Monday morning forecast 17/02/20

By | February 17, 2020

Monday morning forecast 17/02/20
Monday morning forecast 17/02/20
Hello and welcome to Monday morning forecast from here at the Met Office. We are still feeling the effects of students, as you wake up first thing this morning, but cold. If you need a mixture of blustery showers around as well, but it’s another when he died tickety in West on the news, it is often to know that we start first thing this morning and very strongest up here. First thing this morning, cuz he gets to 70 or 75 miles an hour ration showers, pushing in across Scotland these bringing some snow cross. The higher ground here, Love Removal way down the West Coast for the showers be pushed in a blustery winds across to England and Wales cease to be heavy with a bit of hail and Sunday thrown in it as well in pots of England.

Until midday and through the afternoon Lucifer the shower making away each was being pushed in on that strong Westerly Breeze could be heavy thunder mixed in among states, Scotland or even 10 degrees on the shop with the strength of win today. So she told her when you’re out and about now through the night. strong winds pushing in from the West with the fur the showers making their way in increase me turn into sleepers nervous when we could see some snow to lower levels here for a short time Overnight and always clearest Android down to the farm Southeast that says up very nicely for choosy choosy is a very similar day to Monday remaining windy.

Further blustery shower parts of the UK again with thunder and they will be wintry once again still weather around is a potential for further warning to be issued.
17 February – National weather forecast presented by Simon Partridge

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