Montreal’s École Polytechnique massacre: 30 years later

By | December 10, 2019

Montreal’s École Polytechnique massacre: 30 years later
Montreal’s École Polytechnique massacre: 30 years later
Bonsoir feminine side that took place on the 6th of November out and Westminster right honorable Julie, piatt, the governor-general, Canada will speak to you and after that Katharine Bergeron. The president of the committee will welcome you to get to the 14th victims of the Polytechnic. The lighting of this beam over the Montreal Canadiens will also life with the Canadian universities that are commemorating this tragedy with us. I need information flowers be deposited in honor of the 14th. The prime minister of Canada Dogwood make a short statement at the end of the ceremony 79 years ago on July 31st, 1940. On this very same Belvedere, the virtuoso violinist FL Stark let the first female symphonic ever created in Canada. I sincerely believe that’s a powerful symbol to honor a woman here tonight. Guess the symphony symphony O Canada is Cecil SWA what that was being done in Polytechnic at night. This was done because they were women, women Smokey by explaining play Rebecca Minister, and there are copies for sale inside and outside, and now I would like to invite your Excellency the right honourable Jimmy., Governor general of Canada, honourable Julie, Payette, governor general of Canada, to say A few words I’m an engineer mccullagh just like I need you avionic Natalie, send me a picture who was studying engineering like her by choice quite simply cuz. I love the profession, so my colleagues that were wounded like my sisters, who died at buddy technique 30 years ago, are the windows dessert under required that with Frankie discus with Hutch physics behind that at where we can find a fabric of prejudice a little too. I would love to do that together: men and women, no, no humanizing, the name-calling that we observe so often, especially to any woman who raised her head above the crowd. We have to see and see no respect for women everywhere in our families in our society. The face with Family Violence, we must stand up to it: Chemawa defy media, your family members, German, the presence of Excellence, the right honourable Justin, Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, and Miss Sophie Gregoire Quebec. How do you say, ding and misspelling table in Madam Isabel Isabel, Mount Magazine, mobile office, e-mail Montreal and her son image Montreal? Please me more Miss Catherine Bergeron, president of the committee Memoir, everyone remember this evening and I am really moved to be here tonight: feminist Slaughter, on the 6th of December 1989 gray and the Snowy Evening, like tonight, Society 14 lives in 19 minutes. We are here to remember them so that we never forget 30 years later. We we are together here, so they will never never be forgotten. Chair of the committee and the sister of one of the victims to speak, she’ll mom, the family, family members, Destiny Twilight on the 6th of December 1980. In the moo. We were the capital of the loss of extraordinary women got off early in the morning. Trusting in the future, I’m not your dear future, but also future 30 years ago, these woman, respective lives and destinies were shattered, which has left us with the obligation to reflect on this last. It’S been 30 years already, and it still, I need to remember remembering back to the present with something that makes Spirit of solidarity and tenderness. We all turn into tragedy into a Triumph of the human spirit stories of the lights of the 14 women that shaped our history. We are not, we are definitely made. I remember, Society cannot just undo the outrage of unjust death, but we can transcend the pain and create a world that reflects our aspirations. While it brings us together, tell us who we are and especially where we are at and above all, they help guide us to where we want to be commemoration. We must promise to ourselves to be the guardian and the Vigilant Guardians of the place emphasis committee, tolerance for all 89. We could possibly of peace that will go up one after the other are dedicated to you and memory. You found the cat from the bottom of my heart. I, like you, forever to get those submitted on Asian Vinton. I would like to invite my show Bella and Sebastian show you both students at the Polytechnic to Cameron desire to live their lives fully miniview. Many of you here tonight weren’t able to meet them or get to know them on behalf of Polytechnic student Community. I’D like to invite to current political students is the best read aloud the names of the 14 women who were killed, genitive Ellen Cogen, Baja, Daniel and Edward on my lumee Sonia Michelle sapona sincerest Home Depot Hill. Thousands of people in Montreal Quebec in Canada, who are united with us 18 to 60 1989, is what is the life of tragedy live broadcast from those fourteen different locations are happening right now in various Canadian cities of British Columbia, in Vancouver together in Montreal. For these 14 women were far from alone. There are thousands of people in Montreal across Quebec, Kingston, Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston universite, laval at quebec, university level in quebec city University, Louisiana, fax, University in Halifax University relations for your solidarity you to each and every University and to all Canadians for your Solidarity today, Phenix composite Batman, comics feels good thank you. ugly white roses at the base of the mosaic news, APUSH home at now, elephants at the end of the ceremony together, we’ll do our best.. What that really defined 14 woman, that we will be brave and use the right words when it comes to describing acts of violence against women, Calvinism, underworld and remember, to recognize and to condemn all those Ark survival set basket. For my part is because I was afraid of the word feminist yes ago and today I find that what feminists, beautiful and necessary necessary for women, as as well as for men, full of the rights of women and all human beings, to leave for Oleander to feel Safe Jamaican collectively to never forget this guy, symbolizes solidarity and the corporate world, without violence and for Unity heater for being here for those women that thank you all Edmunds from the mayor of Montreal premier of Quebec, in the premier of Quebec and the prime minister of Canada, most everyone Republican, see something that offended the families of the victims. I like to thank you all here tonight, Bella’s, but obviously I’m including many of our colleagues from the house of God. Thank you for being here, but to see you here tonight, ladies who were gunned down in Cold Blood just because they were women, and I believe those of you watching us now. Solidarity as well as the firm determination to remember yes, but also the determination to the responsibilities, which indeed is too much a part of our daily Nerf gun under the premier of Quebec, the mayor of Montreal. You can also act so that we have a more equitable good night, beautiful day.. We should keep this memory under to take a snapshot of us all here together. United. Remember that you remember Versace women. Remember imagine Life Community. Thank you. Thank you. You staying! Let It Be Lily, Gresham bring up at 3, meaning I went killed because they were Aiming High on because they were brilliant equality and women. Together, we have a duty to be United to never let you down in order messy buns for a thank. You have a great evening, 30 years ago, 14, women with gunned down by a man because they were women 30 years later they going to let me so. She need to fight against misogyny violence, X, gender-based violence, hotels, today and everyday to fight fight the fur. The respect owed to every single human being cuz – I don’t continue the combat without continue to fight together eating me not by eliminating rehabilitation centers in the House of Commons, and we have to move forward together. We will raise our daughters to be in thing. They want to be and to be free from fear, we will raise our sons to be allies and to be feminists, and we will keep fighting everyday for a better world. Thank you.
Fourteen beams of light will shine onto the Montreal skyline and at universities across Canada to pay tribute to the women killed at Montreal’s École Polytechnique 30 years ago.
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