, even though I Want to do was a little bit past that, but those are some things that I have been looked looked away from her right away from at least with the NFL on and what they what they give at the punishment for.

So this is my opinion. Aftermath punishment. Now, the reinstatement – what do you feel like is the number one thing you’ve learned from all of us, allowing yourself to to take a second during the situation. I don’t allow yourself to give yourself a moment for a response to Sarah reaction. Thank you for watching ESPN app for live streaming Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN plus, we’ll see you there.
Newly reinstated Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett opens up to ESPN’s Mina Kimes on Outside the Lines about what sparked the brawl with QB Mason Rudolph and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season.

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