Monday morning forecast 10/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

Monday morning forecast 10/02/20
Monday morning forecast 10/02/20
Hello and welcome to your metaphys forecast for Monday morning. It’S going to be a windy day. They’Ll be plenty of shells around, and some of these fooling us know quite readily into North. Taking a look at the warnings that we have out for Monday, then in the wind and snow cross paths, Scotland and northern islands does spring the risk of blizzards of the highest ground. He got some wintry showers feeding into Northern England later on. In that brings the rescue some Icy patches of the South, the strong winds towards the South Coast are likely to lead to something could be some disruption to travel again and it’s a cold start across many parts of Scotland freezing icy patches to watch out for her.

First thing: we shall see if the parts of Northern Ireland to Northern England by the south, England and Wales, some brightest, sunny weather towards Eastern Parts, in particular with a few showers out towards the West Southern parts of England and Wales, and noticed a little bit of Hair smell like to your Crock-Pot, the wilds and perhaps the West Midlands, to the north lots of showers hair that is going to be a windy day. The shallows heavy at times with some Thunder and Almaden and Radley falling asleep, will snow temperatures marketing lower than we saw over the weekend with the wind still being strong, especially towards the South cuz.

It is really going to feel cold as well as you go through. The end of the day we’ll see this way: the rain across England and Wales, clearing away Eastwood funny little bit try a little bit clearer as we go through the evening here. As a result, it is likely to be kind of chilly nights further north. I will continue to see these showers feeding their way and still heavy. At times I’m sick as they reach Northern parts of England. Does bring quite than disrespect. We got a 3 Monday night. I look through the rest of the week and it is going to stay unsettled.

Featherlite pressure, bring lots of wet and windy weather and temperature is likely to be below average for the time of year. Remember you can keep up-to-date with the full forecast Wherever You Are.
10 February – National weather forecast presented by Alex Burkill

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