Mookie Betts looking forward to new beginning with Dodgers | SportsCenter

By | February 16, 2020

Mookie Betts looking forward to new beginning with Dodgers | SportsCenter
Mookie Betts looking forward to new beginning with Dodgers | SportsCenter
And the newest member of the Dodgers Mookie Betts joining us now. How does that sound, the newest member of the Dodgers, Mookie Betts? What’S your reaction and it sounds kind of weird. You know I’ve been in Boston, so much of my life I’ma definitely excited for new beginning and see how it plays out in the past. You wanted to stay in Boston, but you also want to get your true value in the free-agent Market. Ultimately, why do you think the Red Sox traded you I mean, you know if I’m sure it’s a lot of reasons that you know I don’t know, but neither had to take care of what they had to take care of, and that’s that’s all.

I can say days later, the deal came through. How would you describe the last week? It’S been a very eventful, got stressful at times and have fun at times just know that sell your car in the middle of something I’ve been crazy, but it was just kind of stuck not knowing where I was going. As far as I had to get a house, so you know I didn’t, have a place to live and in those little things that you don’t think about that are important. So does his bills, what times what it was the death of something that I was a that was fun to be a part of a franchise player Boston just that you know, I’m obviously wanted 2018 World Series, so you know my name is always attached to that.

But as a guy, you know, I don’t want to be remembered anything anything more than what I what I did in the community. Your kind of what I brought to the city as far as just excitement in another type of things, and I kind of want to just a beat that everywhere I go they’re going to remember you also as an MVP against the Dodgers. What can you bring to this team this franchise to help them finally bring a championship? To La I mean I’m going to do everything I can work work hard, trying to rub off that way.

I know there’s a lot of guys that work hard and do everything they can’t hear, and so I’m just going to be here to add on to that and now should be, should should make our our case for 20, 20 plus years for sure mookie. There’S another story line here: we’re still waiting to hear from Major League Baseball after their investigation involving the Red Sox and their role in sign stealing in 2018. Now that Red Sox team beat the Dodgers of that mention the World Series. What’S your plan to address the results of the investigation with your new teammates, I mean you know, I think we just Woodworks man, we we we were prepared and we were just a really good team with mean obviously still ongoing, investigation.

They’ll figure that out inform me. I’M in Rogers know I worked hard, I know as a as a whole. We worked hard to to be where we were and we were able to win a World Series because of that – and so you know coming here – man just save me to work hard and do everything we can to us to win. You think you’re going to be received in that Clubhouse of Bellinger, Muncie Turner and Seeger and hopefully hopefully well, but you know we’ll see we’ll see I mean a thing like I said I’m going to be myself, you know anybody, but myself, I’m hopefully hopefully gets me About this line up, as I mentioned, some of the Stars, I’m in as deep as obviously deep and just be a part of it is a blessing and not just like, I said, do my part to get on base and score.

Some runs for those guys. You know they’re, there Jefferson bangers behind me, and so I can score some runs when she gets in WS bobble head doll for you in a Dodge in uniform, so they are already embracing you as one of them best of luck in 2020. Thank you for joining us movie. Thank you. Thank you guys. Thank you for watching. Espn YouTube for more sports highlights on analysis, be sure to download the ESPN app and 4 live streaming.
Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts joins SportsCenter to describe his feelings about being traded from the Boston Red Sox. Betts discusses how he’d like be remembered by Boston fans and the lineup he’s joining in LA with Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager, Max Muncy and others.

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