Music show: A first album for The Wave Chargers

By | December 10, 2019

Music show: A first album for The Wave Chargers
Music show: A first album for The Wave Chargers
Hello and welcome to France 24 with weekly music show. Now the French capital is pretty far removed from the music seating, think they’ll Link, Wray and the Beach Boys wax with a lead, guitarist and bass. This very heavy show – and I already loved, certainly, but when I saw what you could do interviewed like people having jumping over the place and dancing and everything is right now I was already playing with the big boys later on tonight. Guitar Distortion, just the heaviness of the Rhythm eBay charges. I have you just released that a fuss album very vintage. You used to love me the place where recorded is just around. You got people, repairing old vintage cars for the deadline for movies, and things like that. So get it. everywhere, but then to the studio is an old factory from the 1920s very high ceilings. So you got lots of natural Reverb, Great Sound and the sound engineer we were twitch is known for making grates easy, quick, oats and Trotter. I know Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails like to combine digital and analog, so you just go. there surf music artists. Is there something specific to the staff music style here in France? He’S quite discreet on the mainstream media? But if you know then so was being like for the past 10, 23 years, what’s the weather, probably even before or since the beginning, probably you know me, and you know you ain’t around – you give me people. That’S all. You know that the underground Sea move on you know you meet people to get friend everybody’s helping each other in the 60’s, where we come from Mostly surf music mix, recycle cans of mixing Styles off of wood. You always save savory traditionalist a big fan of liquor. Even brought one of the guitarist from the Canadian tourism and so on, listen to it’s perfect for a road trip. What spices like Catwoman 56! I think it’s just like when you play something instrumental in the end you got to you know you got to create a bit of a universe, running up when you go to instrumental you think I’ll pick, you know movie soundtracks and you’re more icons. how to get A title that let you mention his team going out, you know what he said to this our lives this weekend, we’re going to start off with this week’s hotly awaited albums former One Direction. Members, Harry Styles, is releasing his second album, fine line, which he says is all about having sex Palace like watermelon sugar. That’S what you famous people are at Glastonbury this year impressed with the latest single witches, Ed Sheeran. It’S about female empowerment, being kind of all over the place this week in Paris at new Jesus also worth going to see website nothing just a few seconds or we’re going to wrap up the show with a date for your diary. If you like able to enjoy the likes of us,
Paris may be far away from the big waves that draw surfers, but it’s still home to a small surf music scene. If you like Dick Dale and the Beach Boys, you will no doubt enjoy The Wave Chargers, a four piece who have just released their first album. Francis Viel and Samy The Kay from the band stopped by to tell us more about the genre and how they keep their music authentic. We also check out new releases by British rapper Stormzy and former One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, who are both releasing their second albums this week. 

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