Music show: Sunn O))) co-founder Stephen O’Malley on the evolution of drone metal

By | February 17, 2020

Music show: Sunn O))) co-founder Stephen O’Malley on the evolution of drone metal
Music show: Sunn O))) co-founder Stephen O’Malley on the evolution of drone metal
Hello and welcome to the weekly music show on mod rehashing this week for delving into the world of Son, about known for making a drone metal co-founder and visual artist. Stephen O’Malley. Is he at thank you so much for joining us. Albums started off, and also in France last March, whose incredible we had an incredible a year with live music, and it’s so important because it’s the reality of the music is the live. Performance depress the actualization of it. So if we were able to connect a lot with the audience and the reception’s been really positive from our fans, new fans and the press – and you know media everybody – it was really good.

But now we’re going into a kind of Retreat phase where we figure out her next creative moves and stuff like that yeah in 1998, nearing sound of heavy tool of Ambien guitars are not just heavy metal fans. You’Ve also got people from all kinds of Horizons. I think it’s I thought about this a lot because it’s often I’m like who are these people, and why are we in these situations? Where are these opportunities coming from, and why are people interested in this and there’s many many answer is, I think, but one of the main Exorcist, because the music we play has a level of abstraction to it.

That allows a very subjective experience, so people who are passionate about having those experiences and likes musical physicality sound experience that have a lot of space to reflect and think, while they’re in that in that, in the concert setting or listening to our music and making a Very very different experiences the same moment as someone else who’s. Actually in that that space to so it’s um, I I consider what you know are are the path of what saint is been presented with, or that we’ve tried Don to be super fortunate.

Actually it’s not! It’S certainly not buy strategy, physical Dimension, there, all of a sudden or Alive. We talked about how the audience is in golf in a distortion and saturation. Is that something that you said restart to do the Buns Greg Anderson and I, who founded the band? We come from metal and punk and hardcore music, so that that involves distorted guitars, for example. But but the way it’s evolvd turned into kind of a phenomenological type of music and Distortion and saturation. I think they they have more to do with, like the experience of being in a profound natural setting, witnessing at a very, very strong natural events like a deep one, then they do with kind of genre image or superficiality of metal music, for example, Heavenly or have Any blues and kind of hellish rides and the radiant’s Play Lost of huge Rowland’s performance with a smoke in 2009 we made a record called monoliths and dimensions and record was heavily inspired and informed by several composers.

Actually, many French composers stronger is a Twist MRI and other people in this kind of area is roughly known as spectralis music, and I think the word spect it’s very important with our music with light sound and the experiences while so we there are many frequencies in The world you know, and then there’s so many last frequencies that we can actually perceive with lights out infrared ultraviolet in these. These types of things are radio waves because they are an integral part to the show about them.

In a situation where we weren’t really moving much onstage, it wasn’t really entertaining for the audience and there was some pretty heavy negative feedback in the old days. And so we decided to kind of veil ourselves. But what’s happened over 50 nearest SAS turned into it’s a lot of catalysts for a real kind of ceremonial aspect of the music. I think it’s really natural. Actually it’s not at it. It brings aspects of theater into what we do, but I think it touches on much older human, Collective social experience memory as well and for over a decade now shapes with five people that sing at the bullseye.

That’S a beauty about me and that’s that’s something beautiful about music. You can connect with people on just out of this passion of like encountering. That’S really really intense and and essential experience of May music with you on. It was like that at first I was like what am I going to do is play some Mike, distorted guitars on your beautiful piano piece, the Island Inn in the Studio’s amazing. We had a great connection creatively yeah. I have worked with a lot of French artists and different feel to spend really enriching in My overall life and that’s affected son to what’s the plan now that you finish the tour in this to Sun Records of an extra for you for me.

While I do a lot of other music besides Zone as well, and I’ve been commissioned for writing for other people, and this other collaborations, I’m working on with the other musicians, I’d like to take more than one of my missions, is to create more space for reflection. In my own creative process this year, salon for about two-and-a-half years between riding, producing and touring the last two albums in allowed on the way, maybe know the rest, but there’s a cycle. It’S like a sinus wave and you know, there’s different phases in that cycle.

We go through it with that project Instagram. You know I’m really disconnected from this award ceremony stuff through, so I want to buy one of my good friends and collaborators recently won a lot of these kinds of Awards in the US hildur-gudnadottir and pay more attention this year. Of course it’s a huge thing, but the French one night I mean – I know about the scissors and stuff, but I don’t really Follow That kind of awkward equitation and the results were at Super safe and there is a little bit Bland and there are actually some Exciting to see in France, which was a feature on the front 24 shirt French hip-hop Aldi, inspired to Clara Luciani, who won best newcomer last year, was teary-eyed when she received best female for the Same album, the best male and he lamented genders very pretty Belgian poster On that he was one of the big favorites in the end made off with only one word for best lunches.

You can catch her this week in Paris, where she’s playing a stadium or five nights in a row assistant producer Grimes, who is currently expecting her first child with such an Ellen musk. Is this week officially releasing has the studio album this anthropocene at least concept album about the goddess of climate change? Turn off the villain sonically at some of the tracks have a little look new metal on the tone. Let’S check out her latest single delete forever Grimes bag with one of her latest tracks, and some of the news is coming up in just a few minutes in front.

Remember you can find all our culture stories on our website and don’t forget to follow us on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You know the drill Stephen O’Malley is. Thank you so much for joining us. How to spawn in particular. Is it mock that you always say sabotage, but you know it goes back and forth, depending on the time of day time of year, food in a net Ozzy Osbourne is back this week at with a new album and it’s a swell student Alden, despite being diagnosed With Parkinson’s disease a year ago, then you wrap it is cold or journeyman, and future collaborations, with Slash and Duff McKagan, from Guns N Roses from the Red, Hot Chili Peppers Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Elton John.

He is to single Straight Out of Hell.
Drone metal band Sunn O))), formed in Seattle in 1998, are fresh off touring two albums “Life Metal” and “Pyroclasts”, which came out last year and led them to recently host a three-day residency at Paris’s La Gaité Lyrique. We caught up with co-founder Stephen O’Malley to discuss the evolution of their niche sound which attracts all sorts of ears as well as how their live performance is ultimately a physical experience for their audience. We also review France’s Victoires de la Musique ceremony and new releases by Grimes and Ozzy Osbourne. 

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